Thank Yous and a Request on the AL 44

I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive and helpful with regard to the ongoing search for the Alabama 44.  There are many readers – some I know and others I don’t – who have offered support to the shelters who needed it, searched the web for information, made phone calls and sent e-mails.  In addition, there are a number of you who have simply offered supportive comments for the continuing efforts and I really appreciate that.

Thanks also to No Kill Nation and Humane Watch for continuing to share the posts on the Alabama 44.  Their support has helped get a lot more eyeballs on the story and kept it from fading away.  Slogging away at a story for months is not sexy and there is a real danger of people losing interest.  I am grateful to both No Kill Nation and Humane Watch for sticking with it and helping to make sure there will ultimately be accountability for what has happened to these dogs.

To all those on Twitter who have been kind enough to tweet and retweet about the AL 44 – thank you.  The life of a tweet is extremely short so any and all help spreading the word on these dogs is most valuable.

I also very much appreciate the shelters who have been kind enough to tell me the status of the dogs they took and give me updates.  Although I feel bad about the way these dogs were mishandled at the outset by HSUS, it is comforting to know that at least some of them went to caring groups who are getting them into new homes.

Finally, a request:  I am still trying to find out what happened to the 10 dogs that Nashville Humane took from HSUS.  I’d like to know if any are alive and if so, whether they are available for adoption.  If they are dead, I’d like to know the details.  Nashville Humane says they don’t have the dogs “right now” but won’t explain what that means and referred me to HSUS for more info.  HSUS won’t say where the dogs are or even if they are alive.  Could you take a few minutes to contact some members of the HSUS Board (Humane Watch has e-mail addresses for some of them and I’m pasting those below) as well as the folks at Nashville Humane to inquire about the 10 dogs?  Please make your inquiries polite and succinct.

HSUS Board Members:

Peter A. Bender


Eric Bernthal


Neil B. Fang


Paula Kislak


Jennifer Leaning


Judy J. Peil



Nashville Humane board members are here but they do not provide e-mail addresses.  They do however list staff with e-mail addresses.  Their area code is 615:

Executive Director
Mary Pat Boatfield
Facility Operations Manager
Karen Baker
Director of Programs & Services
Joy Beach
Development Director
Jennifer Wheeler
Development Assistant
Melanie White
Event and PR Manager
Lisa Reeves
Volunteer Coordinator
Celia Stephens
ROVER Project Coordinator
Marie Gordon
Pet Services Supervisor
Sherrie Bellin
Pet Services Representatives
Sherry Pearson
Kenneth Tallier
Ginger Hutchison
Animal Care Supervisor
Walter James, III

16 thoughts on “Thank Yous and a Request on the AL 44

  1. “Slogging away at a story for months is not sexy and there is a real danger of people losing interest.”

    It’s sexier when you’re getting the funding that CCF/HumaneWatch gets from agribusiness and the restaurant industry to make sure HSUS is thoroughly discredited. Make no mistake, this isn’t about helping you or anyone find these dogs for them – it’s about making sure HSUS looks bad.

    NKN deserves the credit for doing it for the dogs.

    1. I might be inclined to believe that Jennie except for the fact that the folks at Humane Watch have been very supportive and helpful – and not just in ways to discredit HSUS. For example, it was Humane Watch who sent me the great shelter adoption video about the “Kitty Midnight Madness” which has become so popular. I didn’t get a chance to post it but thankfully a reader shared it in an open thread. I have no doubt they are well funded – as is HSUS – and certainly I do not share their views on everything in life but I am grateful for all the good research they’ve put up on their site. It’s important to have watchdog groups that stick to the facts. Humane Watch does a good job in that regard.

      I don’t want this thread to take away the focus of thanking people and requesting action so I’m going to ask we limit discussion here to helping the AL 44. You’ve posted your opinion on Humane Watch and I’ve posted mine so this seems like an appropriate spot to leave it.

      Let’s put our energy to finding out about the 10 dogs that Nashville Humane took.

    2. Regardless of how ANY of us feel about other groups – the facts speak for themselves on THIS ccase. We have missing dogs that NO ONE will account for and at least we have groups that are getting the word out! Instead of using this as an opportunity to attack the groups that are helping we should be thanking them!

  2. This is reminiscant of the Stealth Volunteer heros who worked tirelessly after Katrina to ferret out and follow up on the tiniest tidbits of information to find where rescued animals got shipped out to so that they & their owners could be reunited. If I remember correctly, H$U$ was quite involved in many of those disappearances too.

  3. It is REALLY sad that we have so many animals that “disappear” after being rescued by HSUS. You would think that after months of constant requests that are being deleted off the HSUS Facebook page – the emails that are not being responded to – the calls that we get no answer as to where the dogs are…at SOME point there has to be someone, somewhere that DO know where these dogs are and I keep praying that these people, or this person, will come forward and tell us that truth.

    Shirley – thanks for sticking with it. I know it’s not easy – especially without the assistance from the ONE group that really can help and refuses to do so. We ALL need to continue pushing for the answer, otherwise we’re letting this “animal protection group” to get away with NOT being transparent. If they can’t handle this situation correctly then they have NO right to be in the “animal protection” business!

  4. I am a bit confused. If the shelter that maybe have received the 10 missing dogs is not talking (which I feel is wrong) couldn’t someone in that city just request the shelter records for the this time span? Is it a public animal shelter? Don’t they have to keep records and doesn’t the public have the right to put in a records request? Surely there is someone in that city that would like to know what happened to these dogs.

    If for some reason getting hold of the shelter records is impossible, what about starting a “Reward” fund raising and put out the word that you will pay a money “Reward” to the first person that can give you the facts on these missing dogs. With so many people short on money now that might work.

    Maybe you could even challenge some businesses or organizations with money to double the money donated?

      1. Nashville Humane Association’s form 990 for 2008 is available for viewing at
        On Page 9, line 1e, Government Grants (Contributions) they list $11,200.
        I am having trouble downloading the entire document to look for more detail, but at first blush it would appear they have received government funds and would have to respond to a FOIA request for information.

  5. Those folks at Humane Watch are out to disrupt any unification among animal supporters. They are the agribusiness of farmed animals and the researchers who torture animals. The very dogs you are looking for could well be in one of their labs. I am dismayed that you are falling for their seduction. What a great disappointment.

  6. I will no longer recommend your postings until I see that you realize the error of supporting Humane Watch. Their sending you a cute video is nothing more than an easy way to buy you. HSUS does have issues that need to be looked. Now YESBISCUIT has an issue that needs to be looked at.

    1. If you seriously think I’m the type of numbskull that can be “bought” with a cute viral video, I have to wonder why you are reading in the first place. Also, since you ignored my first two polite requests, you are now on moderation. Further shenanigans will get you banned. I mean, unless you send me a cat video or something. Then I’ll be your BFF FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Will you be my BFF for a while if I just sent you a few photos of my kitty? I’m on dial-up and video’s take FOREVER to load…
        And I can recommend that we don’t have to read all the comments. I LOVE having choices! Thanks.

      2. Lynn – a kitteh photo will buy me only for short term. (BFST) You’ll need to keep them coming at regular intervals or upgrade to broadband so you can get in on the video deal.

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