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Kason, submitted by Gerri.  From his Petfinder page:

They say Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships –  but then they never saw Kason!  Who could not fall in love with his soulful eyes?!   Kason is a lovely purebred male Beagle that is patiently waiting for a forever home.  Kason has a super happy temperament and would make a wonderful addition to a home with children to play with!  Kason has had his first vaccines and is ready to go home with YOU!  If you would like to meet him, then please call (770) 288-PETS. His I.D. # is 5/19-1759  – please refer to this number when inquiring about him.

Look how pretty he stands. You could make a little goggie statue out of him.

Henry County Animal Care and Control

527 Hampton Street

McDonough, Georgia 30253

770-288-PETS (7387)

This shelter’s kill rate for 2010 was 49%.

19 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

    1. This is a shelter in Georgia, not the 77% kill shelter in Memphis.
      What a great looking little pup. Hope someone takes him home very soon.

      1. Yes, not all shelters kill 3 out of every 4 pets that come through their doors. In fact, most don’t. Memphis is just “special”.

  1. Not to sound discouraging, but this is Henry Co. Animal Control, the shelter that rejected all of Nathan Winograd’s recommendations when he visited
    a few years ago. They’re going to be closed Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon because of Memorial Day. MANY will not make it out alive. Please move fast if you can help this sweet pup. Shelter is very high kill, but I’ve never been able to get what I felt were accurate figures from them.

    1. Jeanne –

      Really?? When is the last time you got out from behind your computer and came to the shelter? That’s right – you’ve NEVER been here! We rejected all Nathan’s suggestions? Really? Perhaps it would interest you, but probably not, that every single suggestion that was made in Nathan’s report has been implemented. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Simply because I disagreed with your viewpoint on another forum, you have delighted in nasty comments about me and this shelter. Your continual nastiness does nothing to help the animals in the Henry County Shelter.

      And as to accurate figures from me? You have never once asked for them. I am MORE than glad to share our statistics with you. You know how to reach me.

      1. And, as a PS., the shelter is closed this Friday for a furlough day and Monday for the Memorial Day holiday. NOT ONE SINGLE ANIMAL IN THIS SHELTER will be euthanized because we will be closed to the public. Staff will be here every day to clean and care for them. Again, Jeanne, before you bash, you really need to take the time to come out here and actually see what’s going on.

      2. Gerri,

        There was no “bashing” or nastiness in my post. I haven’t replied to you with “bashing” or “nasty comments” anywhere else either.

        And what does visiting the shelter have to do with my post? Absolutely nothing.
        That “get out from behind your computer”
        stuff is SUCH a cliche–so old and so tired. Please do us all a favor and stop endlessly repeating it.

        Your volunteer rescue coordinator posted on the SGD forum that all the Henry dogs (and cats) were very urgent and needed to be out asap. In fact, on May 23, she posted this statement:

        “Henry is closed Frid Sat Sun Mon….so many will go down the next few days.
        May 23 2011 at 6:05 PM”

        I understood that to mean the dogs are in danger and help is urgently needed. No?

        As for the figures, I got some that weren’t very convincing last time I asked–they were very informal and seemed to be based largely on guessing. They didn’t come directly from you. I didn’t take those figures seriously and haven’t asked since (no need for the info). I have the 2010 figures now so don’t need to ask again.

      3. Oh, wait–you implemented all of Nathan Winograd’s suggestions? This must be something you miraculously accomplished since the last time I brought the subject up–wow.

        So Henry is a no-kill shelter now? And has a foster program? And a TNR program for feral cats? And does off-site adoptions? Congratulations!

        I’m very happy to hear this and deeply grateful that you did the right thing. But confused, too. If Henry has implemented the no-kill equation, why is little Kason the beagle in so much trouble now?

  2. Awww- look at those eyes- Kason is a handsome boy!!! I hope he finds his forever home TODAY!!!

  3. Now, we are serious BEAGLE and hound people – if I didn’t already have 4 coming in (3 this weekend, one a 10yo PB Basset!) and then of course Ranger from MAS, I would get this boy in a heartbeat!!! Someone PLEASE SAVE HIM!!! What a looker!

  4. PS: we already have: 4 beagles, two treeing Walkers, two hound mixes (including one who looks like a Bloodhound/BeagleX! Size of a beagle, voice of the bloodhound). Just to put a picture to that previous message! And of course, the Basset coming in on Sun. SEND ME TO MY ROOM PLEASE! lol

  5. Again Jeanne – if you had taken the time to actually visit the shelter, you would know the answers to your questions. No where in any post did anyone say Kason was in “so much trouble.” I simply asked Shirley if she would be kind enough to post him as Pet of the Week to get additional publicity for him. And, yes, we do have a TNR program, a volunteer program and a foster program. We have also implemented officer and kennel master training programs, cleaning protocols, SOP manuals, intake vaccine protocols, a microchipping program, and a low cost spay/neuter clinic. We have implemented the “Kibble Cart” which provides pet food for the pets of local senior citizens that are serviced by the Meals on Wheels program and an out reach education program which provides education to the public on a variety of pet related topics. I am waiting patiently for a new computer program to replace the antiquated one we currently have so all our paperwork will finally be computerized. All while having my budget cut and cut and cut and cut and loosing at least 2 positions due to “work force reduction” because of the economy. Are we perfect? No. Have we reached the 10% rate yet? No. But,despite what you would like people to believe, we are trying and trying hard.

    1. Henry Co. Animal Control no longer traps and kills feral cats? You trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and release them now? If so, that’s a huge improvement and thanks for implementing the TNR program. But somehow, I don’t think that’s what you meant.
      Please clarify.

      1. Jeanne – it took me 5 years to get our Board of Commissioners to agree to any sort of TNR program. 5 long years. We now offer everyone who calls the shelter wanting feral cats removed information about TNR and offer the service to anyone that is agreeable. If they are agreeable, we trap the cats, have them altered, vaccinated and ear notched at our spay/neuter clinic and they are returned to the location they were trapped. We even offer food to feed those feral cat colonies. We maintain a feral cat colony behind the shelter. Yes, feral cats still are euthanized here. Some residents and businesses refuse to allow the cats to be returned and we have precious few volunteers who are willing to take on a colony. Would you like to volunteer to be a feral cat colony caretaker for us?

        If you would like to continue this conversation, I would be happy to discuss it with you off Shirley’s forum.

        Shirley – again, thank you for giving our Beagle boy some air time. Hopefully he’ll be adopted soon.

        Gerri Yoder

      2. I dunno, Gerri. It takes about 1.5 hrs. to get from my house to your shelter so maybe Henry Co. residents would be better candidates for your TNR program. I don’t feel any need to continue this thread here or anywhere else. It’s not likely to be productive. But thanks for the info.

  6. I’d like to thank Gerri Yoder for all her hard work and congratulate her on her successes! When you were explaining your new programs, I thought for a moment, “Hey, I wonder if they have any job openings” since it sounds like a decent place with the changes you’ve made. It’s good that I’m not in desperate need of work – and since I live in Ohio it’s not like I would likely move to Georgia anyway, but still, wishful thinking – because your budget and staff issues don’t sound like fun. I wish you continued success and hope the economy improves so that we can all have better growth.

  7. Thanks everyone for sending “happy thoughts” Kason’s way. He was adopted this afternoon by a wonderful family with a young son who is crazy about him!

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