6 thoughts on “Two MAS Dogs – A Love Story

  1. Just out of curiousity…in the last pic it clearly shows the two dogs together AND an employee in the background…is he allowing the dogs to get some ‘exercise’ or just being complacent in doing his job? While I think it would be great to allow animals a little more freedom to roam – in THIS shelter with all the problems they have and lack of separating intakes from other animals…no holding room,etc. Makes me worry tat those two could either be spreading something to the others or getting something from them.

    I KNOW that MAS has outdoor kennels – does anyone know the size and if it would allow ample room for some of the dogs to get a little more exercise? It doesn’t appear that they walk them – unless it is to the kill room, occassionally to the adoption area. Just trying to figure out the exterior areas tht MAS could utilize to see that some of the dogs could interact…once they’ve started vaccinating ALL animals upon intake that is. While I know that many of the animals aren’t there long enough to worry about them going cage crazy – I just wish we could see more of the dogs getting walked – even if only by the volunteers…

    1. I doubt they would allow dogs to roam the shelter unsupervised. I figure the last shot is the beginning of the end for their tour of the facility as they are about to be caught.

  2. The middle of the day and two dogs are just wandering around.
    My yes, they keep a close eye on things.

  3. Probably the guy has been warned to not grab the dogs or go after them with the choke pole because somebody might be watching . . .
    poor pups : (

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