BOLO – Lost Mama Dog in Charlotte, NC

Merry (FKA “Mary”) is one of the Alabama 44.  She was pregnant at the time HSUS surrendered her to the Lincoln Co shelter in NC.  Merry was transferred to the Humane Society of Charlotte on 12-18-10 and placed in a foster home.  She whelped her litter just before Christmas and 5 pups survived.

Sadly, Merry escaped her foster home at some point and is loose in the Charlotte area.  The HS of Charlotte says there have been sightings of the dog and they are working on getting a trap delivered to the area.  She is reportedly very wary of people.  If you have any contacts in the Charlotte area, please let them know about Merry.  It’s been so cold at night and I can imagine how scared she must be.  And Merry’s pups are surely missing her terribly.

I will update this post if I find any other online notices for Merry or get any additional details to share.

Update, 1-20-10:  Merry has been missing for a week, wearing green collar with butterfly print.  She has been spotted with other dogs on Eastway Dr. near Sugar Creek Rd. and Fitchley Dr. in Charlotte.  She seems to be staying near the railroad tracks.  AC has 2 traps in the area and has been checking in with the foster mom frequently for updates.   Craigslist posting for Merry here.

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  1. Would someone from that area please contact Mary Quinn out in California for advice on catching this little wayward momma.

    Mary is THE EXPERT on tracking lost dogs. She has a professional site dedicated to that effort and has been doing this very thing for years and years.

    Mary will know how to make best use of time and resources. Please contact her through her website at

    Look for the “Contact Us” link on her home page. Let’s get this little mother back with her puppies, okay?


    I’ve known her for years, from back in her SAR days. Highly recommend.

    • Thanks for supporting Mary – I sure hope this groups contacts her. I hate to think this little mother is out in the cold, scared and her little babies are struggling with their momma.

  3. I posted a blurb to the K9 Amber Alert group on Yahoo with a link to this post in hopes that it will help.

  4. Janet

     /  January 19, 2011

    What neighborhood of Charlotte? What are the main defining streets?

    • Although I didn’t have those details at the time of posting, I have since received some specifics which I’ve added to the bottom of the post. If I learn anything more, I will again update the post.

      Thank you everyone for your help.

  5. Brie

     /  January 20, 2011

    Was she chipped, by any chance? I sure hope so. And I hope she can be helped. To have gone so far and end up homeless… very sad.

    • Yes, I included the link to her shelter record from LCAS. It includes her chip number. It’s another reason to hope for a good outcome.

  6. Erica

     /  January 20, 2011

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I went through the link provided and e-mailed through the Craigslist posting with the 2 links that were posted above in the comments (re: Mary Quinn). Hoping this helps them find Merry! Those babies still need their mommy! I also asked if they will update us here on YesBiscuit when she is found so that we can be updated directly. My family will be praying for her safe return to her foster home and 5 babies.

  7. If you live in greater Charlotte area: MERRY fna MARY recently sighted near intersection of Eastway Drive, Sugar Creek Road, and Purser Drive. Have worked
    as tracker in SoCal and Charlotte. If anyone sees her and would like an extra body to assist you can send PM via Facebook.

  8. MERRY fna MARY has been sighted @ Garringer High School. 1100 Eastway Drive.
    Thanks to an anonymous Good Samaritan a $100 reward is now being offered. As per Humane Society of Charlotte CMPD Animal Care and Control has now set traps and states their best tranquilizer [darts] officer will assist. CMPD AC&C is reporting to HSC and foster parent daily.

  9. I’ll add $50 to the pot – to go to a local Charlotte shelter, ACC or rescue group upon the successful capture and rehoming of this dangerous wild beast! :-)

    Whoever corrals this wayward mommy can choose where the $50 goes.



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