Chesterfield Co Shelter’s Drug Records Indicate Teeny Pets

Where SLED may be in this on-again/off-again investigation remains a mystery but thank goodness Fox Charlotte is on the case.  They obtained drug records from the shelter for the past year and compared those records to the number of pets killed:

In May, $44 worth of Euthasol, a lethal injection drug was purchased from Webster Vet Supply.


Here is the most detailed purchase order: in September, shelter director and convicted felon Brian Burch got 10 bottles of Ketamine and 1 bottle of Euthasol, or euthanasia solution, for a total of $100.92, which is exact amount of the December order, too.

There are no details provided on the December order but with the invoice total matching the September purchase order to the penny, it’s possible the orders were identical.  If that was the case, that would mean there are 10 bottles of Special K unaccounted for, as the shelter only provided records for 10 bottles:

Two bottles were used entirely in one milliliter doses, meaning the 20 dogs euthanized weighed the exact same amount.   Two bottles were partially used and six bottles remained unused.

Here’s the math on the Euthasol, courtesy of Fox Charlotte:

Euthasol is sold in 100 milliliter bottles.  Dosing guidelines show one milliliter of Euthasol is required for every ten pounds of animal.  That means one bottle can euthanize one thousand pounds of animal, and three bottles equals three thousand pounds.

The shelter put down a total of 1,640 dogs and cats.  Three thousand divided by 1,640 would means each animal lethally injected by the shelter would have weighed about 1.2 pounds.

Gee, it’s hard to imagine that Chesterfield hasn’t been heavily mined by rescue groups desperate to obtain these 1 pound pocket pets the shelter apparently has in plentiful supply.  I’ll take an 18 ounce Beagle please.  Actually, make that two.  I’m pretty sure I can afford the extra teaspoon of food for the widdle buggers.

Thank you Lisa for sending me the link to this story.

12 thoughts on “Chesterfield Co Shelter’s Drug Records Indicate Teeny Pets

    1. Great question . . . I’ll be waiting for an answer! Glad that the media has gotten involved. That seems to be the only way to get an investigation (I mean a real one) done.

  1. Hm…I get 1.8 pounds per animal? Oh, but I’m factoring those six dogs who we know were killed by bullet, rather than drugs.

    Wonder what the street value of 10 bottles of Ketamine is? Of course, if you’re using it yourself, that affects the profit margin. I’m just saying…

    Good job on those background checks, Sheriff!

  2. Sounds to me as if someone or group of someones are on the Special K diet. Hmmmmmm, does the media know about this?

  3. Googled street value of ketamine and found out you have to bake the liquid stuff into a powder that’s worth approx. $100 per gram. A bottle of liquid = about 1 gram of powder. So, 10 bottles would be worth around $1,000. Not a bad profit considering the worthless thieves paid nothing for it. The dogs paid with their lives. Somebody PLEASE arrest these lowlifes.

  4. Oh, I’d totally go for a couple of 12 ounce huskies, and maybe a full 1 pound great dane! Can they get me tiny cats too?

    Thank you very much for keeping on top of these, and hopefully helping the details to get out to the general public.

      1. OMG! Then I could make a movie of it, and become a billionaire! We’d better get on this, maybe we can miniaturize other animals while we’re at it! I mean, who wouldn’t want to own a 2 pound elephant!?

  5. Only goes to show when you have a two time convicted drug felon running a “shelter” and give him access to things like Special K – he’s now found a “legal” way to obtain a high value street market drug.

    Jeanne – just remember that the street value in one area is not the same in ALL areas….and when you have a drug that is in high demand with no way to get it you can charge out the arse for it and idiots will pay just to get their ‘high’ for the day.

  6. Euthasol is dosed by weight. 1cc for every 10 pounds of body weight if euthanasia is done IV or 1cc for every 5 pounds if euthanasia is done IP. So you would need the individual euthanasia sheets that list each animal and their weights to be accurate.

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