Snapshots from MAS

An ACO drags a dog down the hall. Matthew Pepper is visible in the background.
Scared dog coming into MAS at night.
ACO with scared dog.


Scared stockdog type has to be moved to a new kennel.
The worker ties him to a cage door and leaves him alone. The dog panics.
Waiting, stressing.
When the worker returns, the dog apparently needs some "help" getting into the kennel.


Two people bring in 4 gold dogs to the shelter.
Matthew Pepper and a staff member look at the 4 dogs being surrendered.
The dogs appear to be well mannered as they wait.
First two gold dogs to the kill room.
Big smile, coming back for the second two.
This is the last shot of the dogs on their way to the kill room where they were presumably tied to the wall and forced to watch their canine buddies be killed before them.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

16 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. This just made me throw up my cup of tea. How angry can one person be? C’mon Wharton, just ask me. Mr. Wharton, you’d better be prepared – always – for those animal rights people. Because you don’t know just WHEN we are coming down, do you?

    I am sick to my stomach over these latest snapshots. STOP THE DAMNED KILLING!!!

  2. So, when someone surrenders a dog, they automatically euthinize them? This is horrifying to me! How can these people live with themselves? I’m speechless………

    1. I wonder if these dogs were ill? Since these are publically available pictures, could they be sent to a media source outside of Memphis to get some action? How about any Memphis-born celebrities that could be appealed to for help?

      1. All of them being ill? I’ll bet they just didn’t want to bother with them. Killing is so much easier.

        Off topic of MAS – check what’s going on at Urgent Part 2 (facebook). NYC ACC has fired one of the few people at the Manhattan place (not really a shelter, either) who was actively trying to get rescues involved and get the word out about the animals. Things are getting pretty ugly in NYC, too. They could use some support from us.

        What is wrong with all of these “shelters” that they only want to kill, kill, kill? It’s making me crazy!

        I think I’ll go hug my cats now.

    2. OS- Owner surrenders are the first to be killed. No holding period. Those outside the rescue/shelter world don’t seem to be aware of this. It certainly isn’t on any of the relinquishment papers. At least not in clearly understandable language.

  3. Don’t these people who relinquish dogs KNOW?!? Why would anyone give over four golden dears to be murdered? Isn’t there a Golden Retriever Rescue down there? (We have one here in Fairbanks Alaska, and they’ve got a waiting list! A waiting list so long that they place labs and flat-coat mixes because goldens are hard to find.)
    MAS staff are being PAID to murder needlessly. How can this be legal?

    1. Why don’t you have your shelter contact them directly, copy in the mayor and the governor and try to set up a transport through a charity or volunteers to get these dogs to where they are wanted? Here in Illinois we are trying to do the same thing since the Chicago area always seems to be short on dogs.

  4. i just sent these pictures to the governer of tennessee,lets hope he does something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m copying and sending to the mayor with a letter. I think he’s deleting my daily emails . . .

  6. They seem to get quite a few stray dogs who probably haven’t been leash trained and need to spend some time with a rescue or in a foster home before they can be adopted. But these 4 dogs are walking sweetly behind the shelter workers and look plenty adoptable to me. So WHY would these callous morons kill them?

    I wasn’t there so don’t know what Pepper and his employee were discussing, but it looked suspiciously like an “assessment” and a quick, casual death sentence. And why was that woman grinning? How could that possibly be appropriate under the circumstances?

  7. I cant help but be reminded of nazi death camp images, when I see THESE images….frankly there’s no real difference between the two.

    Nazi Death Camps – Murdered innocent souls due to racism

    Memphis Death Camp – Murders innocent souls due to speciesism.

    See? No difference……oh there IS one difference….we took action to stop the nazis, while we sit idly by and let nazi-like pieces of garbage who run death camps for pets, literally, get away with murder.

    That’s the biggest tragedy of all…..society TOLERATES THIS holocaust.

  8. The little black and white dog in the middle of the pics made me sad enough but the ones with the golden retrievers are just awful.

    “That’s the biggest tragedy of all…..society TOLERATES THIS holocaust”- Exactly. Apparently since animals cant talk, they don’t even HAVE feelings of sadness or pain.

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