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ID: A017183

Submitted by reader Lindley who writes:

Hilley is a wonderful mother to her puppies (that she had at the shelter). Everything outside her puppies, Hilley is not so sure about. She is very scared and does not do well on a leash. Hilley has never shown any signs of aggression. She is as gentle as a lamb. Hilley needs time to learn to trust but she won’t get that time at the shelter. During the short period we had her out, Hilley relaxed a little bit. Hilley has a lot of love to give.

Coweta Co. Animal Control

91 Selt Rd

Newnan, GA


This shelter’s 2009 kill rate was 32%.

8 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Pretty girl! She looks like one of those unsure dogs who will absolutely BLOSSOM with a little stability in her life.

      1. I am sorry to ask you this again, but could I have your email address one more time? I have some other pics to send you of interest from MAS. Promise not to lose it this time… :)

      2. No problem. If you do need it again in future, I’ve got an “About” link at the right side of the blog and my e-mail is there. It’s eiderdown–AT–yesbiscuit–DOT–com

  2. I think MAS could be haunted. I took some very eerie pictures last night. It makes sense… places of extreme suffering are haunted. Former concentration camp sites for example… are known to be haunted.

  3. Hilley is now on the list to be euthanized this Friday (5-20-11)!! Here is an update of Momma Hilley:

    “We took “Momma” #17183 (I-1 & I-3) out today to get some fresh air. Her babies have now been weaned and are on the adoption floor. While out of her kennel, we were taking pics of other pups and she got so worried because she thought they were hers, it was absolutely heartbreaking.After we finished taking pics, we took one of her babies to her and let her see…she was so very happy and cleaned the baby. The relief on her face was so sweet.”

    “Hilley (Momma) howls for her babies. They are her only family and safety in this world. The look in her eyes would pierce the toughest heart. She is such a good mom and such a good soul. We almost cried. Let’s get Hilley a family and someone to comfort her through the long and dark night. Let’s make it a late Mother’s Day gift.”

    Any help in finding Hilley and/or her puppies a new home and/or rescue would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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