Shelter Pets of the Day

Submitted by Claire, who writes:

They are litter mates.  They were owner-surrenders, together, and I think in mid-April.  The last week of April they started coughing-Marley, the brown one more than Joy, the black one.  I volunteer at MAS and offered to foster up to 2 dogs if all the dogs with URI symptoms could not be adopted.  I went and got these two I think on the 28th.  We did a second worming at my vet, and got them on antibiotics.  They stayed with me at my house, separated from my own dogs, for 2 weeks, and their symptoms cleared up completely.  They are ready to be sterilized and adopted.  They look to be mostly lab.  They were completely house-trained by the time they were well-they never had an accident in the house.  They sleep through the night, they are loving, sweet, fun dogs.  Marley is much more timid than Joy, and would love to find a home together, but two loving homes would be fine, too.  Their shelter numbers are 224882 and 224883.  If there is a lab rescue, or someone who just wants two wonderful female pups, they are ideal.  They will be sterilized, immunized, and micro-chipped before they go home.  I’d love to see them placed-they have been there a month or more.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

This shelter’s 2010 kill rate was 77%.

6 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. I’ll bet these 2 pups would get snatched right up if you took them to an adoption event. Sometimes rescues will let you tag along even if they’re full and can’t officially take the dogs into their adoption program. Might be worth asking around. Just not Friends!

    1. Jeanne,
      I agree-I don’t know when our next mobile adoption event will be, but Joy is a prime candidate! (Marley has been adopted.) I am hoping that maybe the local lab rescue place will be able to help.

  2. Yay! Really happy to hear that! I hope Joy gets adopted soon, too! Thanks for helping these sweet little pups.

  3. It is my pleasure. I have another one at my house now. When they come down with URI, I pull them to foster so they stand a chance. My house is bedlam.

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