3 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. What a beautiful girl!
    SOMEONE adopt her, please.
    How can we get these places to stop killing all of these precious animals?

  2. Thanks for posting Dillie. I believe the overall kill rate was “only” 77% last year (tied with Memphis!), but it is worse for cats than for dogs. If you look at all the pound’s Petfinder listings, you will notice something curious–no young puppies or kittens. They kill them rather than have them pediatrically spayed or neutered at the West Georgia Spay neuter Clinic (the only place in the area that does pediatric surgeries) and adopted out. The majority of animals are killed there without so much as the chance afforded by a Petfinder listing. They are unseen. They do not post stray animals electronically to allow people to search for a lost pet without having to drive to the pound every day.

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