Rogue Adoption Agency Listing

This dog is living in the stray area at MAS which means adopters are prohibited from seeing her.  (Note:  I do not know the gender of this dog.)  She is not listed online to my knowledge so no one outside the shelter knows she is there. Maybe an owner is looking for her. Or maybe she is in need of a new owner. Whatever the case, I’d like to help her by spreading the word that she is there.

I sent this photo to Matt Pepper this morning with a request for info on this dog. If I receive a response, I will update this post.
Puddin' profile.
Pretty, pretty.
Hello puddin' face!

If you are interested in adopting or rescuing this dog, please contact the shelter:

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

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    1. Can we please adopt a s/he pronoun instead of an “it” pronoun? “it” objectifies the object of the noun. And NO, it is NOT nitpicking…when you change your speech you change automatically the way you think. Just sayin;…

      1. Arlene, that’s what I mean…why would they put ANY of the animals in a forbidden area? Does that mean they kill them quicker? If so, that’s unconscionable!

  2. The pics make it really hard to tell, s/he could be a Husky or a White Shepherd, or even a large-ish Eskie.

    1. Is there a breed rescue for puddinheads? Hopefully I’ll get word back from Matt Pepper on what breed the dog is and maybe a clear photo too.

    1. Thank you – you never know where help will come from. Anyone else familiar with doggie rescues?

      1. Yes, I have some good husky contacts if she’s a husky. But not sure yet? She might be a white shepherd. There are some rescues for those, too. I’ll be watching to see if the shelter releases any info on her.

  3. I can’t tell what kind of dog is in that kennel, but it looks to me like there are two of them. I didn’t see it in time to save the shot, but another dog was reared up against the door beside the one waiting by the door.

    1. I thought that I possibly saw more than one dog in the kennel too Eucritta. That’s why the e-mail I sent to Matt Pepper was as follows:

      I am attaching a photo of a dog I’d like to help, if he is in need. If you would please send me any information you are able to on this dog, I will try to help him. If there is more than one dog in the run, I will try to help both/all of them – just send me the info. If it’s possible to get a photo, that would be useful. If not, I’ll try to help based on whatever information you are able to send me. If you can give me any/all of the following, it would be helpful:

      ID number
      intake date
      if stray, date the dog’s hold expires
      neuter status
      heartworm status
      vax status
      any other possible info

      Thank you, Shirley

      1. ROAD TRIP!!!

        db I will gladly watch your “old ladies” so you can take your trailer trip.

        If you need one…I have a travel trailer that is 31 feet long equipped with a kitchen, living room (with a couch that opens into a bed and can sleep comfortably five dogs), a table that can pull out and sleep four dogs and a “garden bath” that you can bathe the dogs in when you’re done forcing fluids and decide to pull off into a rest area.

        Cats can sleep anywhere they like, cause cats are like that :)

        Don’t know what state you are in but I’m in Ohio.

        Didn’t someone say they’d buy the first round of beers?

    2. a two -fer? Let’s get them both out! And, just for the heck of it, the little brown and white one, too . . . and maybe some cats and, while we’re at it, let’s spring some of those nasty pits before they have a chance to kill them all.

      1. Can’t decide whether to go to the casinos or buy lottery tickets . . . what do you think? Geez, I just got the lawn mowed, too, and now I have to sell the house to buy a much bigger one . . .

      2. Well can you get the house sold, get a bigger one bought and hit the casinos TODAY? Because MAS opens back up tomorrow so I really need you on the road by no later than midnight.

      3. Piece of cake! Any ideas what I do with my four old ladies here while I’m rescuing all the dogs and cats from MAS? Have you ever done subq fluids on a cat?

      4. Now don’t get lazy. You can steer with one hand and administer fluids with the other. Just let me know your trip route so I can avoid the wildly swerving motor home please.

  4. I appreciate that some of you are waiting for info on the puddinface so you can know which direction to network and of course how many dogs to network for, etc. I’m afraid I have nothing to go on. I never received a reply to my inquiry today. So basically this kennel is a Schrodinger’s Cat box right now. There may be 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 dogs in need of help. They might be any breed, any health status, any gender… All possibilities exist at this time since we don’t have any info. I realize this makes it impossible to try and get help for this dog (or dogS). I’m sorry I don’t have anything new to share at this time. Needless to say, if i receive a response from MAS, I will share right away. I hate that we lost an entire day of networking and I sincerely hope that however many dogs are in that kennel are all being returned to their owners tomorrow or some equally happy scenario.

  5. There are a number of Rescues in Memphis who would love to save this doggie but do not have sufficient foster homes and/or funds. I know from personal experience. I work with Meows & BowWows in Memphis. We mostly pull cats from MAS and we have a number of MAS rescues boarded at our vet’s office for lack of foster homes. (We have 13 foster homes and need much more.). There is a Husky Rescue in the Memphis Area. However, they are most likely completely full. If someone can foster this dog then I’m sure that the Husky Rescue can help. They are also on

    1. Villy,
      I am grateful for the work that you and all the Memphis rescuers and fosters do. But I want to be clear here: It is not up to the rescues and fosters of Memphis to help this dog. It is up to MAS. They own the dog, and they are being paid to care for the dog by taxpayers. It is not the rescues and fosters fault that MAS keeps this dog (and so many other friendly dogs) locked away, not allowing adopters to see them. It’s not your fault that MAS doesn’t get these dogs out to weekly adoption events.

      You are an important part of making Memphis a no kill community. But you are already doing your part. You are not expected to do more than what you are capable of. What is needed is for others to step up and do their parts – starting with MAS. It takes a community effort to become no kill. Thank you for your efforts – all of you – and I hope that soon city leaders in Memphis will follow your example.

      1. Well said Shirley,

        Villy, from what I’ve heard about Meows & BowWows you guys are doing a fantastic job.

  6. It certainly looks like it could be her! The comments are absolutely nauseating, though. Must be these folks are some of the “friends” . . .

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