The MAS Blues

A couple of readers have alerted me to a new video about Memphis Animal Services.  There is no sound at the beginning but it kicks in after a minute or two.

Reminder: The next meeting of the shelter advisory board is Wednesday, May 11. If you are in Memphis, please attend and stand for the pets suffering at MAS.

8 thoughts on “The MAS Blues

  1. I’ve been putting links from this blog, the webcams, the city of memphis meeting dates, and the Scars of Your Love video and mass emailing people. I’ve put things on Facebook and my Flickr:

    One commenter was wondering if there were any petitons going on, I found the one from the no-kill Memphis site, was wondering are there any others for non-Memphis people to sign? Thanks, I”ll probably start emailing those as well.

  2. ya know, this breaks my heart. i understand the purpose for this video but at the same time I believe it was aimed at the wrong target. It is so easy to blow up at the shelters and call them cruel for putting the animals down but understanding WHY they have to do this is another matter entirely! In order for them to have put down thousands of dogs already that means that on a daily basis they are receiving hundreds of dogs. If they were a no-kill shelter they would have to turn away intakes left and right because of lack of food and room. It would be nice if all the shelters could be no-kill but in order for this to happen then the finger needs to be pointed at the PEOPLE of Memphis. The real asses that are not caring to have their pets fixed and dumping the puppies at the shelter, the family that has had the old dog for years and left him alone to die at a shelter because he didn’t get along with the new puppy, THOSE idiots are the ones that need to be educated, not necessarily the mayor and politicians cause really now what can they do about things?!?

    1. I think pointing the finger at the people of Memphis has been tried. And tried. And tried. It hasn’t reduced the killing at the shelter. Perhaps time for a new approach?

    2. Shelters don’t have to kill animals–it’s a choice. They can also choose to implement the full range of no-kill programs. Take a look for yourself:

      The number of successful open-admission no-kill shelters is growing in the U.S. No-kill doesn’t
      mean turning animals away. It means finding alternatives to killing for space, killing for
      convenience, and killing for no good reason at all except that it’s “always been that way” and
      there’s a “pet overpopulation crisis” and “nothing to do with us–it’s the irresponsible public’s fault.”

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