The Scars of Your Love

Thank you to reader Kim for putting together this powerful video.

Let’s spread the word: Memphis Animal Shelter’s 77% solution is unacceptable. We want city leaders to make Memphis a no kill community.

Note: Because there is a song attached (which Sony would like you to buy), Sony does not allow the video to be played on other sites. You have to click through to YouTube to watch.

15 thoughts on “The Scars of Your Love

  1. As I said before this must stop…This Mr. Pepper A**
    needs to be replaced. Who is he anyway, Is he paying
    some Political Organizations, What??? The city mayor
    should be stepping in to help…The thing is puppies
    and kitty’s don’t ask to be born. Alot of cities offer a discount to get your pets sprayed for nothing or at least 80% off. If the dogs and cats must be killed they dont need anymore drama minutes before there death….come on people do something…

  2. My heart is broken for these sweet babies in this Shelter. Memphis taxpayers need to step up once again for their homeless animals. Give them a voice.

    No Kill Sonoma County

  3. I just sent out the petition AND the video together to everyone appropriate on my email list. The petition is at 3101 signatures on the dashboard, so we are SO close to making the 5000 – get moving and get it signed everyone PLEASE. This is a first step to getting the “Mayor of Deathphis” a heads up that we are pissed!

    1. please put your petition on Twitter and send to me as I’ll pass it around to all my followers who are all against cruelty to animals like this

    1. Is anyone from the NoKill Memphis group working on some sort of a sit in or protest? Many of us are just waiting on the word “Go” to attend. Please let us know if something is in the works.

      1. This particular No Kill-Memphis group is less than a month old. We are still in the organizing, defining, and fact finding stages. At the moment what we are encouraging people to do is come out to the Advisory Board Meetings and have your voice heard. Keep checking the NO Kill Memphis page on FaceBook. Any thing in the future will be announced there.

  4. While that is a great video…I am still crying over it. Never gets any easier and my heart breaks a little more with each passing day. Those poor babies didn’t deserve ANY of this.

  5. Shared a link on facebook, it’s a powerful video and every new person who takes notice and emails or calls helps.

  6. Our local kill rate matches Memphis’. As sad as it is, I’m following the Memphis story to gain strength and inspiration to enact change locally.Here’s to hoping the lives lost can be cause for changes all over the south.

    1. Best of luck…and this is a great way to do it – study other places that are similar to yours AND study other shelters that have successfully gone NoKill and see the differences in how things are handled at each place.

  7. This is so flipping disgusting. I’m not from there but can someone tell me again who each individual involved is please? And who to contact? I WILL make a difference in this stopping!!!!!!!!!

  8. This video is so broke my heart. Poor babies go in healthy and relatively happy and they come out sick and lonely and then dead, if not dead when they walk right through the door. MAS is nothing but a killing machine. How do these guys sleep at night?

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