Accounting of Donations for MAS Pets

In the interest of accountability, I wanted to share where things stand with the money readers have donated toward helping pets at MAS:

Received to date:  $505 (less fees) via ChipIn and $200 via snail mail – THANK YOU!

Spent to date:  $376.30 at the vet clinic who did board/treat for Ranger.  There were other generous donors who helped with Ranger’s pull fee and boarding as well as Pilots n Paws who flew him to Morgana in NY so $376.30 was the amount left over at the vet’s after all was said and done.

Current balance:  $328.70 (less Paypal fees)

6 thoughts on “Accounting of Donations for MAS Pets

  1. From what I’ve heard, Paypal doesn’t charge if you designate the money as being a gift.

    1. Good job everyone. And bless Pilots and Paws for making his trip a whole lot shorter than if had been over ground.

  2. What happened to Ranger’s cage mate? The one that was dropped off with him and might have been a sibling?


      1. I thought his cell-mate had been moved to adoption area (and adopted) but Ranger had to serve out the remainder of his sentence b/c he was diagnosed with “behavior issues” and since well, you know, MAS has a pet-behavior specialist (NOT), they deemed him un-adoptable (as they do most of their healthy dogs), yet, you all managed to get him out of there and from what I hear, he is doing wonderful. What a great effort that was!

      2. What I was told: The buddy dog to Ranger was moved to adoptions but it was very quickly decided that the dog was not a good adoption candidate after all. MAS then sent out a plea to rescuers for help for the dog, specifying the dog was not in danger of being killed. I never heard anything more after that. I know Morgana attempted to follow up with MAS and ask about the buddy dog but she received no reply.

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