This is what needless killing looks like.

This dog knows he is going somewhere bad.
End of the line, but the dog is still trying to resist being taken to the kill room.


Pancaked at the kill room door.


Resistance is futile.

Please don't take me.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

Fair WarningAny lying sod who comes on here and tries to mislead people by saying these dogs weren’t being taken for killing but were going outside for walkies or to the adoption area had better have photographic evidence to back up their claims.  And no, not photos of some other dog who might look vaguely similar.  Otherwise, you will be banned faster than you can say Killing Apologists are The Suck.

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  1. These dogs know what’s up! My dogs can differentiate between going for a walk or a joy ride or going to the vet. Dogs have a sense that humans do not understand, and dogs at “shelters” can sense and smell death and despair.

    1. Heather0511, You are so right! The dogs know what’s up! It breaks my heart to know that their final moments are filled with such terror – while you know the workers couldn’t give a crap. I can’t wait to see how the meetintg goes tomorrow night- it will be the Matt Pepper Doubletalk Show!

  2. You go Shirley although I think this is because of “public” -NOT!!!! This shelter needs reform and the horror these dogs endure will always be on my mind. This shelter needs reform faster than you can say no kill.

      1. Oh my gosh. Poor babies!!! It breaks my heart! THANK YOU SHIRLEY for keeping an eye on these sweet things and also on the workers at the shelter. My heart is broken.

  3. My heart breaks for all of those poor, unfortunate dogs (and all those dogs and cats we haven’t seen, but likely endure the same hell before they die). How can they do this over and over and over and over . . .

    1. Because it’s too hard to save them all and the irresponsible public doesn’t neuter their pets and feral cats won’t stop breeding – but the new shelter will be PRETTY!

      1. The new shelter won’t be pretty, shiny and as expensive as the nice shiny “set” that Pepper and Wharton have! I bet they pay extra for them!

  4. Just stopped in for my daily dose of “WHAT THE F***!” and “WHY are these people still employed here”. Ugh. Sickening, disgusting, I dont have words. I agree there is no way these dogs are being taken for a walk.

    1. Who kills at the kill room? How are they killed? Anytime of day these pets can die? The heartless workers SURELY are not the ones killing right? A heartless veterinarian surely is the one doing the killing, right? I say heartless because whoever this person is, they cannot have a heart. The workers are EVIL and I see NO compassion at all. I realize unfortunately MAYBE we must euthanize (I wish we didn’t though) but damn it be kind to the poor things! This makes me sick. And there is NO F-ING WAY these dogs are going for a walk. How DUMB do they think we (and the dogs) are?

  5. These killing workers are like concentration camp workers of years ago. I won’t dignify this as a “shelter” as it isn’t.

  6. My daily messages to the “list” continue to go unreplied to . . . hmmmm. I wonder if they are automatically deleted now. I don’t think they want anything to change!

  7. Dear Ms. Waldie,
    Thank you for writing.
    I can assure you the three members of the Board you have listed (Allen, Jackie, and I) are coming from the exact same place and agree with your statements.
    I have heard from many on the No Kill and Yes Biscuit sites and am explaining a little about the three of us.

    I am the Chair of the MAS Advisory Board and can completely assure you several members of the Board have steadfastly brought every single issue you have stated to the MAS Administrator, the Mayor, the City Council and the Director and Deputy Director of the Division.
    Every single month we (well three of us, Jackie, Allen and I) arrive at the meeting with documentation regarding the kill rate, the fact the MAS Administrator fails to allow ALL animals the opportunity to be adopted, the bullying tactics of some of the volunteers, demands for the owner surrender form to tell the owner what is going to happen to their pet. We have brought this all to the public through news broadcasts, meetings, animal cruelty seminars (Jackie and I are former federal officers), telecast panel programs and seminars given to various citizen groups and schools. It took the Board three years to get the City to enable MAS to accept credit cards, many times when based on cash only to reclaim an animal, the owner returned the next day to find the animal had been euthanized. It took us 7 months to get MAS to use petfinder, and even that is a poor site, with few dogs shown, out of date photos and no cats listed.

    Jackie and I also personally conduct a court watch to report on the animal cruelty cases in our city and county. Through this we also document the behavior and improper charging by the animal officers…to the point where I was sued by a shelter worker for telling the way it actually is on the TV and newspaper.
    As part of our court watch we see the cases regarding those charged under the s/n law. All must appear before a judge and any can opt out of s/n.

    The Board is the ONLY entity that consistently brings the concerns forward. The kill rate is horrendous, the smoke screens placed by the City Administration are quite believable for those not in the “know”.

    We welcome the outcry from across the country and around the world. Hopefully the spotlight will help.

    I thank you very much for writing. For taking the time to care.
    Cindy Sanders

    1. i got the same reply. So i wonder if anyone is taking this into action. I know there is petition being signed right now.

  8. I received this reply to an email I sent to the addressed provided on this website…

  9. and… AC Wharton reply was “Thanks” to the same email I sent to the addresses provided. So this says alot about Mr. Wharton, at least to me…

  10. of course these poor dogs know where they are going, my God!! Dogs have senses that are so precise. This sickens me….the same #$%! goes on here in Los Angeles, every %*&#!& day!! When are these bastards going to wake-up? What a horrible society we’ve become to allow this to happen….

  11. The ONLY help last time the shelter was raided and investigated was by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and the Shelby County District Attorneys Office.


  12. I think it is so funny how everyone can sit back and judge these people that work at shelters. I have volunteered at my local county shelter, and have known employees who were on the Euthanize team. It is not an easy job, they are not heartless, and it does hurt them- some have had drinking problems, and had to leave the team because it did cause them to have issues. There would be no need for shelters or euthanizing if people were responsible in the first place, and actually cared about their furry family members. It is people in society, not the shelter, that is at fault for the over crowded populations in shelters. They dont look at the big picture prior to “buying” or adopting a pet, and dont see the responsibility pet ownership entails.

    1. Yea, Benita, the same goes for having too many kids. Stop blaming the public – they are just people. And we are NOT blaming all the shelter workers in the world, just the ones we see being brutal to animals on THESE webcams. Of course, if you want to share other photos, we’d be happy to blame them too. The No-Kill Equation is the ONLY thing that makes sense, and IT WORKS. The Nazi’s said the same thing about their ‘workers’ who ran the ovens and gas chambers. Doesn’t hold up under the Nuremberg Principles of International Law, sorry.

    2. Ya, my city has a pound, too. With city workers and literally thousands, yep–thousands–of volunteers. They’re still a kill shelter because they save over 90% of the animals, including pitbulls, but not all of them. So sometimes they put dogs down. And you know what? Those dogs march happily to their death because they think they’re going for a walk or out to play. Everyone at the shelter treats them well and they get plenty of love, attention and socialization. I’m sad to think they trust us so much and still get put down and hope one day the save rate will be 100% of adoptable animals.

      What I see on the MAS webcams is abuse, cruelty, indifference to animal welfare and suffering.
      It has NOTHING to do with the public. We have the same old “irresponsible public” where I live and plenty of owner surrenders at the pound–and that has NO EFFECT on how the shelter takes care of the animals.

    3. Benita, I’m glad you think it’s funny. I think it is sad. And horrific. *Everyone* here loves animals. *Everyone* (I think) is taking care of animals–both their own, and rescues/fosters. We can’t do this and *sit back* as you might think.
      I volunteer at my local shelter too…when they let me. I refuse to be on the Euthanize team. (And I bawled my eyes out when they refused to allow me to be present when I asked to have my own aged dog euthanized.)
      There will ALWAYS be a need for shelters! And please stop calling it euthanasia when it is killing. Convenience killing. Senseless killing, or, at it’s worst, revenge murder. (Yea, sometimes those *teams* choose to kill the animal that a caring volunteered especially liked because that individual said something bad about the facility to the public or to the media.)
      I can’t speak to how these people at MAS treat the animals during the act of killing. But I CAN say that they are cruel and heartless in their daily handling (or lack thereof) of each and every animal I’ve seen.
      Do YOUR shelter employees treat animals like this?

      1. You go Lynn! It’s killing! Not “euthanasia” and the animals are terrified! It’s horrible! The way the animals are treated are the workers fault, not the public’s fault.

  13. who all is going to the meeting tomorrow? Anyone bringing signs? Wearing statement shirts? has anyone else contacted the media? ive told everyone to come, bring anyone and everyone. We want bodies there. let us loud mouth bitches do thr bitching. I’m fed up with this bullshit! fed up! we need to tell matt to resign and Wharton to pack his bags too!

    1. Would be good if that happened, but the staff would still be there. The council hasn’t been able to achieve any results thus far and probably won’t. For the Mayor they are most likely a “there I did something” but they have no power whatsoever. You need the law. No one in the state’s attorney’s office can ignore the goings on at MAS.

    2. Is someone going to film the meeting? BTW, the petition is soooo close – 4640 signatures as of 2:30 EDT.

      1. I hope you guys let them have it! I am from Ohio but am supporting you completely! I signed the petition and even shared with with Facebook sites from overseas. I have written to everyone on the “copy and paste” link. You say “the law” can help the shelter. How and who? Can I help?

  14. Spaying and neutering are part of being a responsible pet guardian. So is keeping your pet for life and not “getting rid” of it when you have to move or cannot “afford” it any longer. If everyone was responsible there would be no more need for animal shelters. I long for that day… Eternal peace and love to all the innocents who lose their lives every day due to the ignorance and stupidity of humans.

    1. You are so very right.I also think breeding facilities should have a follow up on any animals they sell as to neutering and Health protecton and check up on the animals they sell. Breeding rights have more restriction. Puppy mills totally abolished along with pet stores.Itis indeed humans who are responsible for 99% of the problem. Thank you Bunnychick for xpressing my exact feelings

  15. I would like to propose an action, purely for our own spirits: Can we all agree here on YesBiscuit, that on say, May 28, at 8pm in whatever time zone, we will hold a candlelight vigil for the animals killed at MAS?

    1. Good idea, Morgana. I would like to see this happen every month and let it go viral via Facebook and Twitter so candles are lit everywhere.

      1. I will gladly participate in the hope that one day soon, the pets at MAS won’t need us anymore because the shelter is protecting them.

    2. ABSOLUTELY. I pray every night, or try to, that God will provide angels for each and every lonely, scared,abused,neglected animal, anywhere in the world, and every animal that is dying at this very moment, to be with them, love them with God’s great love, and keep them from feeling any pain.

      1. I just saw the post about the poor strays that don’t even get out of the quarantine room, and then often watch other animals be killed while they are tied to the wall waiting for their turn.

        That is just horrible. I’ve seen the videos of dogs as they are brought in for killing. How sad and afraid they look, in despair, with their heads hanging low, as if to say “what did I do? What can I do to change your mind? Please won’t you give me a chance to live? I’ll do anything you want, please just don’t do that to me, don’t kill me”.

        You can see it in their eyes, their, demeaner, their body language. Their despair and sorrow.

        When I met my favorite pound dog, he didn’t initially come to me, because he had already lost hope. I played with him, but I couldnt take him. I just wanted to give him a chance to play. He was put on the euth list the following week. They CLAIMED it was “kennel stress” and that he failed his temperament test 3 times, over food bowl aggression. That is BULLSHIT. They took in 14 or more dogs from HSUS, and they needed room. so they put him down.

        When he warmed up to me, in the cage, he would lick my tears as my face was against the cage, and reach for my fingers under the door with his paws, and lick and mouth my fingers. He was still a puppy. When I took him to the playroom, he was wonderful, full of LOVE. He knocked me down and smothered my face with kisses. He KNEW I loved him. When he was playing with me in the play room, the staff said, “he belongs with her, they belong together”. They knew. But I couldn’t take him. My husband threatened to divorce me because we already had 4 dogs, and I didn’t know if he would integrate into an all female pack.

        It was obvious that he could be with someone and be a good dog, a good companion. But they killed him anyway….just to make room for HSUS rescues that they BRAGGED about on their website.


  16. How about looking at this from a different angle?

    How many Petlands, PETsMARTs, and PETCOs do you see going out of business? How many breeders are hurting for interest? The answer? Not too many. What does this tell you? “People are bringing pets into their homes” (DESPITE a down economy).

    So, what does that have to do with this issue? Well, if people are bringing pets into their homes, then it simply becomes a question of where they get them from. Statistics show that if “shelters” (in quotes because I agree that they are concentration camps and not safe havens) were able to increase their “share” in the family pet acquisitions market by just 3-5%, we could end shelter killing tomorrow.

    While many people are, in fact, irresponsible pet owners/caretakers, they are not to blame for shelter “overcrowding.” Shelters become overcrowded when shelter administrators are too lazy to be creative and get their communities interested in adopting animals from their facility. Not hard to imagine, since many of them are filthy.

    Shelter administration is to blame. Not the public. Do you really think it’s a good idea to ostracize the very “public” you want to attract to help get adoption numbers up? Methinks I remember something about biting a hand that feeds.

    Before you tell me I’m an idiot or something like that, do some research, run some numbers, and get back to me.

    By the way, don’t look for help from ASPCA, HSUS, American Humane, PETA, etc. You may not know this, but they, in fact, summarily embrace shelter killing. How about that for the shock of the day (for some)?

    1. Thank you Doc! Very well stated. I try to explain it only creates a cycle of hatred. Shelters need reform across the country.

  17. There is a white dog in the second photo above that is just breaking my heart. The dog is in the first kennel kitty corner to the gray door. Does anyone know what kind of dog this? Is there a rescue group in Memphis that could get him and I will pay for the adoption fee? I live outside of Lexington, KY and would not be able to get him until Sunday. I am so afraid that he will be killed bfore then.

    1. What a coincidence – I just posted that dog as Shelter Pet of the Day. I like him too! Are you asking for someone to pull the dog and foster until you could pick him up on Sunday? I just want to clarify for any of our Memphis readers who might be able to help.

  18. How many volunteers that LOVE animals and would volunteer long and hard hours at these shelters, stay away because they are cruel and they are kill shelters?

    1. IF these people as you say LOVE animals (more than themselves or their own ‘feel good’), then the crueler the shelter, the MORE they should go and volunteer – be a source of quiet strength, hope, love and inspiration for the animals, and the workers who need to be bitch-slapped. ’nuff said.

  19. Poor baby(/babies). Im glad that some of you are going to the MAS meeting tomorrow. Please post some sort of video or review of what happened, if you can. Is anyone going to post anything on the Mayor’s wall or something like that to get more people from Memphis there? Not that Im sure theyd care mostly anyway. I posted something on the Mayor’s page about MAS to get people informed, like some others did (thank you to those people!) and I get some immature player-wannabe telling me off (not like I care) LOL

    1. Oh look the Mayor deleted mine and the other people’s comments. How shocking. Must be the Memphis way of life to ignore comments and concerns than to deal with them head on (sorry to those who live in Memphis).

  20. This is where I meant to put my post.

    These photos torture me, tear me apart and cause me to cry for days on end.

    I own 5 dogs and 2 cats. Every single one is vetted, and INSURED for illness/injury/surgery so that none need to be put down for something fixable.

    There is NO EXCUSE. If I can do this, so can anyonen else. I was on unemployment for 9 months. My husband has a high school education, and works full time.

    Its called LIVING WITHING YOUR MEANS and making your “means” LESS. Why? Because your priority should be FAMILY not THINGS. And FAMILY should include any pets you have. They are not “just” an anything. They forgive and love unconditionally, which is the very reflection of God’s love for us. I wonder what God will have to say about it.

    Downsizing means learning to live on ONE income, while having extra money with two, or part of a second. So, when I lost my job, we did NOT lose our home, even though the economy sucked.

    We have a nice home, and nice yard. But we started out when we married, PLANNING so that if one of us ever lost our job or got sick or whatever, the other one could carry the bills. And that is exactly what we did. THAT is why we were able to keep 5 dogs and 2 cats, vetted and insured, with 3 kids, and a granddaughter also living here, and NOT contributing any rent, because they can’t afford to.

    And we aren’t stopping there. We have made a lot of changes to the house to make it animal friendly, but also people friendly, so that we could have as many animals as we want, and still have a NICE home.

    I’d be glad to share all the ways we have saved money, if it means people will commit to their pets for their entire lives. It means a little extra work, but nothing we aren’t willing to do to reap the benefits of having our family of people AND animals with us.

  21. There is NO EXCUSE. If I can do this, so can anyonen else.

    I just spoke to a woman who is giving up her dog. Her husband left her, she found out nine year old daughter has leukemia, and then her work laid her off. No work = no prescription benefits. Now, as a final straw, her dog has a health issue that’s going to come with a hefty vet bill – at a time when she’s wondering how she’s going to buy groceries and pay her rent.

    I guess I’ll just email her back and tell her she’s a slacker, and that if she just tried harder, she could keep her dog. I bet someone would adopt the kid, if she put it on Craig’s List.

    1. Hey look. I said there was no excuse. There isn’t. I’m sorry, I’m not criticizing any particlar person. I’m sayin OVERALL, MOST people, if they downsized, and learned to live on one income could do it.

      This poor woman got stuck all of a sudden, BEFORE she figured out how to do it. That isn’t her fault. But that doesn’t mean she can’t do it.

      I also don’t make statements like that without standing behind them. If she needs financial help, I’ll even send some money to help her. I’ll help her find help. I’ll help her figure out what she qualifies for so that she has medical help, groceries, and can pay for prescriptions.

      I know how to find those things, I said I would share what we do with anyone who needs help, or wants to know. I’ll help her do it. Put her in contact with me.


  22. What a terrible statement to make about this woman. She was working but lost her job, so how can you dare to critize her. My shelter has numerous fundraisers to help people with medical expenses for their pets. We have womens’ clubs and mens’ clubs who raise money to conduct spay and neuter and rabies clinics. You have to get people to be involved and volunteer their time. Shelters have to be willing to work with people and get as many animals adopted. Seeing an animal starved to death trapped in a cage in a shelter is criminal. All they have to do is call any pet food store for torn bags and dented cans, and get a tax deduction. Again, they have to be WILLING.

    1. If you are referring to me, I’m NOT criticizing her. I’m not criticizing ANYONE. I’m saying it is possible to live on one income. That is a fact.

      This poor woman got stuck very SUDDENLY in a terrible situation. I understand that, but I stand by what I said, and I stand behind my statement, which means I’m not just a blow hard. I’m willing to help her so she CAN keep her dog AND get help for her daughter, and pay for groceries!

      I can help her if she will contact me. I will do the best I can to do whatever I can to help. I can send money, I can help her figure out what she qualifies for, what her daughter qualifies for, what she can do to save money, how to fix up her budget, what she can do to cut costs.

      Its NOT an impossible situation. That is not meant as criticism, that is meant as HOPE. As I wrote, I was on unemployment for 9 months. We only had that and one income. We were already downsized and had to downsize more, but we were still comfortable, and I was still able to do all that I said above.

      If I can do that, then I can show others how to do it too, and I’m willing to do that. That isn’t criticism. That is an open hand, a standing offer to HELP anyone who wants to know how to do it.


    2. I wasn’t critising anyone. I wrote what I wrote as a general statement, about MOST people before anyone mentioned her.

      I am saying that it is POSSIBLE,that there is HOPE. But people have to have a chance to make those changes before they can succeed at it.

      This poor woman didn’t have a chance to figure it all out before she got hit with disaster. That isn’t fair to her. Nobody would blame her for her choice. I certainly don’t blame her, but I still believe its possible for her to make it, and keep her dog.

      I believe I CAN help her. Or I can at least TRY. I don’t say things like that without also being willing to HELP. That is why I said I would share what we did with anyone who wants to know.

      I’m not offering criticism. I’m offering an open hand to HELP. I realize she got caught suddenly without warning. That isn’t fair to her. Its not her fault. Most people aren’t thinking of the possibilities of disaster when they get married, or have kids.

      The only reason we did was because I worked in a Trauma ICU. I realized very early, at age 22, that people die, all the time at ANY time. And without proper planning and paperwork, it can be a disaster waiting to happen.

      If her husband left her, then she is entitled to SUPPORT for the child and possibly support for herself. She may also qualify for medical assistance for her and her daughter. OR, if the husband carries health insurance, she is entitled to be on it along with her daughter, or continue to be on it.

      She is entitled to unemployment, though that can take awhile to get.

      In the meantime, there are ways to get by. Has anyone else offered to help her? Or are you just criticizing me? I may make bold statements, but I AM at least willing to help.


      1. Hi Kristen-
        I agree with you. This may sound silly at first, but I believe its true, that I kind of see shelters like a pawnshop. Sometimes you have unexpected debts and places like a pawnshop will help you get quick cash without having to totally sell that item. If the owner of lets say a necklace decides that they are going to come back for the necklace then they should get that right, as long as the necklace wasnt given to anyone else. The necklace shouldnt just be thrown away. In the case of someone else getting a dog that was put in there for whatever reason, they should be able to get the dog at some point without the dog being euthanized first. Its a far-fetched example, but my point being is that if someone wanted the item, regadless of who it was and what it was, they should be able to and it shouldnt just be thrown away when someone else can enjoy it. Also, that someone may have unexpected financial issues and someone with a dog may give up the dog temporarily until they can be okay financially again without letting the poor dog starve or something. This is why I believe in having shelters, so that the dog isnt screwed when the owner is having issues, just like a pawnshop.

      2. Jessica,

        I couldn’t reply to your post, so I’m posting above you, at least I think thats where it will end up.

        I agree with shelters when they act like *rescues*. That’s really what they were supposed to be. Not drive by “drop off to kill” places.

        I also wanted people to know, that I could never criticize anyone anyway. I fell in love with a pound dog and couldn’t bring him home, because my husband threatened to divorce me if I did and because i didn’t know if he would integrate into a 4 female dog pack.

        Since that time, we have taken in a male puppy that was 9 weeks old, last summer, and one of my girls (dog) adopted him, so I know my beloved pound dog might have been ok.

        I STILL cry for that pound dog. I spent a lot of time crying for him tonight as a matter of fact. I can’t forgive myself, because I wonder if I gave him hope again, and then just took it away when I left him. I tried to save him when I found out he was on the euth list, and now I’m not allowed to volunteer there because of it.

        My brother was going to take him, but the meet and greet didn’t go well, and my brother said no. I called Best Friends and another person I knew, but nobody could help.

        It tortures me wondering what it must have been like for him, being on death row, not in the adoption area. I don’t know what death row looks like there. I don’t know if they even bother to take them out for walks, since they’re going to die anyway. I don’t know if they play with them, since they are going to die.

        I just feel like its all my fault. I can’t forgive myself. So, I would never criticize someone who found themselves in sudden horrible circumstances like the woman above.

        All I really meant, and I guess I didn’t say it well, was that it can be done. But you have to get into that way of thinking, and make the changes, and THEN, when disaster hits, you’re ready.

        This poor woman, wasn’t ready, and I’m sure she didn’t think she’d need to be. Maybe she never even suspected or thought her husband would just leave her like that. And who would ever expect their child to wind up with cancer?

        So many in our culture who live on 2 incomes and have lots of “things”, weren’t ready when the economy tanked. And a lot of pets paid the price for that. Many still are.

        But now that we all see that it can happen to US, to our generation, as much as it did in the 30’s, I hope that everyone will learn to downsize, and live well, but within their means, to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best, and include their pets as part of their family.

        Unfortunately, that is the other part of the equation. Our pets are not “just an” anything. They should be treated no differently than our kids. And we don’t drop our kids off at a shelter (well some do, but that’s another story), so we shouldn’t do it to our pets either.

        BUT, if we are going to have shelters, then lets make them the best darned shelters they can be. Lets make them RESCUES, not kill stops.

        And THEN, lets go after those #%&^$&^%$&’s that dog fight, abuse, torture, starve, overheat, forget about, neglect, and [fill in the blank for anythin else you can think of], knowing that when that poor animal is rescued, and taken to a shelter, it is SAFE, and LOVED until it finds it’s new forever home.


      3. Kristen–
        I could not agree more with what you said. Dont beat yourself up over the pound pup, you did as much as you could do. Im sure he is in a much happier place, wherever that may be. Thats part of the reason why I cant volunteer unless I know I can take the dog home, even if its to rescue them, because I just cant walk away from a dog wanting to be rescued and if I did it every time, my whole house would be nothing but wall-to-wall dogs! I pretty much cant anyway because my own dog is so spoiled and has that “only child” mentality that I dont think it will go well. I can see the adoptive dog coming over to me and then her getting mad and getting closer to me and having it turn into a big situation where one dog is trying to outdo the other and it turns into an altercation. Plus I wouldnt feel right going off to work and hoping that everything is okay back home. Ive had her since she as 8 weeks and shes 9 years old now, so we are all she knows. Anyway, thats why I am so adament about shelters because sometimes people cant rescue and the dogs shouldnt have to pay the price for it. I dont understand though why they wouldnt let you come back to the shelter if all you wanted to do was rescue a dog?

      4. Jessica,

        Im not sure why this is the only place I can reply (under my own post), but it seems to appear where its supposed to.

        The shelter wont let me volunteer because what I did was “too disturbing for the staff”. Is that not a “gaping hole” into how these people really think about saving lives?

        This is what makes me wonder why he really died. And makes me wonder what its really like in the euth area, whether they take them for walks or play with them, or comfort them while they are killing them. Every time I imagine him there, lonely, bewildered, wondering if I’m coming back for him (I just saw the movie about Hachico, the dog that waited at the same place, a train station, for his dead master, for 10 years after he died, every single day, he would come to the train station and wait there), knowing what is coming, that he’s going to die, and then the actual procedure,imagining him just flopping over, or struggling, I cry. I’m crying as I write this.

        I’m so lost without him or without knowing what really happened. And the girl who worked there, and was responsible for choosing the dogs to be euthed, was fired. She won’t even talk to me about it. There is so much I want to know, but she won’t talk about it. I don’t known why. I don’t blame her for what happened, I know she tried and tried to get him to pass the temp test, and spent extra time with him to get him to pass.

        In fact, every person who has ever made a real difference has been fired. Because eventually, the people who make the difference, eventally can’t stand for the status quo mentality of the managers.

        And the board doesn’t seem to know what is really going on, and those who are fired don’t want to get involved, because threats were made to fire other people who depend on that income.

        I can’t go to the board because I don’t have any proof. I know someone who does, bt she can’t talk without risking the jobs of others, or the very successful adoption program that she set up in a retail store might get shut down.

        The managers and directors there are spiteful and vengeful. And if they are willing to put people’s lives and jobs on the line, and shut down successful programs, and fire successful people, then they really don’t care about the animals at all.

        What we really need is a LEGAL ark. What I mean by that is we need the law in order to have a new “noah’s ark” for the animals.

        Shelters are not going to change on their own, and they don’t want their dirty laundry aired or they wouldn’t be making all these threats at our shelter.

        It’s going to take the law to do anything. And I’m so angry because PA is doing absoltely nothing about it. I’ve contacted legislators. They aren’t doing anything. They don’t even contact me. They don’t care here in Pa.

        And I’m torn into pieces, so much so, that I can’t even watch videos or see pictures like the ones on this thread anymore. It literally ruins my life. I can’t function because I’m always grieving for these poor animals.

        And I hate to say it, but I need some happiness in my life. My own dogs feel my pain, and I don’t want that for them. I want their lives to be happy and joyful.
        I’m trying to trust God to help us save these sweet innocents. And I don’t want to turn my back. Too many people KNOW about all of this but can’t handle it, so they turn away. And I don’t want to turn away. So I feel pulled apart. Maybe I can just focus on getting a law passed without seeing anymore pictures or videos of these poor dogs. I don’t know what to do.


      5. Kristen-
        Wow, what a sweet and touching story! I knew you couldnt take him because of your husband, but I didnt know he was euthanized or that the shelter kicked you out because of it. Thats unfortunate, but sometimes these things happen. You know about Tonya in Colorado I think it is who got kicked out of the shelter that she was trying to help, right? Theres a page on YesBiscuit about it but I cant find it..hopefully someone can help me out there. Anyway, yeah its a shame that shelters are more about politics and egos than about helping the animals most of the time. How the heck does Nathan Winograd do it? We need him.

      6. Thanks Jessica. You have no idea how much your post means to me. It helps to talk to someone who understands.

        I would like to see that page about Tonya if you can find it.

        Do you know it is illegal for a volunteer to be fired for blowing the whistle?

        But it doesn’t matter, they find other “reasons” to fire them. In my case, I never even got the chance to volunteer at all. The day of my training class, is the day I met my pound pup. And it all went downhill from there.

        HOWEVER, I just got a letter from one of the board members (I think) asking me to come back. They keep sending me requests for money. I think I’m going to arrange to meet with her in person. and then I’m going to discuss what happened, and then discuss how I want to help, but being a liason between the euth dogs and rescues.

        If she agrees, or the board agrees, then we’ll see. That is the link. But they also have to be willing to work with those animals, and make changes. I want to discuss no kill with her too. They are in a perfect position to be no kill.
        They even told me they were working toward that, but that’s a lie. That was 2 years ago. If Washoe conty can do it in less than a year, then there is no reason this shelter can’t also do it.

  23. Hello,

    I have word from an associate regarding the room or building (not sure which) where strays, once picked up go for “quarantine”. She tells me if one does not know of the separate area, and even if you arrive at this “shelter” with picture in hand you will never find your animal. I have also heard they are in “quarantine” only to be killed and receive no food or water. Is any of this true Shirley? I know you have been covering this extensively. also, they take livestock and the county auctions it off after being hidden in this separate room/building for “quarantine”. You know how the rumors fly. is there any truth in any of this?
    I may take a trip to this facility next week to see for myself.


    1. AFAIK, strays are brought into the stray areas which are visible on the webcams but not available for the public to walk through looking for a pet to adopt. They get food and water but they don’t get walked or even taken out their kennels. The workers hose down the runs daily with the dogs still inside. After their 72 hour hold is up, a lucky few get selected for the adoption hallway but that only has 30 cages or so from what I understand. The majority are taken to the kill room where they are tied to the wall and forced to watch other pets being killed before it’s their turn.

      If you do visit the shelter, please ask to see the strays and if you are allowed, please get as many photos as possible. I’m trying to get exposure for them on the blog and the shelter won’t take their pictures and post them. Most of them are killed without ever getting the chance for a new home.

  24. @Kristen: Take your grief and sorrow and turn it into positive energy for the dogs wherever you are. Nobody is being saved while you cry. Not trying to be mean, but just saying: use your energy for good. As for the little dog you could not take, he has taught you ONE thing: When you know its right, it RIGHT, no matter what anyone says. You just keep doing the next right thing.

  25. Morganna,

    I do use my energy for good. But I can’t separate it from the grief I feel and that is what I need to do.

    In a lot of ways, I think more people don’t get involvd becase they don’t want to see it. They don’t want to know. Because it hurts them too much, like it hurts me too much. If more people would stop turning their heads away, we’d have a lot more help.

    And yet, I understand why they turn away. I can’t watch anymore. I can’t look anymore. I don’t even know if I can read about it anymore. I can’t even stand to watch movies like “My dog Skip” and the one aobut Hachi, which when I started watching, I didn’t realize was about the dog in Japan. Those stories are so touching it breaks my heart that more people can’t see it.

    One time my priest told me that one has to be careful what you put into your mind (in my case it was videos of euthing that I now cannot ever get out of my mind).

    I disagreed with him, saying that someone has to watch. Someone has to see it. someone has to DO something. And someone has to honor these animals by having the courage to see what was done to them, and then do something about it.

    Now I agree with him to an extent. I can do something about it without seeing it, reading about it over and over, etc. I can just honor them by doing something good for the ones who are left. But I can honestly say, that i’m not sure I’d be so passionate about it if I hadn’t seen it all first and cried for them all first.

    I can’t do it anymore though, the pictures, videos, stories. I can work to get a legal ark, and I’ll do that to honor all those that are suffering and dying. But I can’t watch anymore.


    1. I am sorry about your priest, because I disagree with him. If every person in the world looked away, who would be left to bear witness? Isn’t bearing witness what makes change happen? If you don’t have these things in your mind, then you live in a vacuum, and all things are equal. That is NOT the way the world works. I make myself watch because I want my every cell in my body to remember every cruelty, every face, every scared being, because that helps me to remember to be kind, or hard, when called for. If I didn’t bear witness, I would be happily watching the shopping channel. Even when that plane went down (airFrance) a couple years ago, I googled the passenger list. A friend asked my “why”? Did I have a friend on board? I said no, I feel I must honor those who died, and bear witness to their names, so that they shall be remembered. I felt it was a solemn duty and still do.

      1. That is how I felt as well, at the time.

        But I have to say, I’ve seen enough. I can’t take anymore. I can’t even function some days anymore because its torn my life to pieces. The screams I’ve heard. The despondancy and loneliness I’ve seen, the guilt I feel about the pound pup I loved so much. A person can only take so much. I’ll never get those screams and looks of fear and bewilderment and loneliness, and seeing dogs swung by catchpoles overhead, slammed into a gassing box, elderly dogs crying out in pain as they are picked up by the tail and scruff, out of my mind for the rest of my life and I wish I’d never seen some of it for that reason. I can fight for change without having that in my mind to break my heart and spirit. In fact, I could do a better job fighting for change if I didn’t dissolve into tears everytime I think about it.
        Because I can tell this: It seems like I can actually FEEL the suffering of every animal out there.
        On the other hand, people DO too easily turn their heads away, and becase of it, they don’t act. They don’t see it as the crisis that it really truly is, BECAUSE they turn away. So I see it both ways. In that regard, I’m glad I’ve seen *some* of it. I just don’t think I need to experience it ALL THE TIME.
        You told me to turn my sadness into positive energy, but and I’ve tried. But now that I try to do something, it seems nobody else cares, and I can’t do it alone. I can’t get any response from rescues in my state, not a single one contacted me this last time. And I contacted over 100 rescues.
        So I turn to God. Prayer is a powerful thing. For now, since nobody is responding to my emails, phone calls, etc, prayer is my contribution. It might not seem like much, but I believe there is probably more power in it than we realize.
        That doesn’t mean i won’t act when the time is right (when rescue50 gets into PA and starts pushing the issue) But I can’t organize anyone, because nobody responds. And i don’t know what legislators to contact. It doesn’t mean I won’t bear witness in general to what has happened to all these precious animals, now that I KNOW what has happened, and is still happening. But I don’t need to see it over and over and over again to do that.
        So I say a LOT of prayers. I pray for angels to be with all those who are suffering, to ease their pain, fear, loneliness, and any other suffering they experience, anywhere, for any reason. I even ask those angels to play with the animals, to rub their bellies, and give them kisses. And when I pet my own dogs, I ask that those animals who are suffering feel me petting them, and that those animals who have died cruel deaths, feel my love for them.
        Maybe that sounds crazy. But I believe there are a lot of things that go on that we can’t see, and I think prayer is much more powerful than we can imagine.

        And then sometimes, when I feel the need to honor those animals by remembering the horror they’re experiencing, sometimes I allow myself to remember those excruciating memories, and I cry and tell them all how much I love them, hoping that an angel will bring my love to them. When I pet my pets, I ask that those who are suffering, feel me petting and loving *them*.

      2. Kristen-
        You mentioned that you were from PA, correct? This is a Facebook page about chained dogs, not sheltered dogs, but still a lot of them are from PA and if you have animal lovers there already then they may be interested in getting together with you and helping you. If you already know of the page then I apologize. Good luck! :)!/dogsdeservebetter

  26. Kristen,
    Thank you for remembering here in Colorado and I have to say the situation has not improved. This concept that a “non profit” can do what they want is getting old. If the public was treating their dogs like this, they would be arrested or at the very least investigated. The board has free reign. There needs to be some kind of over site. Thank you Shirley for posting the link!

  27. Thank you for the link. I will look at it tomorrow. But for now, I must get some sleeeeeeeeeeeep :o)!


  28. Shirley–

    Yes, thank you. I couldnt find a search bar and then it wasnt on the righthand side so I didnt know how to give her the link. I tried to find the FB page too but Im bad with names so I couldnt find it. Theres an animal abuse case about a dog named ‘Coffee’ called ‘Stop Abusing Coffee’ and I had it in my head that it was ‘Please Save Coffee” so I was like wtf isnt this working?! until it came down my homepage Lol Im really bad at links/names.

    Anyway, Kristen– there ya go. You and Tonya have a lot to talk about, Im sure. :)

  29. Jessica,

    Thank you for the facebook page. Actually, I think now that you mentioned it was about chained dogs, that Tonya and i have spoken before, but when I tried to find her on facebook the last time, I coldn’t find her.

    But she emailed me privately andn i’ll check out facebook.

    Thanks again!


  30. Jessica,

    I looked at the facebook page, and there is a mix of good news *the vick house was bought by an animal rights group*!!, but it also has very many sad stories on it.

    What i’m really looking for is a state activist group, or finding a group that wants to talk about legislative action. Having accounts of stories like these horrible cruel actions will help convince legislators, but I spoke with a woman at NKAC, and they actually have a video that they say would change anyone’s mind in a heartbeat. I believe they are using it for legislators, bt I’m not sure.

    I am corresponding with Tonya and what she told me just had me bawling for an hour. I just can’t go on reading horror stories, or seeing pictures of the next dog to be destroyed (the other thing on the facebook page).

    I’m not sorry they have it, I’m not sorry they are doing all those things and bringing it to the attention of others, its just I’ve been oversaturated with it. I want to concentrate on a solution, and the best solution is to pass CAPA or something like it. So I’m looking for other PA’ers who are willing to work for that, and who may have some connections.

    If anyone knows where I can find other Pa’ers for this purpose, then let me know asap.


  31. Kristen-
    Well Im glad you checked out the page even if it wasnt what you were looking for personally. My thought process is that no its not exactly “an animal rights page” but you can try to find people who are looking for the same things you do. Theyd all be on the same page. This is a page that started out about an abused dog but since that case has kind of been closed, its now trying to get involved in animal welfare in general and sign petitions, pass laws, all kinds of stuff.!/PatricksLawNow
    Also, you can try No Kill Nation PA and see if there are people there you can get in touch with:!/NoKillPennsylvania Other than those 2, Im not sure how else I can help you but I can try. Good luck ! :)

  32. I did not know there was a NKAC for PA. i will definitely check that out. I might also get a petition going for PA people only at We shall see.

    Thank you so much for the link, I’ll check it out.

    I agree, I would probably find others of like mind in PA at the other site, but I just can’t bear reading the horror anymore. Every story just destroys me inside. The pic of the pit bull that was “scheduled to be destroyed” just made me cry. And I’m no good to anyone, or any creature that needs me if all I can do is dissolve into tears.

    That’s why i’ve decided to do a lot of praying. I’m learning a lot about waiting on God, and how powerful prayer is. So, I’m going to keep that up.

    And I’m trying to change my thinking about my beloved pound puppy. I gave him 2 hours of TRUE LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and play. That’s 2 hours he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. And the week he was on the euth list, my brother took him out two days, and spent lots of time with him. So, in a way, I suppose we gave him a gift he wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t tried. How many other euth list dogs get to go outside and play with someone who might actually adopt them (that was the plan, but it didn’t work out). So, even though he died in the end, at least he knew a little of TRUE LOVE before he died, and he knew that there were 3 people (me, my brother, and his fiance) that truly loved him exactly as he was, a rambunctious, rough-houser that loved to jump up on you, knock you down, and smother your face with kisses. How could someone NOT want a dog like that?? Those are my favorites!


    1. Youre welcome. :) Hopefully you find what youre looking for on there! And I agree, its so hard to hear these stories and all of this. I came across an animal abuse page by accident one night and I saw all the different instances (and these were AWFUL. AWFUL.) and I just started crying. I bawled my eyes out for like 20-30 minutes straight. Then I realized that it wasnt doing anything productive and then thats when I saw all the NKN stuff and came across this page and just started becoming more aware. Its disheartening, but at least we arent turning a blind eye to it anymore. I still dont know if I can volunteer anymore at HSUS or not. I obviously want to, but I went a few years ago and everytime I went I wanted to cry. I dont want the other volunteers to think Im a freak or the potential adoptees to be turned off from getting a dog so I had to stop going. I just felt like if I couldnt take them all home, I would just feel too guilty because they look at you with those big sad eyes. I just couldnt take it. But on the other hand, as you said, they get time out that they wouldnt otherwise get. So..I will try one day. Id like to find a job soon and start rescuing dogs too, so that way I have money for food and what not for all of them so I can at least contribute a little. Anyway Im rambling. Good luck Kristen! :)

      1. I wouldn’t bother with HSUS, they are against No Kill. They fight it every step of the way. On the other hand, the dogs there need us too.

        I own 5 dogs of my own. I can’t take another one. These 5 keep me quite busy. And my husbandn will never allow me to have this many again. He hates it, but he loves me anyway. I hope someday he gets it, but for now he doesn’t.

        I like the No Kill Pa page. That one is cheerful and has good stories, and the option of not reading the ones that might not be so happy. Plus, I can try to get in touch with more pa people.

        I do know this, with all of my heart, soul, and being. No Kill WILL happen. It is only a matter of time. With the way Nathan’s conferences are selling out, and with states already starting to consider legislation, and even passing it, we are definitely on our way.

        I have absolutely NO doubt that No Kill will become the norm. And i will REJOICE when that day comes!

        Have you ever noticed that the whole world kind of “matures” together?


  33. Kristen-
    Yes, I know they are not no-kill, but 1. as you said, those dogs need us too, 2. this was WAY before I knew how bad the shelter system in the US was and before I even knew we had to have a category called “no-kill” and 3. Im sure other shelters in your state are bad too, so essentially no shelters in your state are getting any help. Moving on, I do hope that it will start soon. I dont have quite as much optimisim as you have, but we will get there eventually, just dont know when. We’ve experienced tons of change in this country (women’s votes, civil rights, etc) so change for our four-legged friends is inevitable, especially if we have Nathan’s help since he has more power for these things than we do..

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