Shelter Pet of the Day

Ghost, submitted by reader Karen.
Animal ID # A745871
NYC AC & C labeled this dog as severely aggressive, indicating they were unable to evaluate or even photograph him due to his severe aggression.  However, a shelter volunteer wrote this:
I could not believe how lucky I was to befriend Ghost, a 4 year-old blue-nose pittie who has found himself in the shelter for the second time in his short life. Ghost was extremely nervous upon his second arrival, and so everyone generally left him alone. But the dog I met was downright amazing — he has extremely good manners, sitting on command with or without a treat, and rubbing his big head against me each chance he got. Ghost has impossibly symmetrical coloring, as if an artist delicately dabbled equal amounts of blue and white over his big blockhead and finely cut ears. Even his paws are perfectly colored, with blue sleeves reaching to his ankles, followed by white gloves. But back to Ghost’s shocking behavior — at 61lbs, I was a bit apprehensive walking him during the ice story that’s currently pelting New York City, but to my surprise, Ghost walked immaculately on the leash, resisting every easy chance to pull me into the slush. I even decided to test his obedience by asking him to sit on the cold, icy sidewalk, and he complied! I told him he was a good boy, and Ghost nudged my hand with his blue nose and enjoyed a head pat. To top it off, Ghost seems to be completely housetrained. When I was petting him inside, I rubbed on his back by his tail, and it seemed like it was a long time since someone had pet Ghost like that, because he acted overjoyed, curling his body into me, arching his back and gazing up at me — the whole process looked so much like a cat that I had to laugh. Blue-nose Ghost deserves for this to be his last time in a shelter — he needs a loving forever home where someone will appreciate his symmetrical beauty and loving, affectionate obedience.

Manhattan Animal Care Center
326 East 110th Street
New York, NY 10029
(between 1st and 2nd Avenues)

NYC AC & C’s 2009 kill rate was 33%.

8 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. WOW – he’s a beauty! I have to say what that volunteer wrote made me feel an instant connection with Ghost….almost makes me want to throw the kids in the van and take a road trip to get a new family member…but in all fairness I would probably only rehab/rehome him and this guy DESERVES a forever home with someone that unerstands the pit bull breeds and can handle him properly. This being his 2nd go-round with the shelter…needs to be his last. He’s a beauty and will make someone a great companion I am sure!

  2. please stop posting pictures like this.. lol.. what a beauty..i would take him in a minute.. except i am ‘over the limit’ for my lovely location already.. pet limits kill pets and make it hard for gorgeous dogs like this to find homes.. oh and a little thing called ”pit bull fear’..

  3. I clicked on the link to Ghost’s name to find out more about him and then saw he was listed in a “Gone But Not Forgotten” album. Called the shelter and it’s true–he’s gone. They killed him before anyone really had a chance to help him on Facebook (they were trying). I’m so sorry.

  4. The people at CACC SUCK! This is disgusting. So many of us were working on someone to take this dog. There are sadists in this place! It needs to be overhauled! Disgusted! They never gave this dog a chance!

  5. I thought it sucked, too, especially after reading the volunteer’s description. Felt like he was doomed from the start. Just terribly unfair.

  6. Humanity is doomed. There are way too many people who see nothing wrong and have no qualms about killing a sweet beautiful dog like this. Ghost’s big white fat face reminds me too much of my own English BT boy, and this story is awfully painful.

  7. Oh no. I spent all morning yesterday sending him around on Facebook and emailing contacts and most of the afternoon scheming of ways to make him work in our house. We don’t meet NYC AC&C’s adoption qualifications, but I hoped either we’d think of a way, or someone else would see him and be swayed.

  8. Damn them for not giving him a chance. It’s just a shame that they are so quick to kill. RIP Ghost – you will never have to deal with the depravity of this world ever again.

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