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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have been a supporter of Japan Cat Network for several years and will send them a donation through paypal on their website. They have always done what is best for the animals and I know they always will. I am heartbroken for the people and animals of Japan.

  2. This is wonderful Shirley. I just read this morning that it is believed that “Cat Island” has been completely destroyed. I’ve been waiting for updates to find out if it was definitely gone or not.It was located VERY close to the epicenter of the quake. Still no definite updates as to if it’s alright or not. Been praying for the people on the island & the cats, along with ALL of Japan.


    1. Thank you for sharing that Jeanne. I was really worried since they were so very close to the epicenter. Sounds like they had some problems but for the most part things are ok – let’s just hope they can get supplies and such to them quickly and not as an after thought.

  3. To all the souls in Japan (4 legged and 2 legged),

    I send you my love, my sorrow for the losses of your loved ones, and my hopes that you will be comforted and heal from this tragedy as fast as possible, knowing that your loved ones who were killed, are in Heaven, and that the world cares about you, and is ready to help you in any way that we can.

    You are NOT alone.

    We’ll get through this, together.

    Love and hugs to you all.

  4. My thanks to everyone who knows that four legged individuals have been affected by this, equally as much as the two legged ones, have been.

    Thank you to rescuers, and everyone who are helping EVERYONE in need, regardless of species.

    You are heroes, and you have my admiration.

    1. Thank you Matt, you said what I have in my heart. I will add this to the people and animals of Japan: you are NOT alone, we are all with you. Stay strong and we will all get through this.

  5. Shirley – I just HAVE to ask…given the problems we had here with Hurricane Katrina and the money donated that many times went into people’s pockets instead of to the animals and actually helping survivors….how can we verify which charities are the RIGHT ones to give money to in this situation? I only ask because there are people like me, who are financially struggling, and while I want to help I want to make sure that my money is actually going to help and not fill up the pockets of charities that are just going to use it to pay salaries and pension plans.

    1. I know what you are saying Erica and I am honestly not familiar with these groups in Japan. Clarice – you mentioned you had donated to one of them. Can you share any info about them that would make people feel more confident? If anyone else is familiar with any of these groups, please chime in.

      As an alternative suggestion, you could always make a donation locally to a group you know and trust and make it in honor of the pets in Japan. You’d still be helping pets in need!

      1. Japan Cat Network is a NPO, no kill shelter founded by two American teachers seventeen years ago. They do not take a salary and use a great portion of their personal income to run the shelter. There are no paid employees, only volunteers.
        They have joined with two other no kill shelters to form Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. I trust Japan Cat Net and have faith that the shelters they are collaborating with, are as honest and caring as they are.

  6. Following up on Clarice, Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support has a Facebrook group page with updated info and a ChipIn link to donate. The money will be used as needed by local groups. Friends in Japan trust Japan Cat Net as well as Animal Refuge Kansi, another link given. As to World Vets, they will go anywhere they’re needed and they also use their $$$ wisely. My horses’ vet went as a volunteer with them to Central America and was very impressed with both their compassion and professionalism.

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