Latest on Chesterfield Co Dog Shooting Investigation

Although it had been widely reported that SLED has been on the case for weeks, this story popped up tonight:

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the shooting deaths of six dogs because South Carolina’s attorney general doesn’t think Chesterfield County’s internal investigation went far enough.

The dogs were found almost a month ago in a landfill where euthanized animals are dumped. They had been shot in the head.

Soooooo, SLED hadn’t already been investigating the case?  Geez, this is getting embarrassing (er).

SLED agents must conduct official interviews with four animal control officers, asking if they participated or directed anyone to participate in the unlawful shooting of dogs.

The agents will also look into reports of dog-fighting-related activities at the shelter.

What if the ACOs say they know nothing about shooting dogs or dogfighting?  Will that wrap up the case?  What about the Schedule III drugs that remain unaccounted for at the shelter (run by a convicted drug felon) – will SLED be asking yay or nay on that?

Meanwhile, taxpayers continue to pay the ACOs – who have not denied shooting shelter pets, beating cats with pipes or running a dogfighting operation out of the shelter – to stay home.

10 thoughts on “Latest on Chesterfield Co Dog Shooting Investigation

  1. Well, that explains why none of the witnesses were interviewed, right? It wasn’t shoddy investigatory work, it was NO investigatory work.

    But NOW they’re totally on the case. Yep. Totally.

    I still have hope for some kind of action of accountability to happen, but it’s not a big hope.

    1. In the time taken to not investigate the sheriff has reinserted himself and now animals are being given away to anyone – no fees – no vetting – no paperwork – all when there are accusations of dog fighting and animals already appearing for sale on Craigslist. The local rescue Paws and Claws has been shut out of the shelter two weekend is a row. I pray that there will be justice by my first prayers has gone unanswered – it has not been swift and now it would seem it is 4 weeks in and just begining. I guess it means that now they realize they are obligated to really investigate and not just look the other way as they have done so many times before when the “leadership” of the sheriff has been called into question before.

      1. So the animals are being given to just anyone who walks up and asks for one – yet they aren’t allowing Paws N Claws to continue their rescue work through the “shelter”? How arse backwards is that??? Instead of shutting out the rescue the sheriff and his cronies need to be shut out permenantly…and put in a 10X10 cell for a few years.

  2. I was just wondering about this shelter and then you go and post and update.

    Wish it was a better update, but at least they seem to be realizing that people want answers and not just another sweep under the rug game. Thank you for posting this info and please keep posting updates on this.

  3. Are you seriously kidding me RIGHT NOW ?!!!! This is DISGRACEFUL………the convict and his boss should probably be placed in jail,where he/they can continue there basterdly ways on each other,they have some BAD karma coming their way >:( The shelter needs a revamp of authority and apparently so does SLED !!

  4. This is SO seriously f’d up, I cannot comprehend that this is essentially an “in-house” investigation. Way to go, good ole’ boys, but WE are watching, and WE never forget. Beware.

  5. I’ve had to kill dogs before, nothing i’m proud of or nothing i want to have to do again but will say the vet only charges 20 bucks to do it so i don’t understand any of this except to say that all of this is in excusable. The sheriff should be first in line to get fired thhen go down the list. Who puts a known felon in charge of a job that has them carry a weapon, Last time I checked it took me 2 weeks or more to get a gun and I don’t have a record !!!! Actually I’m a vet and still took me 2 weeks at least .

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