Shelter Pets of the Day

We’re asking, we’re telling. A couple more pets from the Super Sekrit Stray area at MAS.

This wily young looking dog appears to have gotten stuck in an attempt to bust out of MAS. Looks like he's chit-chatting with the dog one of our readers is hoping to adopt.
This pretty dog was just brought in by an ACO yesterday. And yes, they did stuff this big dog into that small cage with the door open in the background.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

This shelter’s 2010 kill rate was 77%.

4 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. The little black dog looks in pretty good shape and well cared for. Shiney coat, no ribs, calm and trusting. I wonder how many pets they are getting in that are displaced from the flood and if this might be the case for this unfortunate fellow?

  2. the Care2Petition goal has been raised to 7500 for alot of reasons. Please continue to send around and get signatures. It currently stands at 5120 and counting. Thanks.

  3. Why can’t ‘WE’ as a community do something about this abuse that these poor dogs and cats are facing any time they go into the MAS????? Rescue groups can not adopt all the dogs and cats….community HELP is NEEDED ASAP!!

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