18 thoughts on “Your Friday Feel Good

  1. He is the ONLY one to ever acknowledge that there are living/breathing animals in the kennels- definitely warms your heart! Guys’s name is John, I think Morgret….I posted it last week, so that is from memory, today.

    1. That dog has been visible on the Rabies observation webcam for awhile now. He is usually seen sitting at the front of the kennel, watching the door. It’s like he’s been waiting to be picked up every hour of every day. He never gives up hope.

      1. You can call and/or e-mail the shelter. I don’t know of any other way of finding out info since MAS doesn’t post its pets (except for the few “adoptables”) online. What I do when I e-mail to inquire about a pet is to attach a webcam shot showing where the dog is housed. I think that visual is helpful for them so they can go and look at the cage card.

    1. It probably is a flashlight. They need them to look in dark places. They also work at night.

  2. I’d love to adopt the “hugger”! What a sweet, sweet dog.
    Glad there are people like Jon there for the animals. I also cast my vote for making him director – heck let’s make him mayor and then he can really make some changes!

  3. Finally! A screen shot where someone used a restraint pole properly! Sadly, my first thought though, was wondering if someone set this up, knowing it would be caught on the webcam. I hate thinking that….

    1. I told you I had one Anonymous! My hope is that someday soon, I will have lots and lots of good shots from MAS in The Vault and I can pull them out whenever somebody needs a good example of the proper care of shelter pets.

  4. Thank goodness for this man. I always feel desperate about this shelter until I see shots like this. Its always great when they hug and have contact with the animals rather than act like they are a bag of trash, literally. I totally nominate this guy for shelter director too.

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