Shelter Pets of the Day

MAS hasn’t taken me up on my offer yet to post any of the hundreds of pets who the public can not see in the adoption hallway or online.  So I’m going rogue for the time being and featuring pets I see that are in the stray areas.  Unless MAS decides to provide some information about these pets, I’ll have very little to post by way of details but heck, you never know right?  Maybe someone lost one of these pets or maybe someone would like to adopt or take one into rescue.  So here goes:

This dog looks like a German Shepherd. Apparently the hind legs are in good working order. Is this dog looking for you?
This looks like a female who has had puppies. She keeps getting out her kennel and lying down in front of this kennel. Maybe her puppies are/were in there? I have seen her out with another loose dog too so she apparently gets along with other dogs ok. I bet she would love some TLC.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

This shelter’s 2010 kill rate was 77%.

8 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. Oh, I’m *sure* they contacted all the GSD rescue groups in the area and beyond about that dog. Yep.

    1. Maybe Heather could check on that?

      Now my heart is breaking some more. Could someone please send that GSD to me? Poor thing.

  2. Shirley – Thanks for the chuckle this morning! You’re just so….Rogue!

    1. Any chance of having that video on tv newscast? It is well worth viewing. Nice job done. My heart is breaking viewing it, but nice job.

  3. Aww poor pups. I wish I could take them so much…especially the 2nd one but 1. I live on the other side of the country so transport would be an issue and 2. my dog doesnt get along well with other dogs because shes so used to the only one and pampered that I dont see it working well. Anyway, what is that behind the dog laying on the floor in the 2nd pic? It almost looks like a small dog but then again its late and Im tired so it probably isnt anything LOL Also, shouldnt the puppies be inside with the mother dog? Maybe its the dog thats always running loose with her, shes in love LOL

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