Nosy Parker

MAS webcam watchers have noticed this beautiful dog and his big nosy head poking over the top of the barrier lately. He looks like possibly an Akita. I e-mailed the shelter asking for information about this dog but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll update this post whenever I receive a reply.

This dog is living in the stray area at MAS so visitors to the shelter who are wanting to adopt a dog are not allowed to see him. He has not been listed online to my knowledge. I’d like to help spread the word that he is there, so he can get some help.

What are you doing?
Is that camera on?
What is there to do around here?

If you would like to adopt or rescue this dog, please contact MAS immediately as I have no information at this time as to when his hold might be up (if he is on a hold).

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

13 thoughts on “Nosy Parker

  1. I sent this information to akita rescue in the midwest and also offered to assist them in getting this guygal out if they can. Maybe the answer to all this is to flood the Memphis shelter with rescue groups asking about specific dogs. We can also offer to send them the AKC breed rescue list (it’s on line on We can lead by example.

  2. I just got a reply from Akita rescue, it has been sent to their rescue list and we are all hoping there they can get to this dog in time. I will suggest that they contact Memphis and put a hold on the dog until they can get a volunteer there. If they can get someone I may be back asking for transport assistance. Keep your fingers crossed.

      1. I think, if the rescue groups are going to do the work of saving lives then maybe the money Mayor Wharton has given to the shelter for a new building could be put to better use by splitting it up and donating to the rescue groups?

  3. Wait, I don’t understand.
    MAS claims they contact ALL breed specific rescues to help get the strays out.
    I am SURE this dog just fell between the cracks.

    This could not be a case of them not doing what they say they do. I am SURE the “Friends” are on top of this.

    1. Thanks for making me chuckle, Ethel – although, really not a laughing matter, I know! IF Pepper and his staff and “Friends” REALLY wanted to help save the animals- there are SO many many things they can do- they just don’t care- bottom line- easier to killl than adopt out- duh!

      1. In fairness, I want to clarify that we don’t know that they *aren’t* working on saving this dog. We don’t know because, when I asked Matt Pepper for info on this dog, I received no reply. I also offered in the same e-mail to try to help any dog in the stray area of his choosing, if he would send me info on whatever dog he chose. But as I say, no response.

        What I would really appreciate as a bare minimum, is an e-mail letting me know if they are already working on saving this dog (or perhaps have a rescue lined up for him). Because then I could move on to trying to help another stray dog in need. But in the absence of any reply whatsoever, I have to err on the side of assuming this Akita currently has no advocate.

  4. I didn’t have any luck getting any info on this dog from Matt Pepper. Hopefully someone else will have a better outcome. I’d really like to help this dog – he seems like he’d be a fun pet for somebody.

  5. Just wanted to say that Nosy Parker just popped his fat head up on the webcam so he is still there and AFAIK, still in need of help. Please continue to share him with your rescue contacts and anyone who likes fat head dogs who want to know what you’re doing all the time. I imagine he’d be a fun one to try and beat to the bathroom.

  6. I search for Akitas in the Memphis area almost every single day and there rarely are any. Yet since I “liked” the FofMAS on facebook I keep seeing things on their pages about Akita mixes for adoption and I haven’t seen any of them on Petfinder. And I’m talking about the ones in the adoptable area. Not even counting Akitas like this one.

  7. I have sent another e-mail to Matt Pepper about the Akita. I saw a dog on the webcams today that MAY have been this dog, being taken somewhere – but I don’t know where. I hope he will answer a simple yes/no on whether this dog is still in need of help. I will share if I receive a reply.

  8. Nosy Parker is no longer visible on the webcams. My e-mails seeking info on the dog from MAS have not been responded to. Second hand information: the dog was redeemed by owner on Friday. This is not confirmed but I hope it’s true.

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