I Want to Believe

Memphis Mayor AC Wharton says that things at MAS are swell and he has every confidence in shelter leadership.  I’m sorry Mr. Mayor, but I just can’t reconcile the daily images of needless killing at MAS with the words “every confidence”.  But I still believe in Memphis.  I believe in the kind-hearted people of the city who care about pets – the same ones you and your city leaders disparage at every turn.  They are not the reason MAS has problems – they are the solution to those problems.  Believe.

A local resident lit tea lights at the shelter last night, in memory of the pets killed by MAS and in tribute to those still suffering within its walls.
More tea lights at the shelter. THIS is what I believe in Mayor Wharton.

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  1. Here is an email that just came through about the shelter in Nashville, TN. You might want to work on that one too:

    http://lblrescue.chipin.com/pull-fee-for-nashville-shelter-dogs <— Link to donate for $90 pull fees EACH!

    Hey all… Once again I would like to thank you guys for all the support I have gotten!!! I am determined to make this shelter a priority after all the S**T I have found out that's going on in there. I am going to try and stay updated with who is on the list to be euthanized and Ill send out emails. They have been less than helpful. NO ONE that works there is helping to get these animals out of there. Don't get me started on the fact that they tell people that sheppard's, chows, pitties, dobermans and rotties are vicious and have no business being adopted sooo their euthanized ASAP and aren't allowed to be seen by the public. If you ask me its a load of BS. I will be working with several people to get some letters and pull the evidence together of several other BAD situations and we will be sending it to the mayor. If any of you have contacts with the news I would appreciate you sending them to me as well!

    They require these animals stay on the "Adoption floor" for two weeks, after which they are put down… STUPID!!! Anyway I have figured out a way around it all sooo call me or email me if you want to pull one of these guys out!!! It is a whopping $90 for every dog even if they are on the euthanasia list.

  2. Sounds like Tennessee is a long way from becoming a no-kill state. Must be those irresponsible public citizens in the whole state.
    I’m sure there are many hell-holes out there that we aren’t aware of (or haven’t talked about yet).

    OTOH, I sent the mayor and board a copy of this thread. I’m sure that he doesn’t even open my emails any longer and my snail mail letters don’t get responded to either.

    Pure and simple, they don’t want to change!

    1. Wharton doesn’t want MY kind of reality check, but he just might get it. Are you reading THIS, AC???????

      And I don’t doubt that Nashville is the same. But for right now, we cannot be distracted from The Home of the Blues.

  3. Mayor Wharton’s reality check may be coming up this fall. Here are some dates to keep in mind if you’re feeling discouraged by Mayor Wharton’s lack of leadership or even a reasonable response on the crisis at MAS:

    October 6, 2011–Memphis Mayoral Primary
    November 10, 2011–Memphis Mayoral Run-Off

    And DON’T FORGET the big one–NOVEMBER 6, 2011–
    ELECTION DAY. Reality check doesn’t get much better than that.

    Source of dates:

  4. wish I was a voter there . . .
    Anyone for long distance campaigning???
    We’ll give the old boys some kind of reality to check!

    1. heh, HSUS has no qualms about carpetbagging. If only they cared about the suffering and killing going on at MAS, we could get them down there to force the ballot their way.

  5. If He would show as much interest in saving lives, as he does in some bleeping basketball team, we may get somewhere.

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