Places to Give Away Your Money

Worthy causes:

Mama Pibble and pups, rescued from MAS – donation info here.

ChipIn for Charlotte and the Wilburettes, rescued from MAS


Some of you would like to see videos embedded in the blog and have asked about kicking in toward the WordPress video upgrade.  I set up a ChipIn for that.

4 thoughts on “Places to Give Away Your Money

    1. Well hopefully bringing the info up from the comments will help draw attention to it and perhaps after the Easter holiday more people will return to their computers.

      Thank you to the person who donated already and to anyone else checking their wallets right now to see if they can spare any change.

  1. YesBiscuit is right – bringing it up in the comments helps. Donations made!

    Remember folks, every little bit helps! The folks who took these moms and babies in are very worthy of our support. Even if you can’t donate, send them a nice note of thanks!

  2. Check will be in the mail tomorrow for the pittie and her pups. Perhaps some people who intended to donate didn’t know where at the time and will now that we have a way to donate.
    Folks, these are the rescues that really benefit from our support (vs HSUS, NSAL, ASPCA, Best Friends, etc).

    Happy Easter to all –

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