Shelter Pets of the Day

Mr. Mugsy
Ms. Maisy
From Robeson County Animal Shelter's Facebook page: "Nugget RCAS#45336 Yellow lab Chow mix sweetheart of a boy and Loris fav in the shelter right now!"

Robeson County Animal Shelter
255 Landfill Rd
St. Pauls, NC 28384

For those who don’t follow Robeson County Animal Shelter’s postings on Facebook, I wanted to share that they are planning to kill these dogs at 8am tomorrow.  These are healthy dogs – not medically hopeless and suffering – and none have any serious behavioral problems noted by the shelter on FB.  They are being killed because, per the FB posting, they are “out of time”.

Residents of Robeson County, NC – this is your community animal shelter funded by your taxes.  Does this shelter’s practice of killing healthy pets because of an arbitrary date on the calendar reflect your values and beliefs?  If it doesn’t, use your power as a tax paying citizen to call for reform.  Contact your county commissioners and if you don’t get results, work your way up the legislative ladder.  Robeson County is entitled to a culture of compassion at their animal shelter.  The needless killing of healthy pets is not compassionate.  And positive change does not happen while kind-hearted people sit idle.

9 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. Well it is nice to see someone in that area cares about these dogs enough to give them names, take their photos, and post about them on the Internet. I thank whomever is doing all that.

    I hope some people from that area will see this posting or find their facebook page and want to do more to help all the animals that end up in their shelter system.

    1. The Mat-Su Borough Animal Shelter here in Alaska is right next to the landfill too…but it doesn’t HAVE to mean that sort of trashy hopeless thing! People can make a difference. One dog at a time. If I were closer, I’d take one of these. Buddy or Fancy perhaps…and cry because I can’t save them all.
      Thanks for sharing…even though it hurts.

  2. Wow, those are some good looking dogs. I don’t have any real connections to rescues that have space to take more dogs, but it seems to me that a place with nearly 2,500 FB fans ought to be able to come up with people to pull/adopt their dogs.

  3. I came here hoping to find that these pups have been pulled by a rescue. What a shame if they have been killed before someone had a chance to take them.

    1. Apparently SAFE, per the FB page: Buddy, Elroy, Orson, Taylor, Mugsy, Homer, Marlon.

      If I see anything definitive on any of the others, I will update this comment.

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