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Some of you will remember this dog from the post last Friday.  I wanted to find out more about the dog and keep tabs on him so I’ve been contacting the shelter.  As it turns out, this dog came in with a look-a-like buddy and they have been kenneled together for the last week.  I have just been advised today that one of the dogs will be moved to the adoption floor.  The other dog is going to be killed if not pulled by 5pm today because he’s been chewing his tail.  I have very limited information, and I know what a longshot it is in trying to find help for him at the last minute but, I want to at least try.  Since he is not listed online, nor has he been available for the public to see when looking to adopt a dog, as far as I know, this post is his only hope.

I do not know if the dog in the photo above is the dog in need or if it’s the buddy dog.  Apparently they look alike, possibly related.  I have asked for a photo of the dog in need and if I receive one, I will update this post.  This is all the info I have:

ID #226249 -Male, approximately 8 months old, kennel #558

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

This shelter’s 2010 kill rate was 77%.

Update: A mess of crazy ladies whom I don’t know stepped up with offers to help this dog and donations of cash for expenses. Thank you irresponsible public, from the bottom of my bleeding heart. If all goes according to hastily-thrown-together-e-mail-plan, the dog will be bailed out of MAS Saturday morning and taken to a local vet for board and treat. From there, transportation will be arranged to NY. I’ll keep everyone posted as things develop. Again, thanks to everyone. I am so happy to know that being carried to his kennel instead of dragged was not the last kindness this dog will ever have known in his life.

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  1. YIKES! Meows and Bowwows – can you get him and we’ll take him! What a fucking stoooopid reason to kill!

    1. I am just sick about this Morgana. Thank you for your generous offer of help. I don’t know how we could get him all the way to NY but at least we have an offer to start the ball rolling. In my haste to put together this post, I forgot to add the thing I know is obvious to many of you but: PLEASE SHARE. Thank you.

      1. FMAS is saying the phones arent working there today.. Isn’t that just great.. We have been pleading with folks on the news facebook to get the urgent ones out today.. I believe there are 4 left including this pup.. A few stepped up and Im so grateful. But out of 50,000 fans on that site, we can’t get homes for 7-8 dogs..? SAD city!

      2. Well if the phones aren’t working, I think it’s only fair to remove the healthy/treatable pets from the kill list today. Very hard on rescuers to receive these same day kill notices and I can imagine even harder to find out the phones aren’t working so their efforts were for naught.

    2. Morgana, they CLAIM their phones are “down” and not working very well. Yeah right!!!

      1. On hold right now = with “carla”? She is checking, it seems he may have till he end of the day tomorrow…wait.

      2. Now I have to call back in a few, to speak with Tracey Dunlap? She sees the card says kill tomorrow, but she’s not sure.

    1. You know that saying that rich people have “Money is no object”? I always like to say “Money is no option”. But yeah, where there’s a will…

      Please be nice to whoever answers the phone, if you are able to get an answer. I have no clue who might answer but it’s probably someone who has nothing to do with placing this dog on the kill list. I mean I know you would be nice under normal circumstances Morgana… ; )

      1. I am always nice, except when I’m not. But I would eat alot of crow to save a life (metaphorically speaking).

    2. I can send a bit to help with transport if you can pull the dogger and a kitten or two. Let me know. I don’t do chip-ins or paypal, but I do send checks!
      Thanks for caring so much.

      If I could get some of the kittens to Michigan I could also foster, but there’s that transportation issue again.

      1. That’s great, db. Thanks! I will take whatever kitteh(s) if we can get the dog out. I have a transporter that I often use, but I do not know if she goes to TN. We might have to get a piggyback to meet her in GA or NC. One step at a time.

  2. Local rescuers in Memphis have been busily networking for these cats today. This is the e-mail sent by the shelter that rescuers are sending around in an effort to try and get help. I’m posting it here to hopefully get a few more eyeballs on it:

    I have been asked to send you a list of cats/litters in need. Most of
    the kittens are too small to care for themselves. The list is so long
    and I was just given this list so please forgive me if I don’t include
    descriptions or ages. The medical staff has asked to please place
    them ASAP. Please let me know if you can help.

    225784 – adult female, nursing her second litter. Very skinny and
    milk drying up. Most in need of help. Orange/white.

    All of these are too young.
    226208, 226207, 226204, 226203 / 226464, 226459, 226460 / 226184,
    226185, 226186, 226187, 226188, 225792 / 226554, 226555 / 226547,
    226546, 226545, 226544 / 226507, 226506, 226505, 226504, 226503

    226201 – calico, 2 yr old, “Diamond”, owner surrender on 05.12.11
    226322 – DSH, male, 3 mo old, black/white, injured leg, owner
    surrender on 05.14.11

    I apologize for the list without descriptions but it is simply too
    long to list all of them as I normally would. There are a variety of
    sexes and colors to choose from. If you can help it would be greatly
    appreciated. Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed and need help ASAP.
    Please let me know if you can help. THANK YOU!

    Tracy Dunlap, Sr. ACT
    Memphis Animal Services
    3456 Tchulahoma Rd.
    Memphis, TN 38118
    (901) 362-5310

    1. I can help at least one kitteh. WHoever needs it the most. If they are too small and need bottle feeding, then they won’t make the trip north. But If I can get help with that dog, I will also take one kitteh of the rescue’s choosing, even bottle feds if they think they can get them north without their being at risk. I could take Mom and kittens as well, but they’d have to get here soon!

  3. I can’t take anyone, but I can contribute $ to transport/rescue of someone who can.

    1. Groovy and thank you all…now we need the pull, and then I need a Bourbon straight up!

      1. Make mine a double. I’ve never had Bourbon and I’m not much of a drinker but today seems like a good day to start.

      2. Couldn’t I just have a beer instead of a bourbon? UGGH – hate the taste of whiskey and all those other kinds of booze. However, a nice glass of white zinfandel or a beer – twist my arm!

  4. I’d suggest a chipin not just for these dogs, but any efforts to save MAS animals.. that way it’s not specific and can be ongoing. I would trust you to use the money properly, and I’m sure all your readers would too

  5. Last thought – Morgana, anyway you could take both of the pups (since they seem to be bonded)? I could send a little more if you needed it for two of them. However, if you can get one and a kitten or two, that’s wonderful , too.

      1. Yes, please try to find out. PErhaps they mean the collective “us”.

      2. They did not say. If you are working on getting the dog I will come closer to believing it then!!!

      3. On the FMAS FB page they just said the tail chewing dog was going to rescue but they would not name the rescue.

      4. Well if it’s someone other than the collective us, I’d really like to know instead of typing myself silly here trying to save the dog. But I guess I’ll assume they mean us unless I hear otherwise.

      5. I think since I have been emailing with Tracy, he means “us”.

  6. I am goi ng offline for the night. If anything startling develops and I am needed, please phone me 518.325.1415. You can easily call till 11pm EDT. I hope the dog gets pulled…the kittehs here said “sure, what’s one more more or less”. :-)

  7. One more thing that came to mind: we are ALL, esp. the local rescues, jumping pretty fast based on our own big hearts – but we must be cautious that we don’t let the shelter or more appropriately, the Mayor et al., lull us into a sense (both with the rescuing and the ‘nice’ webcam grabs) of things are getting better. We mustn’t let this become a case of the tail wagging the dog.

    Also, food for thought: Thoreau has been quoted as saying something along the lines of there are a million people hacking away at the branches, whilst only one is working at the root. We must always keep the ROOT as our goal!


  8. The dog that was chewing his tail is going to rescue. All of the dogs showing signs of URIs were rescued today, either adopted or being fostered. There was such a big turnout that the adoption fee for the day was lowered across the board to include healthy dogs, too. So a volunteer fave who had been at the shelter since March finally found his forever home, too! Great day at the shelter. Facebook does amazing things.

    1. “All of the dogs showing signs of URIs were rescued today, either adopted or being fostered.”

      All of the dogs in the adoption hallway, right? But any dogs in the stray area who have signs of URI or whose “time is up” per their cage cards or whatever other reason – they’re still going to be killed I assume. They were never listed on Facebook, nobody ever networked for them, the public looking to adopt a dog was never allowed to see them – but they exist. We don’t know their faces or their ID #s but they are there and will be needlessly killed with no advocate to stand for them because that’s shelter policy.

      And no, the dog chewing his tail isn’t going to “rescue”. A bunch of regular people who don’t know each other heard via this post that there was a dog in the stray area in need of help and jumped at the chance to save a dog they would otherwise have never known about. Some donated money on short notice to help pay for him. We’re just people. People who don’t want to see pets needlessly killed. And it’s ordinary people who do amazing things – the same ones being blamed for “dumping” pets at the shelter and not vaccinating or neutering or whatever the blame-du-jour is. This is what happens when the public is INCLUDED in helping to save shelter pets. Take heed.

      1. Wow. I don’t know why I would expect something remotely positive to come from you. I thought the readers might be happy to know EVERY SINGLE URGENT cat and dog found a home this weekend. The dog that was chewing his tail has already gone to rescue. He’s not at the shelter anymore. Nearly 50 pets were adopted the past two days alone. That’s great, and we couldn’t be more pleased! The more I read this blog and the accusations you make, the stories you develop from webcam shots (you should become a fiction writer!), and just the general daily bullshit… the more I have to laugh. I know the truth and that’s all that matters.

      2. Again, my point is that by promoting that every single pet on the kill list got adopted and completely ignoring (and in fact deleting any comments indicating same on FB) that pets WERE killed today, as every day that MAS is open, is dishonest. I am advocating for the hundreds of pets kept behind closed doors, unavailable for adoption and whose pictures are not even allowed to be posted online per shelter policy. It’s sickening. The fact that some shelter vols are anything less than horrified at the practice of picking up dogs off the street, secreting them away, subjecting them to mistreatment and then killing them is deeply troubling.

        We have plenty of positivity here – DESPITE you and your “friends” best efforts to prevent it.

        Oh and I know exactly where the dog chewing his tail is. I’m calling in payment for his treatment on Monday using donations from people who think it’s fucked up to kill a dog because he is exhibiting anxious behavior in a place that mistreats him.

        I get that you hate this blog. You keep promising to leave but like a bad horror flick, you keep coming back. I don’t mind differences of opinion but you mislead people and outright lie about things at MAS. That’s just a waste of everybody’s time.

    2. @Heather, you don’t really believe the uptick in interest in the shelter is because of the Friends FB page do you? LAWL. Get a grip. This blog and the Memphis rescuers working for shelter reform deserve
      the credit for any increase in publicity, visits to the shelter, adoptions and rescues. Friends gets some dogs and cats out of the adoption area–sure. Just as they have done for the past year. So what?

  9. Hello! I can meet anywhere needed in KY to transport into Ohio. I am going up to Cleveland Saturday morning. Depending on where they are going in NY… Cleveland is 5.5 hours from Buffalo. Let me know if I can help transport.

  10. Mailing the check this morning! Huge smiles from my heart for this puppy and all the rest of them who have gotten out of this hell hole!
    Shirley (and all those who stepped up to help), you are making a huge difference for these animals – so important at a time when those who should have been protecting them have not been.
    Keep us posted on how this puppy does, okay?
    Any word on the kittens and the mama cat and babies?

    1. Puppers is OUT and safe at an area vet clinic thanks to the efforts of several caring people in Memphis and all around North America. Will post more details when I get them. I haven’t heard any news on the kittehs yet but will share if I do.

  11. @heather
    You still don’t get it, do you? I’m guessing that a lot of those dogs would have been killed if not for the awareness that this blogger has brought to bear on the facility. She has brought to light many of the “happenings” that the “friends” and most staff would rather the “irresponsible public” know about.
    As far as the webshots, sometimes there isn’t much left to the imagination. Hard to figure a dog being picked up by the skin on his back – what on earth could possibly make that okay? Or the dog lifted to a top cage with a choke pole?
    WE, many of us who don’t even live in your area, are trying very hard to help the animals in your community.
    Why don’t you join us?

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