Snapshots from MAS

Readers send in screengrabs from the webcams at Memphis Animal Services.

"Friends" stated on 3-29 that we would be seeing dogs walked from their kennels to the outside runs during cleaning every day. I guess they forgot to inform the staff at MAS.
Again today, runs being cleaned with dogs inside.
The shelter says killing is the best way to handle the distemper outbreak.
Ring bell for service.
Today at MAS.
MAS kills more than 77% of the pets in their care.

A few left...

A precious few are being saved from MAS by rescuers.  Some are choosing to focus only on those lucky few and to ignore the needless killing of so many.  Let these photos stand as a reminder that there are people who know and care about all the pets being needlessly killed at the shelter.  These photos will not be deleted.  These pets will not be erased from public view.  You are not forgotten.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

7 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. This is not animal rescue or care. It would be kinder to administer each animal a bullet between the eyes than to house them like this. Please let you do there be for the welfare of the animals. Please hire those to run and staff the shelter people who care about the animals, and whose goal is adoption, not euthanasia. There are many people out there do, and who would maintain humane standards.

  2. This is messed up and its going on all across the country…people need to stop breeding animals and instead go to a local shelter and save a life….i have 3 dogs of my own and an additional 3 ive found on the streets,and from experiences with all of them,shows the 3 I rescued are very loving (almost more than my own pets).but I could never take any animal to a shelter because I know what happens at most of them…please think about it before you drop an animal off at a shelter, and save a life instead of helping to end it

    1. Thank you for taking in the rescues, but we can’t stop looking the other way and hoping that things get better. Nor can we take in all of the animals who need homes (or I’d be in triple digits). What we need to do is to make the changes necessary for the animals who end up in shelters to leave alive, on their way to new homes. It IS possible and it IS happening . . . just not in enough “shelters” yet.

  3. I wonder why these type of monsters normally run shelters if they do not like dogs and do not respect them as living beings?

    I consider that the best way to avoid these crimes and these concentration camps where Nazis “work” and make these atrocities to innocent and defenseless creatures would be to have the accurate people there. People who love and respect animals and who want to provide them with a second chance in life.

    I hope that people in charge of ruling these shelters will hire the right people and that will punish severely these criminals.

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