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    1. Beth, unless your video is different then mine, you are watching innocent animals being brought to the Kill Room for no reason at all other then the workers at MAS and the Mayor of Memphis are cruel and useless individuals. Goodbye my sweet, precious babies. I pray earnestly that you are happy and jumping for joy at the Rainbow Bridge.

  1. Well, this video speaks for itself.

    While the Mayor and Director Hooks sit around pretending they are looking for solutions, animals die.

  2. Ok, I’ve had enough. Can someone get a photo of the kill “pile”??? I’d like to send it as a postcard to MR. Wharton, aka Hitler of Memphis.

    1. How odd. I’ll try uploading it a second time, via the blog’s video interface. Hopefully everyone will be able to see either one or the other.

      1. I found it on someone’s fb page – that blows me away…..and then seeing the dogs in line – wonder if they thought they were going to smell some fresh air and feel the grass under their feet…..only in doggy heaven- good bye sweet dogs! Terribly sad – Wharton needs a reality check!!!! (or a quick kick in his ass!)

  3. Where’s the verification that these pets were all killed? Do you have access to their files to show a change in their status? All I see is dogs being moved around. How do you know they were killed? Where’s the proof? And don’t tell me, “Who needs proof? 77% are killed.” We all know that. It’s easy for the public to access that. But everything you present here is presented as fact. and there is never any proof. Where is your proof? Lots of people reference your blog as a source. Where are your sources?

    1. There is no verification. MAS does not publish its kill list online or anywhere to my knowledge. When I’ve made inquiries to the shelter as to whether dog X is still alive, I rarely receive an answer. (In fact, I rarely receive an answer to most of my e-mails to the shelter, including various offers to help get pets adopted.) I have no proof. I only post what it looks like to me.

      This blog represents my views and opinions and may contain errors. People are free to interpret at will, just like every other site on the internet. It looked to me like these pets were all heading toward the kill room but it is certainly possible I made a mistake (or mistakeS). I have no means of verifying due to the secretive nature of MAS and its killing practices. I make every effort to be fair and accurate. I left out some grabs of pets whom I thought were probably killed but really didn’t feel sure enough to include. By the same token, it’s possible I included some grabs of dogs that I thought were being killed but they weren’t.

      The bottom line, whether you like to read it or not, is that MAS kills 77% of the pets in its care. They have faces. They have paws and tails and whiskers. They purr and roo and squint their eyes up when they’re happy. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong in every shot I post on my blog. Maybe none of these are the ones being killed, although that seems extremely unlikely to me. But since 77% of the pets at MAS are being killed, I’m satisfied to let the ones I believe are being taken for killing represent the 77%. They are not a number – they are living, breathing, helpless pets. I will stand for them, even if I get things wrong from time to time,

      One thing I don’t do however is come on here, post a bunch of lies that get debunked, then come back under a pseudonym and demand authenticity. Cos that would be, ya know – fucking pathetic.

      1. As always, you hit the nail on the head! BRAVO!!!!!! We need to stand up for what we know is wrong and not stay in a constant state of denial!

  4. Gee, they had a busy and fun after the holiday day-off party, didn’t they? Suprised they didn’t break out the champagne and toast their successes as they strode down the hallway to the kill room….SAD

  5. Where is the love?

    In No Kill shelters, exclusively.

    Love does not and cannot exist in kill “shelters” (death camps) anymore than it existed in the Nazi death camps.

    Love does not exist at the Inhumane Society of the U.S.

    Love does not exist at the unethical PETA.

    Love does not exist at the cruel ASPCA.

    For love doesnt kill, it simply and purely loves, protects and nurtures.

    Love doesnt murder.

    You want to find love?

    No Kill shelters/No Kill groups are the only places you’ll find it.

    Love = Life

    Speciesism, Indifference = killing

  6. Amen. Shirley, don’t feel you need to apologise OR explain. Everyone who is here for the right reasons gets it.

  7. This is horrible true or not, because there are people working so hard to make shelters no kill and working so hard to save all the lives of these precious babies in them, that it makes us physically and emotionally sick each and every time one is put down or dies due to heat, over crowding or sickness. This video is horrible and these killings happen daily all over and some are even worse. Look at the gas chambers and people out there abusing animals… Dear Lord, we must stop this! Something must be done… if we just ignore it, it will never stop. Pretend it is not happening, it will not stop. Changes need to be made and it will take many people working hard to get people in the government to make these changes ~ laws to protect the animals, educate people and animal owners and punish abusers! Until then we work hard to save each and every precious life that we can… one day at a time! Help us, everyone is invited to help us become no kill… http://www.facebook.com/medi/set/?set=a.544707235369.2055330.19802242 Thank you all for helping save precious animals and God Bless them… we are their voices… let them be heard!

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