Finding a Home for Houdini – It’s Not Magic

Georgia:  When I first read about this Pitbull, pulled from a sewer this week by ACOs and firefighters in Fulton Co, the story seemed like another missed opportunity to promote a shelter pet who came with an engaging story:

A dog survived a trip into Atlanta’s sewers Wednesday morning thanks to some quick work by county rescuers, but the stray animal may be euthanized if not claimed.


[Tony] Phillips [the assistant director of Fulton’s Environment and Community Development Department] said the dog appears to be a stray. It’ll be taken to the county animal shelter, which is a dead end for many unwanted pets.

“At some point,” Phillips said, “if the dog is not adopted, dogs do get euthanized.”

Well Kitty, redux?  I was watching for follow-ups but hadn’t seen any and was getting that sinking feeling again.  Fulton Co has a 39% kill rate and lots of Pitbull type dogs listed on their website.

But this morning I e-mailed the adoption supervisor at Fulton Co Animal Services and received a prompt reply with excellent news.  The dog has been named Houdini and is listed on their website with his story.  And he’s going to be on the local news this morning!  (For area TV viewers, the show is called “Atlanta and Company” on channel 11, airing at 11am.  Houdini will probably be in the opening segment so don’t tune in late!)

This is how you find a pet like Houdini a home. And hopefully, with the added interest from the public due to Houdini’s media exposure, some other dogs at the shelter will be adopted too.  I’ll be watching with interest.  And hope.

Thank you Jeanne and Valerie for sending me the original article on Houdini.

7 thoughts on “Finding a Home for Houdini – It’s Not Magic

  1. Now here’s a shelter taking advantage of a great media op! So glad to see that some shelters aren’t just going to sit back and miss an opportunity like this! Here’s to hoping that they adopt out LOTS of animals in the coming days!!! Awesome news – thanks YB for your hard work with all the follow up that you do to keep us informed!

  2. What good news for Houdini! His eyes are so beautiful…and haunting. I hope he finds a wonderful home! And I really hope that other dogs get a home as well. Thank you so much for posting this.

    I was sadly disappointed by the photos that shelter has displayed on Petfinder. That shelter could sure use some advice on how to photograph an adoptable pet! Lots of adorable animals, but check out this one:
    Ugh! So much “you’re doing it wrong,” I don’t even know where to begin. Other photos show scared dogs posing with Animal Control officers. I wish they’d take some time to showcase these animals in more appealing, less stressful environments. It would do wonders for increasing adoptions.

  3. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t using Houdini’s story to appeal to adopters when I read the story hinting that Houdini might be killed. Our local shelter adopts 4 or more pets just from people who want to come in to see the media star. I’m glad they got the word.

  4. I certainly hope it works that way. I was lucky enough to have a foster pit on Good Day Atlanta some time ago. He was on with the Gwinnett County Sheriff to promote the upcoming Jail Dogs program; Tanner was used as the program had not yet started taking in dogs. I got an email, a phone call – and no applications. None. He eventually found a good home, and I’m glad we had a chance to show the breed positively, but being on TV may not translate into a home for this guy. =/ I hope I’m wrong!

    1. Of course you are right Jen – a single instance of good marketing is not necessarily going to be the winning ticket. But as part of an overall plan to get more eyes on the dog and good publicity for the shelter in general, it’s a good first step.

      1. Oh, absolutely – the more exposure, the better. I just don’t want people to assume he’s safe (probably unlikely with the experienced people on here) and not continue to work the networks for him.

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