7 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. This Easter Sunday is a very sad one for me. One of my foster puppies just died. We think it was parvo.

    I am now thinking about not fostering any more puppies.

    What do other tiny rescue groups do when they have puppies that come down with parvo? Vet costs keep going up and donations are down. Or do you just avoid rescuing puppies?

    1. While I don’t rescue puppies (not intentionally, anyway but hey, things happen), I honestly can say that I would not have a puppy on the premises without a bottle of Parvaid (http://www.ambertech.com/products/parvaid-tm.html/) and fluids on hand. Heck, I have only adult dogs here now, but I keep Parvaid as part of our emergency kit anyway. I had to replace my bottle when someone local needed it fast (puppy picked up parvo at the vet’s office), so I gave her mine. Her puppy came through with flying colors.

      It’s one of those things that you can start immediately when you think there *might* be a problem, even if it’s the middle of the night on a holiday weekend with a snowstorm barreling down on you.

      I’m very sorry to hear that you lost the puppy today. There is a self help guide (link on the left side of the page) on that site that tells you how to make a tea for sick puppies until you can get Parvaid to you.

    2. I’m so sorry. I know it’s got to be so difficult but I’d hate to think that you (or anyone) would stop saving pups from being killed in shelters. At least with a rescuer they have a better chance at survival and a better quality of life for however long that might be.

      Thank you for rescuing.

    3. A fellow dog rescuer did put the puppy on an IV with fluids, but the puppy went down hill fast.

      Thank you for the info about the Parvaid. I will check into that or send that info to the other rescuers.

      I am not good at handling the heartache of dealing with dying puppies.

      I don’t take on shelter puppies (because too many of them have come down with parvo in the past). These two puppies came from someone that found them.

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