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Some of you might remember the story of Shadow who came to PAWS in Pueblo, CO at the age of 4 months and lived there for 10 years.  She leaked urine the entire time but was never treated for the problem.  She was adopted after Tonya Barker began volunteering for the shelter and committed herself to finding homes for these seemingly forgotten dogs.  This was her at PAWS:

Last week, I received a wonderful photo from Tonya of Shadow at her adopted home. I wanted to share it with you all in hopes that it might brighten your day like it did mine:

Why we do it.

11 thoughts on “Follow-On Photo

  1. Amazing things happen when good people do good things. I just love the relaxed look of Shadow. After the past he’s had he more than deserves to be loved and cared for like this.

  2. you gotta love the old ones.. how content ( not incontinent).. she looks.. peace Shadow.. you are home..

  3. This is wonderful, what a grand life Shadow has now. I’m going to smile a lot about this picture, thanks.

  4. WIDE SMILE!!! How wonderful to see a reminder of why we do this thing called rescue – I needed that as I await the arrival of ANOTHER little pittie.

  5. This is so wonderful to see and hear, especially after seeing/hearing all the BAD stories.

  6. That really is awesome and did brighten my day. After some of the news on here, it’s precious little brightening but thank you!

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