Many of you have asked about the three dogs featured as Shelter Pets of the Day on May 23.  I have been trying to get some definitive information but so far, no luck.  I heard the 3 dogs had been pulled by local rescuers but I’m still hoping to get some details to share with everyone.

One of the two dogs featured in the post Matthew Pepper – Please Reply was a Pibble who appeared to be in need of veterinary care.  I never heard from anyone that the dog received any treatment.  Yesterday, he was seen on the webcams being taken to the kill room, his tail wagging away:

Goodbye dear one.

Lastly, a reminder that we are holding a candlelight vigil for the pets at MAS at 8pm tonight but you can participate anytime that works for you. I will be putting up a post shortly specifically for the event.

2 thoughts on “Follow-ups

  1. Goodbye, dear lil’pibble. We will remember your brave tail wagging in the face of human brutality. Keep a spot for all of us at Rainbow Bridge. I am going to give you a name, even though its a little late: Charger, for charging full steam ahead despite what was coming your way.

  2. Godspeed, Charger. What a brave, trusting little dog you were. Run free and whole again and sleep in the arms of the angels now.
    You will never again be harmed.

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