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  1. Really not sure how much more I can take of this…..perfectly healthy, gorgeous dogs – killed – because some idiot shelter director decided, when he took this job, he wouldn’t let the strays be viewed for adoption……And this guy is supposed to be a compassionate, caring man?! I beg to differ!!! Just like these dogs begged for their lives!

    1. Indeed, and the ring bearer is getting weaker, if the enclosed comments are any measure!

  2. OMG! FIrst, can they ever stop using the damned catchpoles???? And – does this place EVER have a DRY damned floor? And third – MEMPHIS STOP THE DAMNED KILLING!!! DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE because you won’t like it.


  3. Candles lit. Are we all ready for the 28th???? Shirley, could you please post the virtual site for me? I seem to have missed it. THX

  4. It’s breaking my heart too. I’m with you Beth. I’m just not sure how much more I can take. Despair. Depression. I just try to keep praying and remain hopeful for these animals. I have to say I have never disliked people more then those MAS employees and I have never even met them. It’s all so senseless to me. I won’t forget you either Mr. Best Goggie in the World – not your brothers and sisters.

    1. Believe me, I sincerely understand this sentiment. I think only a rock could possibly stand any more of this (apologies to rocks). But I tell myself this: If they (shelter leadership) can take it, I can take it. Because I am resolved to outlast them.

      1. I am with you Shirley. We will stand till the last evil employee goes down the Green Mile. For the three who care, you are NOT included in the land of Mordor.

        Now, if you can’t stand the suffering, get up and DO something. I know there are those who think that a small showing of any kind will “prove” to the mayor that nobody cares. I beg to differ: if ONE person shows up day after day and has their ‘say’, then the Best Goggies in the World will not have been killed in vain. It has to start somewhere, and NOT starting is the worst sin of all!

      2. I remember when we covered the disturbing FB photos of the drugged cats posed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg shelter staff. ONE lady protested w/a sign in front of the shelter. The local news filmed and interviewed her. Action was taken and improvements have been made at the shelter – not at all as quickly as they are needed mind you, but they have improved some. I’m not going to say that one lady made all the difference but to my mind, she certainly helped.

      3. As that saying goes, she may not have made a difference to all the cats, but to that one cat, she made ALL the difference. It takes only one. Gandhi started out alone. MLK Jr. started as one. Mandela started out as one. It just takes one little rock to start a landslide!

  5. Hey, I just noticed in the third photo from the bottom, she is carrying a dog(?) and dragging another???? WTF?

    1. The one being carried looks like possibly a puppy to me although heaven forfend I take a guess because apparently everything I say is happening in the webcam shots is wrong, wrong, wrong per the killing apologists.

  6. Why can’t we light candles at their place of death (the shelter) and picket at the same time with “Let us help them ALL” signs? There is no reason they should seclude animals and play iniminiminimo with their lives!!!

  7. And this is just a snapshot of what is happening all the time all over this place. RIP all of you beautiful pups and cats and kittens and dogs who deserved so much better.
    This is absolutely breaking my heart again and again.
    We have to stop this.

  8. i am getting more and more disgusted with the way these animals are being treated,i emailed their governer and never heard back from him i complained about the way these animals are being treated!!!!!!!!!!! it,s DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAY A NATIONAL PROTEST IS IN ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. As for Char-Meck, if I could light a fire cracker under their asses, I would. I’ve learned that the wheels of progress turn slow when they’ve been rusted in place for so long. They have grudginly opened up the foster program to any county resident and the “Old Guard” Director is leaving!

    1. Fire crackers should be cheap this season – I say go for it. Put in gift whoopie-cushions for all the staff!

  10. Okay, photo #12. Dragging a dog…holding a puppy? Looks like a cat to me. Can anyone make it out. That is against policy (lol, I know) to take dogs and cats into the into the kill room at the same time.
    The policy was started after a worker took a cat into the kill room with a bunch of dogs. The cat was torn apart.

    1. Well I guessed the pet was canine and according to those who defend MAS killing, I am always wrong. Therefore, it must be feline!

      Re the cat being torn apart – man, I wish I had not read that. I have captured cats being carried in transfer boxes to the kill room right after dogs in the past. I guess they figure if the cats are locked in the boxes, they won’t get ripped apart. But it’s so cruel to the cats to terrify them in that way before killing them.

  11. I stumbled upon this blog a couple of weeks ago. Just like all of you, I am very upset at how these animals are being treated. Who does the euthanizing? Do they have an actual vet, or do they do it themselves?

    1. so so sorry for this poor starving dog. why can’t the animal shelter feed these poor dogs and give immediate medical attention. honestly, really takes a sub human to work at the animal shelter. how do shelter people sleep at night. shame on you animals.

  12. I have been told that the vet does only s/n. The staff are trained (who knows for sure) and are assigned to take turns.

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