I don’t think so.

Memphis city council member Janis Fullilove visited MAS yesterday.  You can clicky for details but basically, you know – blah they’re doing the best they can blah.  Here’s the bit from the article I wanted to share:

While leaving the shelter, Fullilove was stopped by shelter volunteer Anne Hill, who told the councilwoman that some of the demands coming from the activist community are unrealistic.

“I am here four days a week. Things happen in a shelter situation. I can’t imagine any shelter where things don’t happen,” Hill said. “They talk about a no-kill shelter — here in Memphis? I don’t think so.

There you have it Memphians.  It has been decreed.  No kill in Memphis?  AHAHAHAHAHAHA!  [Mother of All Coffee Spews]

And, as if in explanation, the piece ends with this:

In a 20-minute period Friday, citizens brought a half dozen dogs and puppies to the shelter. All were cautioned by the volunteers that the dogs would in all likelihood be killed.

They all left without their dogs.

So you get it?  No?  Well let me take you on a Magical LogicCarpet Ride so you can understand.  Please keep your hands on the safety bar at all times.

People who needed help with their dogs were told by volunteers that the shelter does not do its job and they left their dogs there anyway.  That can only be interpreted to mean that everyone in Memphis is a cold-hearted bitch and of course, that their pets should be killed.  It doesn’t mean that some of these folks don’t know where else to turn for help with their pets.  And it couldn’t mean that they brought their pets to the shelter thinking that they would be cared for until adopted.  And there’s no way any of these surrendering owners were facing overwhelming hardships, feeling at the end of their ropes and/or simply lacking information on alternative options.  Nope.  Being from Memphis, they are just evil people who are A-OK with having their pets needlessly killed which is why they brought them to a safe haven instead of shooting them or “setting them free”.  So it follows that if everyone in Memphis is the suck, the shelter doesn’t have to do its job.

Thank you for riding with us today and please watch yourself on the walk back to compassion as some riders experience temporary dizziness and disorientation.

Possible new motto idea for MAS:

If you don’t care about your pet (and we KNOW you don’t), why should we?

So how about it taxpayers of Memphis – Does Janis Fullilove speak for you? Does Anne Hill? Or would you prefer to speak for yourself?

"Things happen".

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  1. Says Anne the Pill: “Things happen in a shelter situation. I can’t imagine any shelter where things don’t happen.” WTF? Yes, we see daily the “things happening” at MAS and we are declaring that these “things” pervert the meaning of shelter. And why are only volunteers quoted in the article? Was Matthew Pepper–AKA “He who must be given a chance to do his job”–on vacation again?

  2. Simply heartbreaking!
    Nathan Winograd – where are you?
    Do these people not know there are “shelters” all over the country that are doing so much more for their animals?
    It does not have to be this way. It simply does not!

    1. Winograd is too busy trashing the big names and googling his name so he can attack anyone who questions him. If he directed his ire at Memphis to get the situtaion the national attention it needs, he’d do more good for animals than he’s done in years. Maybe. Shelter directors like Pepper are deaf to him and therefore to his message. What Memphis needs is not some bashing about achieving “no kill”.. but some practical lessons in just how to improve their methods.

      1. Sorry, Emily S, but they don’t seem to want to change their methods. that has been very evident!
        Not sure what you’re personal gripe is with Winograd, but MAS chooses not to do any better.

    2. “Do these people not know there are “shelters” all over the country that are doing so much more for their animals?”

      They do not care.

  3. BTW, Ms. Fullish*t’s visit was supposedly “unannounced.” How is it that a Commercial Appeal staff photog happened to be right there to take pictures?

  4. No Comment. Mostly because the comments I want to make should not be published, and I fully intend to click that dang button.

  5. The photo of the “unannounced visit” in the The Commercial Appeal shows Janis in the Adoption area. I wonder if she went into the stray area? See video

    (P.S. All media has to have approval from City Hall before going the shelter, so city knew about the visit before she arrived. When will this city quit all of the lies!)

  6. Total farce. Dog and pony show. Not the first article this week by that publication attempting to slant things in the Shelter’s favor. The focus has been on the AMOUNT of animals relinquished at the “Shelter” and completely IGNORING the abuse that has been repeatedly reported.

    For the record, there is no way Fullofit responded to me with “so what” as she stated – as if it was to say what more can they do, or whatever flimsy excuse she gave. The letter has been posted in this blog. Judge for yourself.

    1. I just love how the CA writer describes Kim’s e-mail as “demanding.” As if that were a bad thing? All of us should be demanding better from Memphis.

    2. And then she told my mum that everyone was taking her “So what?” comment totally out of context!!!

  7. Can you put a link to the chip-in on this site? Some of your readers might not go back to reread older posts.

  8. to db: my “personal gripe” with Winograd is that, at this point, he’s become a force for directionless agitation rather than progress, because of HIS various “personal gripes”

    In any case, I agree with you: it’s obvious that Pepper and the city officials don’t want to change. It’s also clear they’ve dug in their heels and believe they can ride out this storm of exposure with the helps of their friends in the local media.

    The issue now is: given that reality, how can the people and the movement that Shirley has started effectuate ANY positive change? They’ve brought important exposure, locally anyway. And they’re starting to save some animals. What strategic steps, and what tactics, would work to go further?

    1. In my opinion, we have to keep the pressure on these folks by making sure that what they have done and continue to do is exposed and that their actions are made public. And then we have to find a way to motivate those in the area to come together and develop a strategy for making the changes that so desperately need to be made. I believe NO KILL in Memphis is possible at some point, but there is a lot that needs to be done to simply improve the state of the place (sorry I just cannot bring my self to call MAS a shelter) to a level of compassion and humane treatment for those who are there right now.
      BTW, I don’t believe for a minute that a new building is going to make a bit of difference unless attitudes change dramatically.

  9. There are good and bad people at the shelter but I’ve never thought of Anne Hill as one of the bad ones

    1. oh my, anyone in the hip pocket of the “Friends” is not great in my book.
      My hat is off to the regular volunteers. Those that started their own facebook site and are not rude to someone just for asking a question.

      1. Sorry but I don’t understand what you are talking about when you say “in the hip pocket of the Friends.

        I just didn’t think it was fair to attack Anne. She works there 4 days a week and has saved many animals.

        Like I said…there are good and bad people at the shelter…but I don’t think Anne qualifies as one of the bad ones.

        As much as anyone else, I want the bad ones to go and the good ones to stay. The union needs to go, too, in my opinion.

  10. Well, you know in hospitals, things happen. Patient neglect, wrong medications administered, wrong limbs amputated, etc. I can’t imagine a hospital where things don’t happen. So let’s just accept the fact that if you go into a hospital, “things” could happen to you. There’s no real need to review the way things are done and scrutinize the people who do them, we just need to understand that this is how it is and deal with it. Oh! And we’re getting a new hospital soon so that should make everything ok!

    Remember Janis, when you go into the hospital for an appendectomy and you come out with a splenectomy, there’s no need to contact a lawyer, because you know, things happen. Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and say, “They chopped out my healthy spleen – so what? Things happen!”

  11. And I’d just like to point out that “things” don’t happen at every large shelter. What is the difference between “things” happening and “things” not happening?


  12. I sent the following email to Councilwoman Fullilove, using Nathan Winograd’s No Kill message. I hope it helps. Maybe if Fullilove and other Memphis official, receive similar emails suggesting the Memphis “shelter’s” embrace of the No Kill Equation, it’ll encourage officials to pressure the “shelter” officials to implement the No Kill Equation.

    Dear Councilwoman Fullilove,

    Despite the excuses and lies that the local animal “shelter” officials may give you, this is the truth about the situation, from a man who HAS CREATED NO KILL SHELTERS AND COMMUNITIES, thus proving that it CAN be done if shelter workers really want it done, instead of hanging on to their status quo of needless killing:

    Roughly 8 million animals enter shelters every year. Can we find homes for that many shelter animals? The good news is that we don’t have to. Some animals need adoption, but others do not. Some animals, like unsocialized (feral) cats, need spay/neuter and return. Others will be reclaimed by their families. Some animals will go to rescue groups. Others will go into Foster Homes. Others are irremediably suffering or hopelessly ill. And many more can be kept out of the shelter through a comprehensive pet retention effort. While about four million dogs and cats will be killed in pounds and shelters this year, roughly three million will be killed for lack of a new home. Can we find homes for those animals? Yes we can.

    Using the most successful adoption communities as a benchmark and adjusting for population, U.S. shelters combined should be adopting almost nine million animals a year. That is almost three times the number being killed for lack of a home. In fact, it is more than total impounds, and of those, almost half do not need a new home. But the news gets even better.

    There are over 23 million people who are going to get an animal next year. Some are already committed to adopting from a shelter. Some are already committed to getting one from a breeder or other commercial source. But 17 million have not decided where that animal will come from and research shows they can be influenced to adopt from a shelter. That’s 17 million people vying for roughly 3 million animals. So even if 80% of those people got their animal from somewhere other than a shelter, we could still zero out the killing. And many communities are proving it.

    There are communities with extremely high per capita intake rates who have done it. There are now No Kill communities across the U.S. and abroad: in the North and in the South. In urban communities and in rural ones. In states we classify as liberal or progressive and even in the reddest part of the reddest state. Washoe County, Nevada, for example, has been very hard hit by the economic downturn. Loss of jobs and loss of homes are at all-time highs. In fact, the state of Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. As a result, the two major shelters (Washoe County Regional Animal Services and the Nevada Humane Society) together take in four times the per capita rate of Los Angeles, five times the rate of San Francisco, seven times the rate of New York City, and over two times the national average. If there was ever a community which could not adopt its way out of killing, it is Washoe County. But they are doing just that.

    And it didn’t take them five years to do it. All these communities did it virtually overnight, by adopting their way out of killing by following the tried and true No Kill Equation:


    It works. Any shelter that wants to end the needless killing of cats and dogs (and who wouldnt want to end it?) can do so by using the No Kill Equation.

    Try it and see for yourself.


    Please share the above info with Memphis Animal “Shelter” officials, and urge them to try it and see that it works. Please drop in, unexpectedly at times, to make sure that they are actually implementing these simple methods, since they obviously dont have a problem misleading you, and your city’s residents when they say they are doing their “best”.

    If they were doing their “best”, they would be doing what the above mentioned shelters have done: Becoming No Kill.

    Thank you.


    Matthew DeLuca

    1. the challenge is to find who these people will listen to.
      They’ve closed their ears/hearts to most… certainly they are blowing off the concerns of “outsiders”.

      Rational letters, explaining that YES huge improvements can be made with only a little more efforts, just aren’t going to do it.

      I don’t know what would… but I do know that smart creative people can come up with something…

  13. “Winograd is too busy trashing the big names and googling his name so he can attack anyone who questions him.”

    Actually, Winograd is busy spreading the No Kill message, while kill “shelters” are busy spreading bull poop, while having killing apologists like yourself acting like cowards and sitting in a corner with their mouths shut, when they should be standing on their rooftops, shouting out and protesting this modern day holocaust.
    It isnt “trashing” if it’s true.

    Osama Bin Laden was a murderer.

    Am I trashing him?

    No. A murderer is, as a murderer does. If the bloody shoes fit, wear ’em. I spoke the truth, and that is what is relevant, not cowardly excuses saying that we should lay off the murderers, thus empowering them to murder MORE innocent living souls.

    I’ll make you a deal though: If the pet murderers “lay off”, when it comes to murdering the innocent…if they become no kill, I’ll “lay off” the murderers by not “trashing” them anymore.

    Til then, just call me “Sanitation Man” because I’ll be “trashing” away, until the pieces of garbage who murder precious Children of God, are taken to the curb (figuratively), instead of innocent animals being taken thrown in the garbage (literally) after they’ve been murdered.

    Adios. Buh bye. Cheerio. Wheaties. Rice Krispies.

    Call me a “trasher” but you cant call me wrong.

    You cant say the same for yourself.

    1. People like Janis Fullilove love it when the animal advocates start arguing amongst ourselves. It takes all the pressure off them to change and instead they can just enjoy it while the no-kill movement self-destructs. The kill rate at MAS is 77%. It will be a while before we have to debate differences between no-kill and low-kill philosophies. Let’s focus on the one thing we can all agree on: the current situation at MAS is unacceptable and must improve immediately. I wonder if we can agree to avoid fragmentation over differences of opinion until the kill rate slips below 50% (i.e., until an animal has at least an even chance of making it out of MAS alive)?

    2. well said Susan
      Matt i think you jumped the gun too quickly on Emily S- sounds to me like she supports No Kill- just not necessarily Nathan’s recent actions (i was unaware you have to lurve Nathan to support No Kill).
      Calling her a coward and kill apologist totally seemed way out of left field

  14. Meant to say:

    Til then, just call me “Sanitation Man” because I’ll be “trashing” away, until the pieces of garbage who murder precious Children of God, are taken to the curb (figuratively), instead of innocent animals being taken AND thrown in the garbage (literally) after they’ve been murdered.

  15. Was Matthew Pepper–AKA “He who must be given a chance to do his job”–on vacation again?

    No, he was taking his 8 hour lunch break, while wiping the blood from his hands…..well trying to, anyway.

  16. “What Memphis needs is not some bashing about achieving “no kill”.. but some practical lessons in just how to improve their methods.”

    If anyone considers being educated on how to become no kill, as being ‘trashed’, it’s because they do not want to achieve no kill.They are satisfied with being failures, animals be damned (and murdered). Thus they hide behind the “Poor me, I’m being trashed” excuse, instead of evolving into higher beings and doing what it takes to stop the killing…..striving for greatness and saying no to murder.

    How many times must it be said? If you say that someone “is a shelter director, who refuses to implement the no kill equation, because they are in love with the status quo and they fear change that will save lives” that is NOT, I repeat NOT “trashing”. It is called the cold hard truth….. you know, the thing that you are afraid to face, just like the kill “shelter” operators?


    Do you work for The unethical PETA? The INHUMANE Society of the U.S.?

    The cruel ASPCA?

    Or do you just sleep well at night knowing that a mass murder of precious living beings is happening?

    Exactly WHAT is your “Hey go easy on those who murder animals, despite life saving alternatives” stance accomplishing?

    Answer: The same thing kill “shelter” operators accomplish, when it comes to giving SHELTER (protection, a safe haven, a place of refuge) to Pets: Nada. Zilch. Zero. The big goose egg. The big O. Not a f%$#^% thing.

    Let me put it to you this way….pet killing apologists…if YOUR sorry a$$es were the ones being taken to a death camp, and if YOUR sorry a$$es were the ones being given a lethal injection, you’d be “trashing” (among other things) your murderers with every ounce of energy in your body.

    So, cut the crapola, and walk a mile in someone else’s paws, before you preach tolerance for murderers, while remaining silent when it comes to defending their victims.

    1. my point is that lectures of the sort you are delivering here will not only fall on deaf ears, they enable the intended recipient to regard you as an intemperate, arrogant outsider who can never understand their “reality”. And this enables them to IGNORE you.

      It’s all very noble/self-gratifying of you to pontificate about how you are delivering “the truth”.


      Stop and think: WHAT WOULD ACCOMPLISH THE GOAL???

      1. I agree with Emily

        As much it would be great to force MAS to go No Kill tomorrow, i would be content if they just started vaccinating every animal, cleaning every cage every day, and post their strays to help reclaim rates.
        I think just starting those 3 things would help move them to No Kill with very little effort.
        Once they’re able to accomplish that, then i feel like the more ‘challenging’ aspects of No Kill can be focused on.

        Because seriously, every shelter (no kill, low kill, high kill, sanctuary) should be vaccinating, cleaning and being accessible to the public- no arguments.
        Let’s see if we can get them to move into ‘High Kill Shelter’ status instead of the crapville where they are now.

  17. “Things happen in a shelter situation. I can’t imagine any shelter where things don’t happen”

    Memphis = The Incoherent City

    This is ALMOST as absurd as the b*tch who said “We’re not killing them (pets), yes we are taking their lives….but we’re not….we’re giving them a “good death”…yes, we’re ending their liv…..whatever,but we’re not killing them”.(Or incoherent words to the effect)

    Hey lady, do YOU want a “good death”?

    Hey, why are you running away…come back here and answer my question……

  18. I guess “things happen” pretty much everywhere, but I’m also sad about some
    “things” *not* happening at MAS. I clicked on your blog roll link to No Kill Memphis, and found that apparently the director isn’t sure why they should be advertising.
    12. [q:] Means of advertising utilized.
    [a:] Unclear. Advertising for what purpose?

    from http://www.nokillmemphis.org/questions_asked_15.html
    reformatted to show question vs. answer w/o colors.

    Weird. Fifteen years ago or so I lived down the road from this shelter, in a poor county in a poor state:
    Even back then, they would put weekly named profiles with handsome photos of dogs available for adoption. Now they’ve got ’em on the web. & I can’t tell what their numbers are (they say they have open admissions rather than no-kill), but they’ll spay and neuter feral cats for free if you’ll catch ’em, and they will even loan you a trap!

    The No Kill Memphis site has some nice comparisons to Reno, NV, which I guess has more-similar traffic numbers, but here’s teeny tiny Espan~ola NM also showing what can be done with some commitment.

    The ending of the piece — what a mess. Fully informing the droppers-offers of the pets’ abysmal chances does nothing to change the situation that led to the abandonment/surrender of the pet in the first place. Can’t make rent? New baby is horribly allergic, & none of your neighbors can take the pet? Having trouble feeding the kids? Took in a stray & have no clue how to get it to calm down?

    …I should stop, bc most readers here know a lot more than I do about these reasons and about better methods shelters can use to either help the families keep the pets or get the word to other families about available animals!

    Thanks YesB!

  19. Im sure that a lot of dogs are dropped off at MAS, there may be no disputing that, but 1. that doesnt mean that they should all be killed rather than hold them and find ways to be adopted out, especially if 2. there are often empty cages, meaning it doesnt matter how many come in if there are enough going out and 3. that doesnt excuse the abuse either. So basically the volunteers comments about how Memphians are basically ***holes is really incorrect on many levels. Also, No-Kill Shelters can be brought in to many cities in America, if not the world, but for some reason MEMPHIS is the exception to the rule? Uh okay…

  20. @ Emily, your point is well taken. I had not realized they were getting a new building. That’s what the No Kill leader wants. Why doesn’t he/ or you guys tackle some down at the heels joint in Budachah with outside plumbing where the animals are gassed ? No money, short answer.

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