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    1. Because she’s a puppy. And if I have to explain beyond that then I take it you are one of those puppy lovin’ type peeps (who are totally incomprehensible to me).

  1. Look, I can get the “from hell” part, since my Frenchie was Satan Incarnate when we brought him home. Cute to look at, sure, but I was tempted to sell him to a glue factory for most of the first 3 months, the strong willed little bastard. Then, he mellowed. He’s still a PITA, but I only want to sell him when he poops in the house. Which he still does. Sometimes. Especially when the weather is bad.

    Worm Puppy though…does it refer to the veterinary condition or worming her way into your warm widdle soul?

    1. Could be either/both I suppose. Clearly I haven’t analyzed it enough. It’s just a term of endearment. When Graham was a puppy I used to talk to her in the Wicked Witch of the West voice, kind of making “Poppies” (the part in the movie where she puts Dorothy & friends to sleep) into “Puppies”. (Maybe you had to be there, it doesn’t really come across that well in typing.) Anyway, I still call her Poppy.

    1. Mulder is not nice? Billy suggested it because we were saying how much she looked like a little black fox. Oh but anyway it’s WAY too late for any hope of adopting her out. Don’t get me wrong, she IS from hell AND she’s a worm, but I’d sooner gouge out my eyes with a stick than part with her.

  2. Just want to make everyone aware that Justice for Baby is still on facebook and they are trying very hard to help this poor dog. Check it out and share if you are willing.

  3. Seeking advice for making changes at PAWS in Pueblo Colorado. i’m researching materials now but always looking for advice and support! Thank you!

    1. Along those lines,a non profit shelter with a county contract that doesn’t want their numbers made public , who do you approach about obtaining info based on the FOI? The county or the non profit?

      1. You should check the state’s open records law. It may give you the answer you are looking for. The ones I’ve come across have directed me to go to the “custodian” of the records I want. In other words, make the request to the group who has the records. The law may tell you your options if you run into a situation where the group attempts to avoid compliance as well.

      2. They don’t have a city contract they decide which dogs they take in. Im researching the records too . There is not much on guidestar except for 990’s. .from what I have so far on the FOIA is most everything is public record such as treatments by vets ect or lack of.

  4. That worm puppy looks utterly engaging! I’m sooo glad to hear she’s staying. She seems very wood sprite/ nymphish to me. Maybe more so in the last pic of her you posted, but still. A bit gryphon-like in this pic. As if somebody swapped her head w/ another from a different mother in the womb. Not in a bad way- she’s downright adorable. I’m curious why she’s fitting in and Scout wasn’t? You mentioned Graham had a problem w/ Scout, if I’m remembering correctly. How are Mulder and Graham getting on?

    1. No it was our extreme anxiety dog Linus who went into overload with Scout in the house. So far, so good between Linus and Mulder. *touch wood* All paws crossed it stays that way when she grows up. She’s kinda like someone swapped all her body parts around with various other litters in other dam’s wombs!

  5. This is way off the topic, but any ideas on what do with a three legged trash diving counter suring doberman?

    1. Give em a job! Is he/she missing a hind leg or a front leg? I had a three legged sled dog that was AWESOME in harness! He was missing a hind leg, and that curtailed a LOT of his jumping (which includes counter surfing.) I’m thinking your Dobi friend is probably missing a front leg. They can still surf quite well as they clear counters with their nose more than their legs!
      How old is the dog? Where is the dog located? You can sometimes find an adopter easier for a visibly disabled dog. They make GREAT public awareness tools! (People say: awe, poor doggie… but the truth is, the dogs handle handicaps WAY better than we humans expect.)

      1. Brandy is my goofy doberman. She was found on the side of hte road with another doberman, both well cared for -her leg was already missing-but they were in good shape and brought to the PAWS, I figured the owner would come looking but after month and she was miserable hopping around in the gravel I took her home. She is extremely fast and out does my pix mix when we are at the dog park, but the counter surfing habit is a tough one. We try to keep everything up in the cubboard etc but there is the occasional slip up and she is on it. She has also taught my little pit mix to trash dive. As something that happens when you are not home -I;m looking for ways to correct it:)

    1. I’ve been following this story since it is right here in SC. PETA says the cats need out immediately but they fail to mention that if THEY took them, they’d likely all be killed.

  6. Marketing shelter pets has been discussed on the blog; some of those participating in that topic asked for suggestions to make the less popular types of dogs more appealing to people who might overlook them. This week on another forum there was an article that mentioned how a cowboy hat seems to make strangers initiate conversations about ranching, animal agriculture, food production and so on. And that led to a comment about how hats can alter the public’s reaction to a dog:

    “Take a Rott out on a walk on a leash…and people will move to the other side of the street to avoid you. Some will turn and go a completely different direction AWAY from you. Put a clown hat and Minnie Mouse collar on one…and they can’t flock to you fast enough. My Rottie would start to wiggle all over when I got her hat and collar out, because she knew she was going to get TONS of attention. And she loved attention. Sweetest dog on the planet. When we had a booth set up at the dog show in Houston, we had dogs there to hopefully draw in the crowd…and one of our members assisted with his Rottweiler, in a cowboy hat, and a little soft saddle, with fresh flowers which he handed out to everyone who stopped by. And the number of photos they had taken with this dog was unbelievable. Not one person thought twice about coming RIGHT UP TO THIS DOG, and petting it. You cannot believe the number of folks we had come by. I was so threatened by this dog’s success…I had to go buy a jester hat and complete outfit for my little mix, who was getting ZERO attention, as long as the Rottie was there. Hats seem to have some sort of magical property in them! ”

    This comment was signed by “Rosebud” and there was no way to identify that person to ask permission to quote part of the post. I’m hoping I will be forgiven for taking the liberty of sharing it here, since it’s for a very good cause.

    All of this is by way of suggesting to those trying to promote available shelter dogs, when you have one that has been waiting a long time for a family without attracting many prospects – put a lid on it!
    Have someone with a camera at the ready so you can get a photo before the dog starts on getting the hat off, which will probably be immediately unless the dog is trained enough to cooperate with a sit/stay command while you snap the portrait. Other props might work too – bandanas, of course, or one of those decorative, shawl-like “costume” collars, maybe even something as simple as a lei (‘Bella would love to lounge in the sun next to you while you read or take your afternoon nap’). The type of hat or collar could inspire a way to describe the dog’s personality – rowdy, jester, princess, clown; ‘will blossom with an active family’
    … And maybe the people who need this dog will notice and check her out.

    1. Great suggestions to share! Thank you. It’s such a good example about the Rotties. Even those of us who know better sometimes succumb to breed stereotyping and I admit that if I saw a pair of Rotties being walked down the street, I might think “Regular dogs or The Omen?!”. But I can’t imagine seeing a Rott in a jester hat and wondering the same thing.

      1. great idea thanks so much

        i will try it on my kitties, i have been trying to place for some of them for over a year, ive had two different sets of posters out so i need a new hook for the next ones (see ‘a kitty 4u’ on facebook), fingers xd

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