Thanks for your concern. Now let me delete you.

Yesterday Mayor Wharton posted something on his FB page along the lines of “Yay local sports team” and I replied with a comment expressing concern about the pets at the shelter. He responded to my comment as follows:

Now I am not one to let false claims go by unchallenged (adoption rate is up 40% – whoa!) and so I posted a link to this post where I worked out the numbers showing that there is no such improvement at MAS.  My link was promptly deleted.  I have already written to the mayor previously including the same link and will again today be e-mailing it to him.

I’m not sure if the mayor’s plan to “address” the mistreatment and needless killing of pets at MAS is to censor his FB page in hopes that the truth will remain a dirty little secret in Memphis but if so, I have a question for you Mr. Mayor:

How’s that plan working out for ya so far?

These two dogs were among the many killed at MAS on Saturday. The adult dog walked on a leash to the kill room but the puppy was too scared to walk. The worker carried her to the kill room by the neck.

Please join me in holding the mayor accountable for the killing in Memphis:

Email him as often as possible:

Call his office:  (901) 576-6000

Send him snail mail:  Office of the Mayor, 125 N. Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103

Fax him letters:  (901) 576-6200

Tweet him.

Post comments on his Facebook page.

If you are in Memphis, make a sign and picket in front of city hall.  It doesn’t matter if there are 2 picketers or 200 – the idea is to let the mayor know that we are not going away.  Have someone take a picture of you picketing and send it to me for the blog.

Change begins with one person.  Be that person for the pets suffering at MAS.

17 thoughts on “Thanks for your concern. Now let me delete you.

  1. He won’t let me post to his facebook page either. Though I can still “like” him and see his comments. I’ll be sure to continue e-mailing, snail mailing and whatever else I can come up with. He needs to know that animals are suffering while he enjoys his sports team and posts useless comments about them.

      1. I am the latest to be blocked from commenting on his FB page but that will not shut me up!!! He is a coward who cannot face the truth!!!

  2. Tammy! Help me out a little bit, please! I have a hard time to put my words in writing and I so want to send that guy an e-mail but I dont know how to write him. I mean like: Please, stop the killing at MAS? or what?
    I am really upset to see pics from the shelter, see how those poeple are handaling the animals and soooo much killing… makes me upset!! I have to think about to open the website or not every day… :-(

  3. I tweeted (please re-tweet: Todays Q: @MayorACWharton Why are you censoring your FB pg about the #animalshelter #abuse in Memphis? #pets SHARE

  4. theres no post box on mayor whartons fb page but you can comment on his posts, i put the link to the yesbiscuit stats comparison on two of his most recent posts (dont know if theyre still there)and i asked him to be our hero, educate himself about the realities at mas, and reform it, ill keep commenting on his page as long as im allowed

      1. so now my comments on mayor whartons posts have been deleted and ive been blocked from making any more comments… some of the other comments for shelter reform are still up so apparently they have to deal w/each commenter separately so maybe its worthwhile for more yesbiscuit followers to leave – polite and factual – comments until they become blocked too… however i doubt mayor wharton actually saw any of our comments himself, rather some flunky is admining his page and probably is email as well, FRUSTRATING!

  5. I posted comments on his facebook, but we need to have alot more. Just a few will not encourage change!

  6. He has a nice big ” oh goody Obama is coming” post I asked if was going to take Obama to see the abuse and killing at the animal shelter, also including the stats about adoptions being down! Welcome good president, would you like to see our sick and cruel animal shelter employees??lol.. yeah maybe too sarcastic.. But I think it may get his attention..

  7. oops 3 comments later, and I am already blocked from his facebook page… Good thing I have a computerized fax machine and A LOT of free time… Mr. Mayor, sir… I have a

  8. After I posted a link to YesBiscuit I was blocked from posting to Mayor Wharton’s Facebook page.

  9. Since Mayor Wharton doesn’t want to hear about the shelter on his FB page perhaps these pages might yield some results:

    45,166 fans Action 5 News FB Page
    52,034 fans News Channel 3 Official Fan Page
    13,091 fans MyFoxMemphis

  10. Facebook is not the sole mode of communication (sometimes I feel like the world has forgotten that). You’re posting on the mayor’s own page, and it’s his prerogative to remove comments just as you can from yours. Comments are easy to make and even easier to delete. Shirley has listed a lot of other ways to reach him.

  11. join us at Facebook page ” DO NOT ELECTED A C WHARTON AS MAYOR” Help keep this ignorant fool out of office!!

  12. Ive emailed and responded to his FB page but nothing back and got blocked from reposting anything further. What a shocker. I guess I shouldve posted about more important stuff like the Grizzlies. What was I thinking?

  13. I will donate my time in supporting you…I was able to get over 5,200 signatures on my petition to get Deputy Sedlacko of Stark County Animal Warden fired…And I read that there were connections to a dog fighting ring? I have the info on a national team that busts rings like this…please email me and I will step on the pressure where you need it…

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