Repelled. Repulsed. Nauseated.

I am too disgusted by the seemingly endless killing and inhumane treatment of pets at Memphis Animal Services to put more webcam shots on the front of the blog today.  I just don’t have the stomach to see it every time I click on the blog.  So I’m posting today’s group of shots on a separate page for anyone who chooses to look.  I just want to take a day off from covering the front page of my blog with images of cruelty and killing.

It’s very difficult to sort through so many images of this nature every day.  Believe me, there are MANY more than what I’ve posted here.  I find it difficult to choose which ones to share.  I am someone who doesn’t normally choose to look at horrific images but in this case, I feel an obligation.  As much as I hate doing it, I feel a connection to these pets – many of whom were kept behind locked doors with no chance of being adopted, treated inhumanely and then killed by the people paid to protect them from harm.  I don’t want them to have died without some sort of memorial.  And I hope that memorial will ultimately be Memphis going no kill.

I wish I had photos of MAS pets out on walks with the shelter staff, getting a bath before an adoption event, and going home with their new owners.  But there are no photos like that of the majority of pets at MAS – only for the select few, and they already have their own cheerleaders.  I am here to speak for the ones who don’t get a walk or a bath or a chance to be loved by someone.  They get stuffed into a cage where they have to relieve themselves and eat and then try in vain to avoid the hose when the workers come to spray down their piss and shit.  Then they get a noose around the neck and hauled off to be killed.  It sucks.  But let me be clear:  No one should feel sorry for me because I have to sort through these images of cruelty every day.  Feel sorry for the pets who are enduring it.  Then take action.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

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  1. How is it that these people are allowed to still work there ??? And do they know they are on camera??? It breaks my heart knowing that SO MANY dogs and cats are being killed EVERYDAY !!!! That SO MANY dogs and cats in these “shelters” are being treated TERRIBLY !!!! That people LIKE THIS are allowed to be any where near animals !!!! I can not even imagine how these poor babies feel,but looking into there eyes tells more then enough!!! Thank you for exposing these SICKOS,we must keep out in the open for any hope of change. God Bless these babies.

  2. Shirley: You are NOT alone…I am only just today coming out of rescue fatigue, sort of. I AM going to look at the photos. Then I am going to rant and rave a bit around the house, so the dogs will think I have finally gone round the bend (again), and THEN…well, I don’t know. But I do know that the press down there, while at least they reported the petition, they have pandered to the Mayor and Pepper, who is a wimpy-arsed, peckerwood. They need to stop lying to the public every single one of them! C’mon folks, the longer you think that an ACTION of some kind is not called for, the longer you are complicit in this slaughter!

  3. Ok, EVRYONE HAS TO LOOK AT THESE HIDEOUS PICS. It is obvious that they are giving animal lovers the BIG FU. Matt and the Mayor are so wrong to understimate the petition. Becuase now we go one more. I cannot tolerate this. Nathan Winograd – we need YOU! to march with us and be keynote speaker!

  4. I’d be up for a protest of some sort on site, a rally? A vigil? I don’t have any vacation time until later in the summer but I’d try to make the trip cross country. I’ve written, emailed, signed petitions and am fairly lost as to what to do next. I look everyday at this horror as a form of respect for the animals suffering, I am not sure if that makes sense but it seems fitting. I am so sad for their suffering and that it’s needless suffering is the worst.Can we plan something with the local animal rescue? I’m a novice at this type of thing, but willing to learn.

    1. If your new to this prepare for the worst. If you look around I bet you will find something close to where you are to work on.

  5. Shirley, I have been quietly following your blog and posted picture and I have felt bad that such a place exists and grateful to you for exposing it. This exposure seems to be the only way to stop such abuses of helpless animals.

    Please tell me that many of the workers are not paid to be there, but are serving some sort of community service for…I don’t know, animal abuse or something.

  6. Can’t look today – but want to know, besides the letter writing and petitions, what can we do? Those animals are suffering at the hands of sadists and truly sick people. How do we stop this?

    1. I think the most important thing we who are not in Memphis can do is to keep writing. Let city leaders know the issue is not going away. Also, keep sharing with your animal loving friends so that they too can get involved. The letters are having an impact, even if it’s small. Hey, it’s better than no impact at all!

      If anyone local wants to organize an event for public participation, let me know and I will help spread the word.

      And lastly, those in Memphis should keep attending the monthly advisory board meetings.

      Details on the letter writing campaign and the next scheduled advisory board meeting are in this post:

  7. “Shelter (noun): Something that affords protection; a refuge, a haven”
    The sentence say’s it all! Apart from signing the petition the only thing that can be done is a protest with banners and people! I have emailed the mayor, posted on his facebook page and am going to start faxing daily if I have to. I dont have any respect for people in power if they ignore the fact that cruelty to animals never pays off! at some point it gets exposed.

    Your amazing for bringing this horrible disgusting situation to our attention and I know how difficult it is for you viewing these photos, I was almost throwing up with anger after view the horrible photos of dogs and cats being killed and boiled alive in China. I forced myself to view them so I could do something about it. With being so far away it is frustrating. The only thing that helps in those situations is supporting financially and I would be happy to support action in Memphis if thats what it takes.

    Please keep up the amazing work, so many people support you.

  8. I am absolutely speechless- I am in tears, looking at those pictures……Those poor dogs……that dead dog laying there and everyone goes about their business and then forgets about him….The citizens of Memphis need to demand change- we need to spread the word and circulate these pictures. I am absolutely heartbroken.

  9. Those pictures are just…I cant even explain it in just one word; awful, heartbreaking, disturbing, infuriating and so much more. Something NEEDS to be done. I write and write and I get nothing back. Those who get something back get the same ole BS answers like “yeah, we want to change MAS too” but then nothing ever happens. If the mayor is too up Pepper’s ass to do anything, then maybe we need to go to the Governor or SOMETHING. Those in Memphis probably have the most “clout” as they are the taxpayers- we can use that to our advantage. I just cant get over them…especially the [SPOILER]dead dog and pregnant mama being dragged..

  10. I still think that a full size ad in the local Sunday paper with photos would be the best way to get this out there. For sure, then, the other media would/should pick it up.

    I’d be willing to contribute . . . seems like the letter writing isn’t doing that much good.

    1. I remember a comment from someone that had checked into this and the cost was prohibitive. I don’t recall what it was but something like a couple hundred dollars for a tiny square.

      1. The public needs to SEE what’s happening there. If they won’t watch online, then we need to find a way to put it in front of their eyes. Maybe a pm to Nathan Winograd? I just don’t know what else to do.

  11. Wow, I am just shattered after looking at these photos. I will be praying tirelessly for the animals in this shelter. I will also be writing letters to the “powers that be” in Memphis in the hopes that somehow they will help. I live in KY and will drive down for any rally being held to show my support. Praying desperately for God’s mercy on these animals.

  12. Please help these defenseless animals. As it is, if humans would be responsible and not breed so many dogs we would not be in this situation. Just because it has gotten out of hand does mean they deserve to be treated like nothing. I do not beleive a operation like this should go on and highly doubt any of you would think do either. We need your help as we cannot do this on our own. Please help.

    Thank you for your time.

  13. Monday Tues and Wed are impt days to keep watching the cams all day. Please, I may not be able to do it with the load of caretaking I have here, although I can do it some of the time. Can we relay-team this? I have my reasons for thinking these next few days are critical for webgrabs. Thanks. BTW, the petition is at 3599, we are SO CLOSE.

  14. Bad useless employees ARE something the Mayor CAN do something about! He just chooses NOT to, obviously. If he is a Republican, good luck. You might as well as talk to a wall about animal welfare! Look what they did in Missouri. The PEOPLE voted to put regulations on the puppy mills in the same election that they voted in Republicons; who immediately voted to overrule the will of the people and tell them to ‘stop picking on puppy mills! They are big business!’ Amazing, but TRUE! IF you are lucky and your people voted wisely, a Democrat can often be made to SEE the light! ELECTIONS MATTER!

  15. Ok, sorry, but the rhetoric has to stop and the action has to begin. We can still pray, as I believe that helps alot. But a little less talk, a whole lot more action!

    1. An investigative reporter with a local station doing an entire day filming at MAS would be good. Even better would be undercover!

      1. That would be amazing! Something like a Dateline undercover . . . does anyone know anyone who might be interested in doing this?

  16. If it helps – I KNOW that there are plans being made for some sort of a rally – to be held on a weekend so us out-of -towners can attend if we want. I don’t have specifics as yet – but will let everyone know as I find out more.

    1. Realllly? Keep us posted please. And everyone get your handcuffs ready to chain ourselves to the kennels! Smile purty for the webcam? hehe

  17. I just sent a story idea to Dateline with a suggestion that they check out this blog. I think there is much more interest since Patrick (the pittie from NJ) so maybe if others would contact them, they just might consider doing an investigation. I wonder if 60 Minutes might be another one.

  18. Great to hear about a potential rally. No Kill Memphis and other advocates need to organize a HUGE group of people to get to the May 11th Advisory Meeting. With signs, t shirts, etc.

    Op-eds and letters to the editor from residents could help. Someone should flyer public places with info about the meeting.

    Who is taking the lead on the ground in Memphis?

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