Light a Candle for the Pets at MAS

This post is for anyone who would like to share a prayer, quote or some words of your own to express why you are lighting candle for the pets at Memphis Animal Services tonight.  You may participate by lighting a candle at home and/or lighting a virtual candle here.

So many people have been touched by the images of helpless pets being mistreated and killed at the hands of their “protectors” in Memphis.  I know many of you can relate when I say there are occasional photos that just reach out and grab my heart.  This is one of those images:

On the way to the kill room, a worker pauses for a brief exchange with a co-worker. The dog listens.

If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can clearly see the dog’s face. She is being taken to die by someone paid to protect her from harm. We don’t know what she may or may not be aware of but many dogs balk at this point on the last walk, presumably smelling death and sensing betrayal. This dog does not balk. She watches her person intently and patiently while she listens. She trusts.

This is why the killing of healthy/treatable pets anywhere is unacceptable to me. These animals are pets, created by us to be our loyal companions. Shelters are supposed to be safe havens for pets in need. Since there are enough homes for all of them, I believe we are obligated to get them there. And no one – not any shelter director, or staff member or politician – has the right to take away their lives.

MAS, you have no right.

Tonight, I am lighting a candle for this dog, and for all the other friendly pets killed at MAS. You were faithful to the end and I am resolved to be faithful to your memory.  To the end.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

13 thoughts on “Light a Candle for the Pets at MAS

  1. I suggest everyone takes a photo of the candle(s) they light tonight and send that photo to ALL of the media in Memphis. Inundate them with photos to let them know the scope of this tragedy!

  2. Tonight I light my candles for all those who never had a chance to live, never had a chance for love, never had a chance for anything but to die a horrible, terrifying death at the hands of people who simply do not care.
    I’m sorry, so sorry that we humans have failed you so badly.

  3. You know what’s pretty nice? Reading the messages from all the people who have lit virtual candles. It brings comfort. Thanks for suggesting the virtual candle idea and the vigil itself Morgana.

  4. I’ve lit my second candle today, just five or six or so minutes ago. And really, Its for all animals who are abused, neglected and/or killed.

  5. I just lit 13 virtual candles–one for each month that animals have died needlessly at MAS as a direct result of the failed leadership of Matthew Pepper and A.C. Wharton–from May 2010 until now. I have one candle still burning here in the not-virtual world. Dum spiro spero. Rest in peace, all dear ones.

  6. Candle Lit.

    “Saying that you ‘care about pets’ while injecting them with a deadly needle, is like saying that you ‘care about children’ while sprinkling poison on their Cheerios”

  7. You know what’s pretty nice? Reading the messages from all the people who have lit virtual candles. It brings comfort. Thanks for suggesting the virtual candle idea and the vigil itself Morgana.

    Indeed, and thank YOU YesBiscuit, for making it happen.

    It is a special night. Can you feel it?
    The love?
    The hope?
    These are the ingredients that force positive changes.

    It’s just a matter of time. Dont give up, dont give in, dont stop believin’.

  8. Anyone near Wantagh, NY?
    Anyone near Wantagh, NY? We need you here.
    Hope for Hempstead Shelter Invites You to
    Remember “Ilsa”
    In memory of “Ilsa” and ALL the animals waiting to be and who have been
    unmercifully and unnecessarily slaughtered at the Town of Hempstead Animal
    Shelter .
    “I Will Remember You””
    Candlelight Vigil
    Friday, June 3rd, 8 p.m.
    Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
    3320 Beltagh Ave., Wantagh , NY 11793

    After months of torturous waiting in the “LIFE TO DEATH” transition room behind
    the closed doors of Kennel 3, TOHAS finally killed the 2 year-old German
    shepherd, “Ilsa”, despite advocates’ repeated pleas for even just one photo of
    her to outreach and cross-post on her behalf.

    Ilsa came to TOHAS with all positive behavioral attributes noted on her cage
    card. However, months later she was slaughtered at TOHAS.

    During Ilsa’s imprisonment the Shelter refused to post her on their website,
    where breed-specific rescue could have identified her as in-need and intervened
    to save her life nor did the Shelter’s rescue liaison do anything to find
    placement for her with a reputable rescue organization.
    Ilsa is only one example of the incompetence and negligence on the part of a $7
    million KILL SHELTER that serves as a bottomless taxpayer piggy bank of greed,
    exclusively for the GOP faithful.“IN MEMORY OF ILSA”
    The time has come again for a Candlelight Vigil to pay tribute to Isla, and
    countless others who have died needlessly and senselessly in the hands of TOHAS.

    We must continue to bring awareness to the atrocities that STILL take place
    daily behind the walls of TOHAS, and try to save those animals yet hanging in
    the balance of corruption and greed.

    OF TOHAS .

    Location: Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter 3320 Beltagh Ave. Wantagh , NY 11793
    *Candles will be supplied

    Please know that every attendant, every voice, every letter, every call WILL
    force the hand of Shelter Reform.

    The patronage continues to fight against shelter reform. We must fight harder,
    for those who cannot fight for themselves.

    For more information and volunteer opportunities please visit“IN MEMORY OF ILSA”

    Please join us and pay tribute to the precious, innocent lives that were
    tormented and killed. Do not let them have died in vain.

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