Snapshots from Memphis Animal Shelter

Orange kitty.
Black kitty.
White kitty.
Black puppy.
A puppy is removed from his cage during cleaning...
...and placed in this tiny box.
These pups were removed from their cage and placed in tiny wire cages. They were eventually brought to the isolation ward, presumably because they are sick.
Two incoming dogs wait where the sick puppies sat and their empty wire cages remain.
So many empty cages and this little dog stands on his hind legs to try and avoid the hose spraying into his dirty kennel.
Cat family left in open wire cages on the floor during cleaning while a dog is walked around the lobby.
That night, the cat family's cage door has been left open. Only one kitten is visible inside the cage in this shot.
Later, the cats are rounded up with kitty tongs and put back in their cage.
Yet another dog appears to have died in his cage at MAS.
This entire row appears to have been emptied.

Links to share:

If anyone can help this mama kitty and her kittens at MAS, please contact the shelter today.

Petition demanding Memphis stop the killing.

Video documenting the need for reform at MAS.

24 thoughts on “Snapshots from Memphis Animal Shelter

  1. Never mind the obvious problems with incoming animals being exposed to sick animals, never mind the obvious problems with spraying down a dog in a cage while so many others are empty, never mind all the myriad other things that suck so much at MAS…

    Can someone please explain to me why cages are getting left unlatched all the time? What the hell is so hard about *checking* to make sure that the cage you just closed is, in fact, properly latched? It should be habit for every single person there by now!

    1. ha! you stole my comment
      i mean- ok, SOMETIMES an animal may escape overnight- it happens. but seriously- i’d say maybe that happens once a month MAYBE- and that seems generous. seriously- who closes at night? we check every animal for food, water, and poop before leaving- it’s not hard to check a cage door too

      1. saw it- even more irritated
        this is what boggles the mind the most honestly- i mean, everything else can be attributed to poor policies/procedures/management. but how in the hell do so many animals get out every day?!

    2. Maybe that’s a component of ‘compassion fatigue’ and just goes to show us irresponsible public that it is all OUR fault that this is also happening.

  2. Oh beautiful wise Angel Band, please look over the souls sent to you too early by man’s folly. Take care of them for those of us unable to get to them in time, and give us the strength to carry on. awen.

  3. I thought I read somewhere a week or so back from a “Friend” of MAS who said that all the dogs we see heading through Canine 1 (main area) are NOT headed to the kill room.

    Or am I confusing it with something else?

    Because I just watched some punk walk a labrador down the hallway earlier this afternoon, and now the dude is hanging out in the lobby. But the dog is MIA.

    1. According to the “Friends”, no dog being walked anywhere is ever going to the kill room. Which is weird, considering the shelter’s 77% kill rate.

      1. Seriously? Then how the hell do they get to the kill room? They aren’t gently carried, nor are they given a ride. They are being dragged so I suppose you couldn’t honestly call that being walked! What a bunch of crap.

    2. Mel,
      In the main canine area 1 pictures, on the other side of the right wall, the adoption/healthy hold hallway runs parallel to the hallway. To the right of the sinks pictured is a door that connects this area to the adoption area. This is the doorway that is used by staff without bringing the dogs through the lobby to take them to the adoption area or to healthy hold.
      The door that is visible in the pictures is one entrance to the lobby. On the end of the adoption hallway, there is a door that leads to the lobby as well.

      Hope this helps.

      1. I forgot to mention: on the opposite end of the adoption hallway is a door leading outside where outdoor kennels are located. They are kind of hidden.

      2. Oh ok, thanks. So they don’t have cameras in the adoption area? Because he came from Canine 3 (which should be the adoption/healthy area, no?) down Canine 1, and then vanished.

      3. No, the adoption area/ healthy hold area do not have a camera. This hallway was previously used for rabies /bite/court cases area when the cameras were installed. The areas were switched (for many valid reasons and is much better) and so their are no cameras in the adoption area. Also the adoption window and volunteer desk are not viewable on the lobby cameras.

        Not sure what the outdoor kennels were originally build many many years ago. They previously weren’t used by the former director but now the adoptable dogs are moved their each morning (weather permitting) to clean their kennels and to give them a change of scenario and fresh air. It makes a huge difference for them and keeps them healthier.

        There isn’t much room or grass to walk dogs around the shelter except in the parking lot which is close to the street so any outside time is nice.

      4. Sorry for the grammar errors. Typing from my phone and its difficult. I swear I know the difference between their, there, and they’re. Lol.

  4. Then what do they do with them? I can’t find that comment, otherwise I’d look myself.

    Do they put them in a bubble and send them off to rescues via The Cloud?

    1. While going through other blog entries there has been mention of people “selling” some of thesse animals to “friends” who are in the parking lot or by rear doors, etc. While there is no way to confirm this…it is important to remember that some animals get “lost” a MAS. So there has to be some reason that they are getting lost and selling them could explain it.

  5. @Christine
    It looks to me like they clean the kennels and cages with the animals still in them. NO?

    1. That’s the way it looks. With the animals still in the cages. I guess they figure the strays just will be hauled off anyway so………….

  6. The adoption hallway that is used now
    1. has no cameras
    2. allows the public to view only those selected to be allowed to be adopted
    3. also contains court case dogs (still) on the opposite end from the adoptables

    only the adoptable dogs are removed from their cages for cleaning.
    only the adoptable dogs are allowed fresh air.

  7. What the F#@K is WRONG with these people? Somebody call DATELINE. These so-called shelters are really DEATH houses for these animals> WAKE UP people. This pisses me off to NO END. Let me at these a$$holes. They’ll wish they had a cage to hide in…….

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