Rage, rage against the dying of the light

I stand with you, unknown and – if not for the webcams – unseen dogs whose necks are placed in nooses so they can be dragged to their deaths at MAS.  I will speak for you.  And no matter how much it hurts, I will not look away.

Your life mattered. You are loved.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

23 thoughts on “Rage, rage against the dying of the light

  1. I will stand with you and for you too little one. Run. Be free. Know that you were loved. You will not be forgotten.

  2. Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight – A. Schweitzer. I promise on your behalf, little one, never to look away and to remember every single cruelty perpetrated by these ignorant workers who think of you as nothing more than a “thing” and a nuisance. YOU WERE NOT. Your life mattered and you were a good doggie. Run free in the fields of Heaven, and bear no grudge towards the people who betrayed you; leave their fates to the Heavens and those of us who will ultimately fight the fight in Memphis on your behalf. Rest, little one. I will hold you in my dreams.

  3. That is painful to see. Poor little thing. They deserve far better than this, this is shameful. Are you reading, Pepper? SHAMEFUL!

    1. Pepper doesn’t care. This dog is a Pitbull and he kills them. Read the March minutes of the board.

      1. Arlene, Thank you for bringing that up. I’m going to post that portion of the meeting minutes so everyone can read what you are referring to.

  4. http://www.abc24.com/news/local/story/Dogs-Given-Up-by-Breeders-Need-Good-Homes/X9E4KFcMn0iVn4m-ExvkQg.cspx?rss=59

    Now don’t get me wrong, if an area needs more dogs then it makes sense to send them from a place of lesser need to one of greater but it seems like there are an awful lot of dogs in Memphis dying. Why then are they bringing more in? The mayor says there are too many and not enough good homes, MAS says nobody cares . Somebody must want some dogs. Can someone explain this one to me?

    1. Susan: I just linked to that, and I am beyond outraged! What the HELL is SHelby Cty. doing, bringing in cute little pb’s when MAS can’t STOP THE KILLING????? WTF??? Unbelievable!

  5. Just wrote the author of the article asking that s/he do a part 2, knowing what the kill rate is at MAS. Those pups have suffered enough already.

    1. That’s a very good idea db. If they take you up on it, maybe it will open a few eyes up there and save a few dogs. I don’t think that I am going to hold my breath because I think there’s something very fishy going on in Memphis.
      I can however hope for the good that such an article might bring.

  6. Shirley do you have a way to accept PayPal? I have some extra $$ in the account that I would like to send your way

  7. This is exactly why I’m building a No Kill rescue center in North Mississippi. If the shelters won’t change, then we will change the shelters. Personally, I don’t want to sit around and wait for some good ole boys to decide to make a few changes–it could take forever. Through private donations and corporate sponsorships, we can save more lives. By giving people another other options, we can stop the killing sooner. I want to fight for life, I don’t want to fight with closed-minded people. I can’t change people, but I can build a new system. Look at http://www.driftersplace.com.

  8. How defiant are these people? They know they’re being watched, and criticized, and yet they continue to drag these dogs down the hall to the kill room day after day? Matthew Pepper must be on arrogant SOB.

  9. Steph, your amazing, a NO KILL SHELTER is abosolutely the best form of advertising the massed cruelty that goes on inside MAS. I will happily support the organisation financially from New Zealand. I have felt so helpless here not being able to help and having to put up with a mayor and his paid helpers who just dont care, with the exception of John and a few others at MAS.

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