Shelter Pet of the Day

Taranis, submitted by reader Michy.

From the webpage for this kitteh:

Hi, my name is Taranis, a boy orange and white kittycat (short coat), about one year old (in April 10). My life in the shelter started out in a somewhat inauspicious way. I found myself in animal control’s trap during a terrible KY thunderstorm on the evening of April 7th. Oh woe is me! I was unceremoniously dumped on the sidewalk besides the SNIP patients the next morning, wet, drenched and forlorn, and pretty banged up from trying to get out of the trap, and hence the name Taranis, the Celtic god of thunder. I also panicked and banged myself up further inside the cage. The first human kindness I experienced in my short life was from the volunteers, who tried to make me comfortable and warm, and who gave me the first square meal I’d had for some time. I am really a very friendly lad, and I’ve recovered from the trauma accompanying my arrival and my awesome face has healed up fine! I’ve put on weight, and I’m fit as a fiddle (two fiddles)! I’m a leader, I’m confident, I’m playful, I’m quirky and kind! This shelter is not conducive to my talents being fully revealed so please get me out and I’ll show you my stuff! I’ve been neutered and had my shots as well, be sure of it! I hope to see you soon! Love, Taranis

213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY  42754
This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

3 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Taranis,I just know you will find a home! As a former Grayson Co HS kitty myself, I know the love they bring to us there. I got adopted far away from Kentucky so Im hoping someone far away loves your cute face! Hang in there buddy, they do the best for all us furries there!

    formally NoWhere Man

  2. Now there’s a write up that makes me want to go grab that poor kitty! He looks just like my Daizy! I hope he find s home soon!!!

  3. Have to second, that is a wonderful write up,if I didn’t have a full house I’d jump at T. Good picture too, so many adoption pics are taken looking down on the animal and it is refreshing to be looking up. Of course he’s a cat and should get used to being placed on a pedestal, hope he finds a home soon.

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