UPDATED: Final Day of Stray Hold for Waggy Brown Dog at MAS

Is this your dog?

Please keep sharing this happy dog. Since Memphis Animal Services has not made her available to shelter visitors wanting to adopt nor have they posted her online, you are her only hope for making the public aware she is at the pound. An owner may be looking for her or she may be in need of a new home.

Today is the third and final day of her mandatory stray hold. I e-mailed Matt Pepper yesterday requesting a status update on this dog but haven’t yet received a response. I will update this post when I hear back.  Webcam watchers – please keep an eye out for her.  Her last known location is visible in the original post (webcam labeled Canine 4).

Update:  Waggy Brown was just taken from her kennel to the clinic area of the shelter.  I hope this might mean good news for her!

Hello beautiful!

Update #2:  This just in from Matt Pepper:

Shirley; she is heartworm negative and vaccinated and in our adoption cages now although it is technically not available until tomorrow.

YAY!  Now Miss Waggy Brown will have the shelter to advocate for her and potential adopters will be able to see her.

18 thoughts on “UPDATED: Final Day of Stray Hold for Waggy Brown Dog at MAS

  1. Serious prayers that this beautiful dogger leaves via the front door with her new family.
    It’s just NOT possible for me to take her – and don’t think I wouldn’t like to.

    1. I think anyone who adopts her is going to be one lucky pet owner. I just get a good feeling from seeing her on the webcams – like she’s a good ‘un. It’s amazing I can recognize it after all these years living with the other kind, heh.

  2. “She” is heartworm negative and vaccinated, but “It” isn’t available until tomorrow. Hmmm. Does She/It have a name or number? Or are we to send people in to ask for the waggy brown dog that isn’t dead yet?

    With a name like she/it, she has to be a good poopy.

    1. I saw that too, how he referred to her as “it”. Really?!? With that kind of thinking no wonder the shelter is a mess.

  3. I think that you are making a big difference, one dog/cat at a time. THEY know we’re watching!
    I hope the next update is that she has been adopted.
    You don’t know how bad I want to get into my car and drive to Memphis to get her – just can’t be. Breaks my heart, but the most important thing now is to get her outta there and into a really good loving home.

    1. There’s a dog in the adoption area (been there for awhile I think) that I would like you to pick up for me while you’re there. : )

      Oh and check back with me before you leave MAS because there may be another one (or one hundred) I’d want you to get.

      1. Maybe I should just rent a huge van (maybe a large motor home) and bring them all home. But I’d have to clean out the kittens and cats there, too. But then I’d have to move to a bigger house, which means more furniture, more yard work, more MONEY!
        Geez, I’d love to help you out , but . . .

      2. Anybody remember Year of the Dog back in 2007? Funny movie. All it takes is a van and a few tanks of gas. . . lawl.

  4. I have just had an interesting thought. You have just made Matt Pepper happy to send you an email. It may just be a drop in the ocean (or one dog in the shelter), but I’m hoping that Waggy Brown Dog turns out to be more than just a pretty face or a waggy tail. Maybe she’ll be a trend-setter.

    Thank you for your work.

    And thank you for showing the ‘good’ employees at MAS. It shows there is hope.

  5. If I didn’t have Ranger and his 30+ sibings (all “the other kind” as you say, Shirley) I would JUMP at this dog. Please someone, at least pull her and foster…then I’ll see how really insane I can get,….

    1. Lol 30+ siblings of the “other kind” and insane, I knew I liked you Morgana!

      Thanks Mr Pepper for communicating via emails and giving this dog a chance to be rehomed- great job, more please! :)

  6. Waggy Brown was adopted yesterday. There’s a picture of her and her new human on the Friends Facebook page. This man has visited the shelter a few times trying to find the right dog, and had an instant connection with Waggy Brown.

    1. That’s great news. I’m so glad that person continued coming back to find a dog he felt a connection with. I know many people are not going to do that. Had this gentleman been allowed to see the dogs in the stray area, he would have possibly met Waggy Brown there and been able to place a “adopter interest” hold on her. I hope in the future, MAS will allow all visitors to see the dogs in the stray area so they have a greater chance of finding that special one they feel a connection with. We all want to adopt “the one” and it just makes sense that adopters are more likely to find “the one” if they can meet hundreds of dogs instead of a couple dozen. And it gives the dogs in the stray are a chance to be adopted so it’s win-win all the way around.

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