I Like This Dog.

I saw this happy dog on the webcams yesterday and wanted to share her in case her owner is looking for her or maybe someone would like to adopt her. I e-mailed Matthew Pepper requesting information on this dog and was told her impound date was 6-6-11 and she will be held as a stray through 6-9-11.

This dog is not listed online as far as I know.  She is housed in the area off-limits to adopters who visit MAS.  Please share her with your online friends who like friendly dogs.  (You can count me as one of those.)

I like this dog because she's so waggy and walks on a loose leash with the ACO while they look for a spot for her.
Maybe here?
Let's keep looking.
This is the spot!

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501


29 thoughts on “I Like This Dog.

  1. This is where I’d like an applause button on those webcams. Thank you MAS employee for talking to the dog, interacting with her, and being as HUMANE as possible in an environment where we’ve seen so much cruelty!

    Hopefully her people find her or she is deemed special enough to be placed up for adoption when her stray hold expires.

    1. Yes, an applause button would be great. It could drop confetti and balloons from the ceiling if we REALLY like what we see!

      Just to clarify, even if this dog is not redeemed by owner or selected for the adoption hallway, she can still be adopted once her hold period expires. Anyone interested in adopting should contact the shelter to indicate interest in the dog BEFORE her hold period expires.

  2. My problem with just seeing the dogs is not knowing anything about them – as in, will they live well with cats who have never been around dogs?
    Wish that some of the rescues/volunteers could do mini-bios on these animals.
    She looks like a lovely dogger.

    1. Well this is what you get when you run a rogue adoption agency such as the one I’ve got here. Oh sure it would be nice to know the gender, age, heartworm/neuter/vax status, personality and such but I’ll save all that for those fancy pants adoption sites. With me, you just get a webcam photo and my clever captions.

      1. That may be true, YesBiscuit, but also true is that one more dog will have a chance to live a full and happy life.

        Thank you for saving them, one at a time.

  3. db, it’s ALWAYS a leap of faith. You can try to stack the deck in your favor with as much info as possible, but in the end, you work with the dog you have in front of you.

    She may have been the best dog ever with cats, but turns into a kitty chaser with your cats. Or she may have been a kitty chaser in a previous life and learns to respect the kitties in your household because you teach/train her to be respectful.

    It’s a leap of faith built on a promise to do right by the animal…even if doing right means re-homing to a better environment.

      1. my second to that. life is always a crap shoot. you never know exactly what you will get. :)

    1. I do understand that for sure. I just know, that for my situation, I would need to have the best possible information to make the best (for my household) decision. My comment was certainly not meant as a criticism.

      1. No worries, didn’t read it as criticism. But your comment is a great springboard for discussion. Cuz let’s face it assessments in a shelter environment rarely tell an adopter anything meaningful. The environment is so artificial that it is the rare dog that will show a glimmer of his true self in that environment. It emphasizes the need for shelters to develop strong and supportive foster networks…not the “you can foster this pet if you pay for it and pay for his vet care then bring him back so we can maybe place him or maybe kill him” system at MAS.

      2. Well db, if you are considering adopting this waggy brown dog, I will guarantee you she is good with cats.

        (Fine print: Guarantee limited to a refund of your YesBiscuit! subscription fee.)

      3. Here’s where Friends could really help–if they really were friends of the dogs at the shelter. They could test this sweet shep girl with a cat and see how she feels about it. I mean a real kitty, not a fake cat on a stick.

  4. They can use the cat I am fostering to temperament test the dog – she is a sweet cat until she sees a dog, then she is possessed by the devil and attacks! LOL! If the dog doesnt react to that, we will know it is good with cats! This cat jumped on my cocker and rode him like a bull last weekend, and has all my dogs terrified to come within ten feet of her. LOL! I’ve had to resort to shutting her in the bathroom at night when I cant be there to referee.

    Seriously though, this does look like a fantastic dog, I hope she can get out. My house is full up with 4 dogs and 7 cats right now (which may not sound like much but in a house as small as mine with 2 kids, its a LOT of chaos!)

  5. Since I live with 4 seniors (one who is 15 and in kidney failure)- a dog who even notices the cats would be a problem. They don’t even know what a dog is!
    Hope this little goldy girl will have a home very soon.
    Thanks, Shirley, for the “guarantee” ~ great you can keep your sense of humor in all this craziness.

    1. I will find you a deaf, blind, mute, paralyzed dog. Will that work?

      If I didn’t continually joke about everything, I’d end up in a clocktower w/a rifle faster than you can say SNAPPED.

      1. Forget it Shirley, the clocktower is taken by your truly, whoever I am today! hehe

  6. I’ve been agonizing over how change can be effectuated in Memphis where the director/Mayor are so completely out of touch and so completely unwilling/unable to consider how despicable their policies/practices are. I don’t think angry emails can work given their psychological condition.

    But maybe saving one animal at a time…as you’re doing in this way.. at a long distance… could conceivably embarrass them (not that I really believe they’re capable of being embarrassed). Maybe there’s a press strategy in here, too… the stories of animals saved over the Internet when the shelter claims it can’t possibly save any more because people are too stupid?

    I dunno

    But I sent in another small chip in….. you can always use these donations for short term kenneling as you try to get foster/permanent homes from the MAS refugees”

  7. Funny, someone must have hacked my puter, because I only now noticed I was not getting subsrcibe to comments for WordPress and someone changed my email name…hemm, wonder who? Was is White, AC? Or Pepper?

  8. speaking of dealing with what you get, a friend talked me in to keeping her dog at my house for awhile because her neighbors tried twice to poison him, she said they were fed up with his constant barking (sheltie), she also told me he was hyper and probably would chase my cats and always threw up in the car, but at my house he had my dog to play with when i was at work and the cats would smack him if bothered them so i never had problems with excessive barking, i always took both dogs to the vet and groomer together, my other dog was calm in the car so the sheltie just curled up beside her and went to sleep – my point being that all of the negative behaviors my friend said this dog had just disappeared which surprised all of us (i kept the sheltie for the next 8 years, he died of a stroke, but he was happy with us and we loved him)

  9. Awww what a sweet dog! Hope she got adopted but who knows with this place.

    Thanks to Shirley (YB) for posting some dogs on here that are need of good homes since MAS wont, even if its one dog at a time. It will help! I also appreciate all the snarky comments around here, it makes my day hehe. :)

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