A Happy Ending and Beginning

Happy goggie.

Reader Tammy sends in the following update on the dog she saw on the MAS webcams and adopted with the help of caring Memphis pet lovers.  The dog is now named Sam and has arrived at Tammy’s home in KY:

I think he may have some sheep dog in him, though his paperwork says fox terrier.  Maybe’s there’s a mix?  Anyway, he is a very loyal dog and follows me everywhere.  I mean everywhere – into the bathroom too.  He is great with the kids and our other dog, Tsu.  He is showing some dominance towards Tsu, but I think that is normal since she is a submissive dog.  He certainly does not want her on my lap and getting my undivided attention.  We have some dynamics to work out, but we will be fine.  Over all, he has had a great first night and day.  His tail hasn’t stopped wagging!  Sam is going to be and already is an amazing, loving, smart and welcome addition to our family.

Even though Sam's face isn't visible, this one is my favorite because it's what every dog deserves.

Thank you Tammy for saving Sam and for sharing this update.

Sam was housed in the stray area at MAS. Unless reclaimed by an owner or selected for the adoption hallway (which houses only about 30 dogs), he would have been killed without ever having been seen by the public. That’s wrong. How can shelter leaders in Memphis not see that? Look at these photos. This is where Sam, and all the other dogs in the stray area belong – in a loving home. Not in a dumpster.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

If you’d like to donate to a fund set up for helping get more pets out of MAS, I have placed a link on the right side of the blog under Graham’s picture. And thank you.

Here is a video featuring the forgotten dogs at MAS:

5 thoughts on “A Happy Ending and Beginning

  1. I have been thinking this is the type of material that needs to go on a DVD to be sent to the legislatures that are considering the bills like CAPA, alternated with the horror stories and news videos of the draconian shelters.

  2. Awww thats so great that its working out! Youre right, this is what every dog deserves and how are they going to get it if the public cant see it? I can maybe understand being in a special area during the “three day hold” or whatever so that way the owners can find them, but after that they should be w/ the other dogs, right? Whichever way it goes, there are clearly lots of problems at MAS and like Rob says, this video and other stuff needs to bring more awareness.

  3. Oh boy, that video really touched my heart. More tears for all of those beautiful dogs (and cats we didn’t see) who never had a chance, never had a chance.

    We had to do something! Those precious animals need us to help them.

  4. That’s a very powerful video, great musical choice too. And so good that Sam got a great home. I really think the shelter problems are emblematic of the larger problem of making our government work for the people again. We hire them to represent us, they don’t seem interested in doing that.

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