We interrupt the Memphis misery for some good news.


Foster Mom Ona reports that Wilbur, one of Charlotte’s kittens, was adopted on Saturday.

Thank you Meows and BowWows!

And good news bit #2:  Waggy Brown has been adopted, per this comment.  Yay!

You know what’s awesome?  Reporting on Memphis pets who were adopted instead of killed.  More, please.

8 thoughts on “We interrupt the Memphis misery for some good news.

  1. You made my day! Thanks for the very good news!
    Glad that one of those “irresponsible public” folks was determined to find the right pup.

  2. Excellent news! This is how the system is *supposed* to work – animals getting second chances, animals getting homes.

    I was thinking about the injustice of keeping animals “in the back” out of sight of adopters…and my experience in a small local shelter back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The place was run by two very elderly ladies who kept it going on a tiny amount of city money and a prayer. I was maybe 12 years old and looking for a cat. I spotted a huge gray tabby male and immediately asked to see him. The well-meaning little old lady who was showing us around said, “Oh no, dear, you don’t want THAT one, he’s mean.” She then tried (hard) to steer me towards the beautiful long hair calico in the next cage. But I only had eyes for the big tabby boy and asked to hold him.

    With great reluctance, they handed him to me (couldn’t have been that mean if little old ladies and kids could handle him). He was a monster of a cat, but it was love at first sight. I had to have him.

    That cat came home with me (little old ladies still sighing and shaking their heads over my clearly “wrong” decision) and lived with me for 16 years before cancer and renal failure claimed him. I loved that cat and he loved me. Sure, he was a touch evil (occasionally nailing the dog in the nose with a claw, just for fun), but I have an appreciation for the slightly evil ones, I always have.

    If the little old ladies had had a “stray hold area” like MAS, that’s where they would have put my cat because they did not think him an appropriate pet. He was too big, too glinty-eyed, too “mean”. His life with me would have been denied because THEY decided that he wasn’t a cat someone would want. But they didn’t know what I wanted in a cat. They didn’t know that he was *perfect* for me, for our home.

    I loved that cat.

    1. Great story and point taken. And you are right. Animals and humans have connections. My rescue dog Maggie is “mean” by many peoples standards (like uh she bites) but to me and my kids she is a sweetheart. The little old ladies would have put her in the stray area too.

      I feel so sorry for those babies in the stray area cause they don’t have a chance. I pray they get that chance.

      And thanks for some good news! Kittens are beautiful! That is the way a shelter is supposed to be. Compassionate and there to find loving homes for loveable pets.

  3. Yay, so nice to have some good news :)

    Just as an aside, does anyone have any connections in Barrow County, I think it’s in Georgia? A friend of mine has been doing a lot of cross posting on facebook on behalf of the Barrow Shelter animals. Apparently the people at the shelter are doing what they can but they aren’t getting any traffic and so the Barrow animals (especially cats and kittens) are being killed every Wednesday due to high intake. There are several beautiful cat families, as well as many adult cats, kittens and dogs that are going to die on Wednesday if a miracle doesn’t happen in the meantime. There doesn’t seem to be any on the ground rescue groups helping out the shelter. It’s driving me crazy being in Australia and not being able to help. I’d get out there and start my own rescue group for them if I could. If anyone has any ideas about how to help or knows someone in Georgia that could foster, here’s the contact details for the shelter:
    Barrow County Animal Control
    616 Barrow Park Dr.
    Winder, GA 30680
    OFFICE 770-307-3012
    FAX 770-867-1660


  4. Yay for good news!!!!!!!!!
    Here is some more. :)
    Two of the kittens from the litter & mom I pulled from MAS a few weeks ago were adopted by a very good friend of mine. She’s already had them vetted and they will be neutered as soon as they are big enough, and they are happy as can be. I’ve got a rescue group working with me on adopting the rest out and they are all happy and healthy little buggers, I kinda hate to see them go, LOL, but anyway I am glad I was able to save them and hopefully they will all find their perfect homes soon.

  5. HOORAY FOR ALL! Sadly (and I do NOT mean to be a Cassandra here), the few HOORAY moments are far overshadowed by what we know is continuing to happen behind the locked doors at MAS.


    I wrote AC over the weekend to ask him if he was finally ready to meet with a group of us – I know the reponse will be the ‘fu’ finger and the circular filing system, but I just thought wth.

    1. You might be surprised. I’ve had two snail mail letter responses and a few email responses. Doubt that he’s interested in meeting with any of us, but if so, I think a road trip is in order! (I’ll buy the first round of beers)


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