I hope the MAS public meeting tonight is THIS crowded…

A little humor…

Little ROOM here please?
I can not possibly move over any further!
Mom - he's touching me!
Enlarge to see sardine kittens.
Quit pushing me!
Stay on your own side!

Memphis area residents: The next meeting of the shelter advisory board is TONIGHT, May 11 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Benjamin Hooks Library (3030 Poplar) in Conference Room A. The meeting is open to the public and if you wish, you may address the board.

10 thoughts on “I hope the MAS public meeting tonight is THIS crowded…

  1. I watch in horror at the treatment of these animals!! Can someone tell me this is NOT animal abuse? It’s on video! Why are the workers allowed to continue working? This is terrible!! People of Memphis: Volunteer!!! Go into this hell hole and help the animals! Even if it’s just an hour or two a week collectively all of you can make a difference. I am from Ohio or I would be there. This is awful!! Please help them! I pray tonight’s meeting goes well and things begin to change.

    1. Present: Cindy Sanders
      Jackie Johns
      Alan Iskowitz

      No Shows: Matthew Pepper
      Jon Cox (thank you)

      And then there is a third catagory??? Dr. Tower attended for two minutes and got up and announced to the board they were to mark him as present and then he left the meeting. Later someone asked Dr. Tower a questions and it was discovered HE WAS ABSENT.

      1. Matthew Pepper did not send anyone. Mayor Wharton sent Bobby White to express the Mayor’s support for Matthew Pepper.

    1. Pepper didn’t send anyone because the citizens of Memphis are not important – it wasn’t important enough for Beamon to show – it’s not important what we think. It was an absolute disgrace. Most people have worked a full day and STILL took the time to come to this meeting- it’s because we all care so much about the doings (and lack of) at MAS – unfortunately we are the only ones that think it is important. Hooks wanted to change the date b/c Pepper couldn’t make it- taking care of the animals in need b/c of the flood- well enough- however, there are others that could have/should have been there to tak his place! And for Wharton to send Bobby White?! He was just there to tell everyone that Wharton thinks Pepper is the greatest thing since sliced bread AND Wharton stands behind his man. Don’t you just hate it when people can’t admit when they made a mistake?! I am over it – by NO ONE from MAS showing up, etc – it was a total F U from MAS to the citizens of Memphis. I am totally disgusted and I know I am not alone.

    2. hahahaha- that video is great! We need to send that out over and over again- glad Tower thinks the meeting was so important- NOT! What a creep – and isn’t he Janet Hook’s vet? Well, maybe that too, I meant for her pets (heehee)…wonder how HE got appointed to the board?! Welcome to Memphis!

  2. Surprise, surprise! I got a letter from the mayor’s office this morning. He assured me that everything is vastly improved and that he has every confidence in Pepper. I’m going to have to think about how to respond to that.
    At least I got a real letter . . .

    1. I know what to do with that letter…if ever you run out of toilet paper…….:) that’s what I think of that! :)

  3. Sounds like we all made a dent though. Can “attended meeting” please report on the police action??? teehee

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