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  1. I’ve got five alaskan husky pups, four males and one female, six months old looking for working and play homes. Only one has been neutered, the rest were waiting until the kennel cough passed, and are now waiting until summer so they can play in the snow and learn their jobs while the weather is perfect.
    Petfinder hasn’t given me a password yet, so I haven’t got them listed. Call 907-488-9685 or reply to daisyacres*at*mosquitonet.com

  2. We currently have a wonderful little tabby that we’ve named Minnie because she was just a mini little thing when we got her at 3 weeks of age. She was hand fed until I was able to wean her and now she happily eats kitty food with no problems. She is completely litter trained – great with other cats & dogs…and loves kids. I am going to be getting her spayed within the next few weeks and then she’ll be ready to go to her forever home. If anyone is interested in her let me know. You can contact me at reformourshelters@yahoo.com – We are in Columbus, OH and, yes, I do require background checks, vet references along with 3 personal references, and home visit/check ups.

  3. Mr. Wiggles and Cricket are adorable, trusting, crinkle-ball-playing brother/sister kittens. Currently in foster care, these cuties will be adopted together (both have Cerebellar Hypoplasia and help each other). Spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, house-trained.

    MEOW Cat Rescue
    Kirkland WA
    MEOW is no-kill — we adopted from them and they’re great!

    Mr. Wiggles
    (Check out the camera-melting expression on his face)

    (Video of Cricket on this page . . . love her little Charlie Chaplin nose smudge)

    There’s a touching feature on Mr. Wiggles and Cricket right now at the MEOW Cat Rescue home page, about halfway down the page, under “Special Kittens Still Looking for an Extra Special Family.” They are the left-hand photo; their siblings, already adopted, are the right-hand photo.

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