The Good News Department Overfloweth

Oreo in the "care" of someone being paid by taxpayers to protect him at MAS.
Oreo in the care of a Memphis rescuer, paying for the privilege of protecting him.
At MAS, Miss Prissy had to choose to lie either in her litter box or her food and water dishes.
In her new foster home, she doesn't have to make that choice any longer.
Senior Miss Kitty in jail at MAS.
Thanks to the kindness of local pet lovers, Miss Kitty is now in a foster home.
This was Sienna being mistreated at MAS. She was sick so MAS put her on the kill list.
After being rescued from MAS, Sienna is now at a vet clinic receiving the care she needs. Get well soon beautiful kitteh!

All of these cats were saved by Meows and BowWows Animal Rescue.  Thanks to their efforts, along with foster assistance and donations from the local community and pet lovers everywhere, these cats are now truly in a safe haven.  I loves me some irresponsible public!

Spoiler Alert:  I will have even more good news to post today.  Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “The Good News Department Overfloweth

  1. My HEART overfloweth! Thank you Meows and Bowwows, and all you irresponsible Memphians :-)

    Now, Shirley, that’s not fair to post ‘spoilers’….give!

  2. Thanks to a wonderful organization for saving these cats. And shame on the brutal workers that abuse them

  3. WOO HOO! I love these before and after photos. Nice to see some happy endings . . . really happy beginnings!
    Bless all of you for making this happen.

  4. A little TLC has turned Miss Kitty’s eyes from red to blue! She is beautiful and enjoyed being held. Miss Kitty is sneezing a little but we are most worried about little Sienna. Sienna was started on antibiotics asap and is in isolation at our vets office right now. Poor baby does not feel good. No sneezing from Miss Prissy or the Oreo. Oreo…what a lover!

  5. Thank you everyone on Yesbiscuit for all your suppor and for posting these kitties when they needed our help! There are many good and caring people living in Memphis. We have wonderful foster homes and are able to find great responsible homes for many animals we rescue from MAS. There is no excuse for our elected officials and animal shelter administrators and employees (and threir “Friends”) for using the “irresponsible public” as an excuse for their gross mismanagement of public funds and their complete lack of compassion for the animals.
    Please be assured, that no matter what city official do or do not do, we the animal rescuers and citizens of Memphis will continue to fight for humane treatment of our animals.

    1. Thank you and Ona for all that you do – always going one step above to save the animals. And Villy, I can’t agree with you more about our elected officials,shelter director, empoyees and their “friends” (with friends like that- who needs enemies?!) -we will continue to come to the aid of the animals that need us- we must be their voice!

  6. Yay for the kittehs! They are all beautiful. Ona, will you keep us advised on Sienna? She looks very much like a cat I used to have and if she gets better I might like to adopt her, she is a beauty!

  7. I’m real happy to see that these cats have been adopted/are getting the care they need. :) I would like to point out though, that scared cats will lie in their litter boxes by their own choosing. In our Iso cages we provide actual bedding, not newspaper, and scared/unsure cats will choose to lie in their litter pans (and sometimes they will choose not to use the bathroom for several days, upon which we have to send them to the vet. Silly creatures.) The cat in the photo in her litter pan looks like she’s in a standard-size cagebank for shelters.

  8. Update on Sienna. She is still at our vets office and they started her on different antibiotics. She has no appetite and has almost quit eating. She is in good hands though and we are hoping tomorrow will be better. I will keep you posted.

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