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  1. There must be something somebody can do to stop this…(I don’t mean your publishing the screen grabs, I mean the callous disregard for life shown by these supposedly civil servants.)
    It’s one thing to work in a factory and to hoist and tote widgets here and there, but it is another thing entirely to treat living breathing beings as *things* On the other hand, I suppose this is why they don’t have web cams in slaughterhouses.
    I don’t care if 77% of them end up dead, they should be loved and respected until they are gone. Well, okay, I hate that 77% of them end up dead… especially after being treated like THIS!

  2. Does the press in Memphis not think this needs to be exposed DAILY?? I can’t believe these assholes are still employed!!

  3. I am sick of those workers at MAS that dont give a shit, I agree with LynnO they dont seem to have any regard whatsoever for these animals. I just cant understand why Memphis people continue to allow this to happen. Bloody hell, I just cant understand what is going on! If I lived there I would be active daily in preventing this cruelty.

    Please someone tell us that cant be there that something good is happening? somewhere?

  4. A zine? Printing some of the webcam pics and placing them under peoples windshield wipers? Gathering them into small booklets and placing them in the ‘free’ newspaper racks in grocery and convenience stores?
    Just trying to come up with ideas. People need to see this,enough people need to get angry, to do something and make their voices heard.

  5. I believe it is extreme ignorance, lack of moral education, and it is TN….The mayor is obviously a very immoral, uneducated human being.Matthew Pepper is poor manager, and the employees are, well….ya’ll know…

  6. I agree with all of you 100%. I also do not live in Memphis or even TN but this makes me SICK. SOMETHING should be done and I have no fear in bringing it to peoples attention any way I can. There is a button on the bottom of this page that says to “post to Facebook” but that will only post it to my Facebook page. How do we post this to the Memphis news channels Facebook pages????? Let me know or give me an idea and I would love to do that. Or if you have other ideas, I’m in. I won’t bother posting it to the mayors page, etc as they do NOT CARE nor do most of the workers (except John). I would like to believe the people of Memphis would be horrified by these images if they knew. Thank you

  7. I think the news channels are the best bet right now, maybe hit some of the national news networks. These people, for the most part, don’t give a damn about the animals. They simply, with a very few exceptions, don’t care.

    1. Thanks for the addresses! I emailed all the addresses above a letter and I also posted on the Facebook page of “I Love Fox 13 Memphis WHBQ-TV”. Maybe something will come of it but chances are I am not the first to try this angle lol. At least I feel better knowing you guys care too. Misery loves company :)

      1. Debbie,
        I love how passionate you are about poor helpless animals! You are a wonderful person, and I hope the contact you are initiating makes a difference!
        I will do the same, by the way.

        Your friend,

    2. And I am also doing the same thing. I do live in Tennessee (Nashville) and I can tell you this is no more acceptable here than it is anywhere else! There is obviously a wide-spread problem at this shelter and it needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. Please don’t let this go until conditions for the animals improve! Have any other animal advocate groups gotten involved?

      1. Cathy, hi!! Fancy meeting you in a place like this lol. My love for animals is so strong sometimes I feel as if I cannot look at another sad picture but then I pull myself together and think “God, if I can’t even look at it, imagine not understanding what is going on and having to LIVE it!”. Thank you for also getting involved in the protest against MAS! I know things like this most likely happen in every city but something about this place touched my heart. The more people we can get involved, the more power we will have. Love you, Cathy :)

  8. they are just no words at all. This is unreal that nothing is being done and people are speaking out about it! All the time! Thanks for hanging with this Shirley.

  9. CNN was interested in J. DiPrizio’s story about the trash can puppies. They might be willing to dig a little deeper and do a real investigative report on MAS.

  10. I live in Memphis and my heart is breaking. The groups that seem so passionate about it in the beginning I can’t find. If I have to stand in front of MAS with a sign the says that MAS kills 77% of animals and do this all by myself I will. But I don’t know what else to do. I’ve suggested media blitz, protest, statement shirts, sitins, using their webcams to make statements. I’m completely lost. My heart is broken and I do feel beat down. I usually cry 2x a day BC there is so much more we could be doing but our hands are tied. I will not quit, I will hold on hope.

    1. Kim, I wish there was something I could do to help. It is driving me crazy knowing that the majority of workers at MAS simply dont care. I thought there was a group of people who live in Memphis that were setting up a vigil. I will email all the tv stations and news papers listed above. Being so far away makes me feel helpless. Keep trying for us please :)

    2. Do it Kim. Get someone to take your picture. I will post it. Maybe that photo will inspire someone to join you. And from there, who knows?

      1. Yes Kim. What do you think about organizing a protest of MAS even if it is with only a few other passionate animal lovers.The photo idea is great too…it will empower people.

  11. We need to get the Memphis group together. Before the meeting and be on 1 page. Bobby White messaged me that there was passion. He could see that but no focus. I know what I want to do and that’s actually VOLUNTEER at rhe shelter. I know I have been black balled and its not going to happen.

  12. Kim-black balled by whom? I volunteer there, they know I don’t agree with the treatment, I email Mr. Pepper, Ms. Hooks and they Mayor regularly, and I have not been tossed out yet. Have you been through the orientation yet? You can stop by the shelter anonymously and get an application and go to the next class. Most of the volunteers are great. Please don’t give up. The animals need all the help they can get.

    1. So, you are telling me I can just go thru orientation? They always told me they would call me and let me know when it was. It is usually on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday right? Maybe ill just pop the next one. One time Matt Pepper came out and shook my hand and took my AP. The friends mentioned to him my vet tech experience and he just said very good.

  13. Kim,
    How about holding an “informational” get-together of some sort for folks who are interested in making changes at the MAS? Just thinking outloud here – but what if you got a room or restaurant to let you meet and put announcements out that anyone interested meet before the “official” meeting to plan a strategy. That would give you some focus. Sometimes churches will allow folks to use rooms for community events, maybe there is a community room at an apartment complex, somewhere you could invite folks to come who are concerned. Then you could make a plan of action . . . Any of the Memphis folks have any other ideas? There’s a limit to what we out-of-staters can do.
    Don’t give up the fight. Too many animals need you/us.

    1. thats a great idea!Honestly im just recently involved in the MAS nightmare, i need some veterans to help me out with the info. also it needs to be simply an informative/ brainstorming meeting. not a soap box rant and rave. just to spare time. i could bitch and moan for hours and hours but i know noone wants to hear it. any other Memphians willing to help?

      1. I definitely think you are right on about it not becoming a bitch session. I hope that there are others locally who are willing to step up and help.

  14. What about Dateline – Chris Hansen does all those undercover investigations – anyone who can write really well want to give him a try?

    I just sent a plea to Jeni DiPrizio – per ethel’s comment that she is one of the only ones who is willing to tell the truth.

  15. I sent emails 3 weeks ago to the Flyer and to the college paper, the Helmsman, asking (begging) them to look into MAS. Neither even bothered to send me a token response. There must be something in the water in Memphis that makes 95% of the population so uninterested in what goes on outside their own homes. I realize the place is poor and crime-ridden, but Jesus H., if people tried to improve one thing, they could see that improvements in other areas are possible too.

  16. Kim, try putting an ad on Craigslist asking people to email you about getting together to do something about MAS. Depending on how many responses you get, you could find a public place like a park to meet informally. If you can make that happen, have a short agenda of what you would like to see happen.

  17. All of us from outside of TN need to post, tweet, and repeat, every day. The national media outlets have people who scan the web for what is “trending”…the more we post, the more this will come up in searches…

    1. Yes! A media blitz! Shirley and i have used the hash tag #77percentkillrate or @ACwharton. The only way to have an media blitz is for EVERYONE to do itit together! That’s why we need to have a meeting before the next board meeting so we look like sane, passionate citizens of Memphis. We all together need to do this. That’s just me talking though.

  18. why should they care when they are getting decent paychecks… our world is in shambles because of the lack of compassion and greed. to these people dogs are just things that they have to deal with to get their paychecks, they do not have to care, they do not have to have empathy and compassion, they have to nothing more then the bare minimum to receive their pay. Obviously they know people are watching and they don’t care about that either. Obviously their bosses have seen how the animals are treated and they dont care either. Very sad.

  19. Can you guys please help me come up with an “agenda” for this meeting. I would like it no more than 1 hour and pretty straight forward. Also anyone from Memphis who wants to chime in and or help I would appreciate it.

    1. An agenda would be something I’d be interested in, as well. I’ve done the research, gotten facts and stats together. I just seem to be all over the place with rants. Like Kim, I want to focus on information. I’m in SC and am following the MAS story closely. It mirrors our local county contracted shelter.And as I support you in Memphis, I (selfishly) want to use what’s happening there as the public example of what’s hapening here.

  20. Getting these webcam grabs onto foamcore boards enlarged and standing at strategic locales at lunchtime, with a short, eay to read informational brochure that you can print out using your computer’s template, would be a start for contacting the citizenry. Use stats, use quotes esp. AC saying how his constituents are ignorant and irresponsible – stuff like that. for starters.

  21. Also, something I’ve always wanted to do: get a 36″ wire crate, set it up somewhere prominent, and have one person chained inside with empty food and water bowls inside, and let the media know you are doing this. It could be a marathon (weather depending), where people trade off, and you do it for a set amount of time, say, three days, and others assist with signs and enlarged webcam shots such as above.

    I know you want to present cohesive things at the Ad. Board meeting, and that is great. But simple, direct, and mostly quietly unimposing things like I describe here are also useful. If necssary, I would be willing to come for a weekend and be the caged animal. Oh! And a cage card with MAS on it.

    1. Morgana, just recently here in New Zealand a guy called Carl spent one month in a cage protesting against caged Chickens, the event was on national tv, in the news papers and he got over 4000 supporters on facebook. There was support from other groups as well. On facebook it is called “person in a Cage”

      It is such a good idea!

  22. I emailed all the local Memphis news contacts BiscuitPlease gave us and so far no responses but maybe national news is the way to go. Undercover is a great idea…or even one of your volunteers go “undercover” and then come out with even more ammo.I can see you all are getting organized and fired up! Do it for the babies who need your voice! I wish I lived closer but I will do whatever you need me to do from here (Ohio). My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Something is going to change. I believe it.

  23. Wow..these pics just keep getting sadder and sadder…

    Just wanted to say one thing real quick to KIM:
    I dont live in TN so I dont know anyone personally who could help (though I think that lady Ethel who comes on here lives there if Im not mistaken) but you could always try this Facebook group if you have an account. They post a lot of stuff about MAS and want to help change things so hopefully you can get together with like-minded people and really progress the movement. Heres the link: http://www.facebook.com/NoKillMemphis. Thanks!

  24. As I look at these pictures, I can’t help but notice the lack of any caring and compassion. There seems to be no interaction with the animals at all, no kind word or gesture. And it appears that the workers have a loathing for these sweet babies, almost like they are afraid to come in contact with them. This place makes me sick!

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