Nova Update

I inquired to MAS this morning as to Nova’s status and was informed she has been moved to the adoption area and someone has expressed interest in her already.  This is great news since the shelter isn’t even open yet and hasn’t been since she was posted from the stray area on Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who has been working on Nova’s behalf.  I feel hopeful for a good outcome for her now.

Added 6-9-11:  Matt Pepper e-mailed me that Nova went to rescue.

18 thoughts on “Nova Update

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that Nova is out of there and into her forever home already!
    Thanks for taking up her cause.
    Who’s next?

      1. WOW! Amazing what we can do to help the dogs WHEN we know they are there? Thank you for bringing Nova to our attention! So, let’s see – a couple of hundred more to go?! But wait! IF they used the chameleon software we wouldn’t have to wait for you to post a stray dog- we could ALL actually see them for ourselves….what a great concept, huh?! Wait, again! It’s the damn, irresponible pet owners fault the chameleon software isn’t utilized?! UGH!

  2. I JUST saw her on the “friends” page, and came back here immediately to see if it was indeed her. They are calling her “Jazzy” now, I believe. You are making a HUGE difference and I hope that you know that. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing.

  3. That is wonderful news for Nova! Just out of curiosity how did you get the pictures of her if she is in the stray area or can’t you say? :)

    1. Your request falls under the Freedom of Information Act. Please submit a formal request along with your original, long form birth certificate and a DNA sample. Have a splendid day!

    1. Dru, how can you ‘like’ their page – it, like all facebook pages – is a long, semi-chaotic mess of comments without good pictures of the animals they’re talking about. There’s a comment about a horse – since when is that their purview!? It’s bad enough that the Friends page link from MAS’s actual website only shows the 30 “Specially Selected and Approved” pets – who are all less than a year old – no seniors need apply – and no one gets to see any other animals there. If the Friends have time to operate 2 different sites, why can’t they get their act together and set up 1 good site with all the animals on it?

  4. Yay! Wow its amazing what happens when people know about the animals contained in the services (Im not going to call it a shelter)- they get adopted! Imagine that.

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