Shelter Pet of the Day

I saw this dog posted on Facebook with this caption:

“Are there any rescues out there that can help this boy?  He is so timid and scared and stays in this position most of the time.”

The shelter doesn’t appear to be active on Petfinder.

Bowie Animal Shelter
1504 E Wise Street
Bowie, Texas.

(940)872-2275 (BARK)

This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

15 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. That is absolutely the saddest photo I have seen in a very long time. Someone has to step up and help this poor dog. Wish I wasn’t in Michigan!

  2. i think looking at that photo of that poor dog breaks my heart in too what did he do to desever that treatment i cant understand why people can be so cruel to aminals just because they dont talk but they do have feelings

  3. I can probably pull him- he’s only about two hours north of me- but I can’t do more than a very short-term foster.

  4. Please get him out of there if you can. I will offer some financial help to a good rescue or adopter for this boy. Please, please get him into a decent home. (I’m in Michigan or I’d do it myself)

  5. db – the thing is, I *can’t* foster him long term. A couple of days at most. There are a LOT of animals locally that I *can* go pull, but because of my own limitations, I don’t pull anything that doesn’t eitehr have a transport very close to set (and a permanant home or foster lined up) or that I’m willing to keep forever (and honestly, the open spot in my household right now is reserved for a SD prospect, which this boy is astronomically unlikely to be, so he doesn’t fit on eitehr of those criteria.)

    If someone can contact the shelter and see if he’s still there and work on getting something lined up for him, I’d be happy to help. But I can’t do it without knowing where he’s going- I *won’t* pull a dog without a fallback plan for him.

  6. Understand completely! Is there anyone out there who is involved with or knows about a local Texas rescue who can help this boy?

  7. I took a look at the FB page and got a surprise–he’s so small! From the photo I figured this dog weighed 40+ lbs. but he’s only 20-25 lbs and very young, too–just about a year old. He’s a red heeler. Someone who’s spent time with him said he’s very gentle and beginning to come around but acts like he’s been abused. Hope he’s out of there soon.

    1. Thanks – is there any information or conversation suggesting that there might be a home for him? or a rescue?

  8. No, just a few posts. But he’s coming around slowly.
    I wish I had some contacts in TX. I’ll check around and see if there are any good heeler rescues or all-breed rescues in that area. He has an offer of sponsorship for basic vetting and a hw test–so that’s a good start.

    1. I just clicked the FB link. There is a comment from someone offering to get him vetted but no one stepping up to rescue. Says he’s about 20 – 25 pounds.

  9. I haven’t checked FB–still at work. I sent his info to 2 rescues in Wichita Falls, TX, about 45 min. from the shelter but no replies so far.

  10. When I fantasize about how I’d love to open a Beagle sanctuary, I conveniently forget that this is the exact type of dog (the Shelter Pet of the Day dog) that would put me into hoarder territory within the first 6 weeks. Who knows if I’d even get a chance to acquire any Beagles!

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